Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 484

Chapter 484

Chapter 484 Replacement

Toby noticed that something was off with Sonia after she got out of the car just now. Obviously, she was
shaken, and he was worried something had happened to her.

Charles stopped swinging his arm around and sneered at Toby. “Hey, Fuller. I thought you had given up
on her. You’re staying away, aren’t you? So why are you asking me all these questions? Decided you
wouldn’t give up after all?”

Toby’s face darkened. “That’s none of your business. You just need to answer my question—what
happened to her?”

“Why should I? Since you have given up on her, whatever she does is none of your business. You have
no right to question.” Charles crossed his arms, thinking that Toby couldn’t do anything if he refused to

Toby squinted coldly. “Do you really think I can’t find out for myself just because you refuse to talk,

Charles was stunned. “What are you talking about?”

“I know she went to your place, so…” Toby whipped his phone out and made a call.

It went through a moment later, and a familiar voice said, “Hello, Mr. Fuller.”

“Mom?” Charles was stunned that his own mother was taking the call. He looked at Toby incredulously.
“How did you get my mom’s number? And why are you guys staying in touch?”

Tom adjusted his glasses and smirked. “Oh, you don’t know? Your mother and the madam used to go to
the same college.”

“My mother was his mother’s college mate?” Charles’ pitch rose. “Impossible!”

“But that’s the truth.” Tom shrugged. “Not only did they go to the same college, they were good friends as
well. Your mother and the madam worked together to set up that beauty parlor, you know. But after the
madam’s demise, President Fuller inherited her share, so he’s also your mother’s business partner as
well. That’s why he has her number.”

The corner of Charles’ lips twitched after hearing that explanation. “Holy cow. I never thought something
like this would happen.” And I had no idea about it.

Toby was surprised after hearing Grace recounting the incident earlier. “What? You told her about the

When Charles heard that, he went over and grabbed the edge of the window that was rolled down
halfway. “You know Sonia isn’t the Reeds’ real daughter, Fuller?” He stared at Toby.

Toby ignored him as he continued, “I see. Thank you, then.” After that, he put his phone down.

Charles gritted his teeth and repeated, “Fuller, you knew Sonia isn’t the Reeds’ real daughter, don’t you?”

“None of your business.” Toby looked at Tom. “Drive.”

“Yes,” Tom replied and pulled Charles away from the window.

Toby took the chance to roll the window back up.

“Don’t go, Fuller!” Charles banged on the window. “Roll down the window and tell me the truth. How did
you know Sonia is not the Reeds’ real daughter? And when did you find out? Tell me, Fuller!”

Toby heard his questions, of course, but he ignored Charles and closed his eyes as he thought about

Tom got into the driver’s seat and drove away despite Charles’ angry protests.

Charles stomped his foot furiously when he was forced to bite the dust.
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Tom looked in the rear-view mirror and saw Charles flailing his arms, and he smirked. However, that
smirk faded quickly, then he looked at Toby’s reflection in the side mirror. “Who would have thought Mrs.
Lane knew about this as well. And she even told Miss Reed about it.”

Toby nodded. “That is indeed a surprise.” He thought this secret was only known to Henry and Lina.
Since they were long gone, nobody else would have found out about it. However, he never expected
Grace to be one of those who knew about the truth, and she actually told Sonia about it. I wonder why
she told Sonia.

Toby was frowning pensively. Tom noticed that, and after thinking about it for a while, he asked,
“President Fuller, do you think Mrs. Lane told Miss Reed that the Grays are her real parents?”

“I don’t think so.” Toby shook his head. “I sounded her out just now, and she told me the Reeds got Sonia
from an orphanage, so I guess she doesn’t know that Henry took her from the Grays instead of the
orphanage. Perhaps not even Lina knew about this.”

“Henry kept the secret well then, since his own wife didn’t know about it.” Tom was surprised.

Toby pursed his lips. “I’m wondering why Henry kept Sonia and raised her like she was his own.”

Tom nodded as well. “I have the same question. The Reeds and Grays were already enemies back then.
Titus stole Paradigm’s tech and almost bankrupted them, and he was behind the death of one of Henry’s

workers. That was why Henry took Miss Reed away and tried to kill her as an act of vengeance, but he
stopped at the last possible moment and raised her himself. That’s odd.”

Toby tapped his finger against his knee, but he said nothing.

Tom suddenly asked, “Oh, right. Now that Miss Reed knows the truth, she must feel awful. Is it really
okay if we just leave her alone?”

“I know Sonia well. She’s upset and in pain, but she doesn’t need our concern. All she needs is silence.
This is her fight and hers alone. She must get through it herself, and nobody can help her. Any help we
give is external and weak. It’ll eventually wear off, so she must accept the truth herself. That’s the only
way she can recover, but I believe that she will get through this fairly quickly.” Toby smiled calmly, but he
had a confident look in his eyes.

Since Toby was so confident, Tom shrugged and said nothing.

On the other hand, Sonia threw herself onto the couch after she came back, then she stared at the
ceiling for the longest time before blinking. That was the only proof she was a human instead of a doll.

The things that Grace told her hit her hard. I’m not my parents’ daughter. I’m just her replacement. My
identity, the love I got, and even my name do not belong to me. She was nothing but a replacement for
the dead baby. All she had now belonged to the real Sonia, and she was nothing but a stand in.

Her eyes turned red, and a drop of tear rolled down her cheek and fell onto the couch, drenching a small
part of it. But then, from the corner of her eye, she saw the box she tossed onto the coffee table. Since it
was her mother’s keepsake, she quickly sat up and took the box to open it.

She wanted to know what was inside it, and why her mother left her this box. The box was opened
shortly thereafter, but much to her surprise, there were no photos or DNA test results inside. Instead,
there was a CD.

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