Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 495

Chapter 495

Chapter 495 Lily’s Grand Plan

This was clearly an accident—Lily didn’t fall toward him on purpose. Any regular gentleman would
definitely reach out to catch me in his arms, right? Lily had desired to be physically close to Toby even
before they attended the social event, and she had done some secret preparations in order to achieve
this. However, she had been too careless when they first arrived at the venue, and she had accidentally
infuriated him. That’s why I wasn’t able to have any intimate contact with him throughout the night. Well, I
guess God’s on my side this time! God just gave me the perfect opportunity to get close to Toby. Does
that mean that God supports our relationship? Are we a match made in heaven?

Lily could finally proceed with the initial preparations that she had made for the night. At that thought, Lily
erased all the excitement and joy from her expression and returned to the fearful and panicked look she
had on earlier. She didn’t want Toby to realize anything odd about her expression, or else all her efforts
would go down the drain.

“Save me, President Fuller!” Lily shouted at Toby with a slight tremble in her voice to seem as if she was
extremely scared. However, Toby didn’t hear the slightest hint of fear in her tone—it sounded more to
him like she was eager and impatient for him to save her. She’s excited to have me catch her in my
arms. Annoyance flickered in Toby’s gaze as he parted his legs to step aside.

When Lily saw what Toby was doing, she widened her eyes and stared at him with disbelief. She couldn’t
believe that he was such a heartless man. He didn’t bother to protect her, and he didn’t seem to show
any desire to save the damsel in distress at all. Is… Is he really a man? Despite this, Lily wasn’t
prepared to give up on Toby yet. She had to cling to him and fall on top of him. Otherwise, all that would
greet her was the cold, hard floor in front of her.

If she were to fall flat on her front, the silicone implants in her nose and the silica gel in her breasts would
be crushed. Just imagining that scenario made Lily’s face turn pale. The moment Toby tried to avoid her,
she speedily grabbed onto his right arm before she threw all of her weight into his arms.

Ka-chick! At that very moment, a man who looked like a paparazzi pressed the shutter to snap a picture
from his spot behind the bushes. He managed to capture the scene of Lily falling into Toby’s arms. The
man took a look at the picture he snapped before he grinned to reveal his yellow teeth. His small eyes
turned into straight lines as he chuckled and kept his camera away. With his body hunched, he sneaked
away from the site.

When Lily felt her phone vibrating, she glanced at the bushes where the man had been located. Then,
before Toby could lose his temper and shove her away, she immediately let go of him and stumbled two
steps back before steadying herself. Her expression was one of utter shock, and tears welled up in her
eyes as she quickly bowed to Toby. “I’m sorry, President Fuller. I didn’t do that on purpose. I’m so

Toby didn’t respond to her and simply narrowed his eyes to give her a hostile glare. She could feel his
stare burning into the top of her head, and a chill ran down her spine as her chest tightened. He’s… not
going to hit me, is he? Lily immediately straightened her back before she took another two steps back.
“President Fuller…” she muttered as she gazed at him cautiously.

“You can go home and tell Vincent that we don’t have to proceed with the partnership. He can come to
Fuller Group tomorrow to break the legal contract.” Toby took a disdainful glance at his wrinkled sleeves
as he spoke in an emotionless voice. If his left arm wasn’t in a sling, he would have taken his jacket off
and thrown it away. How disgusting, he thought. I tried to avoid her, yet she managed to grab onto me.
It’s obvious that she had it all planned out. I know that I can’t do much to a woman, but at least I don’t
have to be kind toward Vincent anymore.

Lily’s face was drained of color once she heard Toby say that he wanted to terminate the contract. She
knew that it would be completely useless for her to continue pleading with him. If he had already made
plans to break their legal contract, then it was clear that Lily had no chance of changing his mind. She
had messed things up once more. If she had tried to beg him earlier, she might have been able to
change his mind.

However, her act of clinging onto him had ruined all her chances of a partnership forming between the
Fuller and McRae Families. Dad’s going to kill me when he finds out about this! Lily shuddered at the
thought of her aggressive and violent father. However, she quickly recalled something else. Her eyes
glinted for a moment as she calmed herself down instantly.

“I got it, President Fuller,” she replied in a meek voice as she looked at Toby. Toby ignored her and
simply took another glance at his wrinkled sleeve before he knitted his brows and walked toward the
Maybach parked by the side of the road. Lily had come to the venue with him, but she no longer dared to
follow him to the car. He’s probably going to chase me out if I try to go with him.

She was self-aware enough to stay rooted in her spot, and she merely watched as he got in the car.
Once the Maybach drove off, she pulled her phone out to make a call. She was greeted with the rough
voice of a middle-aged man. “How’s the social event with President Fuller, Lily?”
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She bit on her bottom lip and suppressed the fear in her chest as she spoke into the phone. “I ruined our
company’s chances of working with Fuller Group, Dad. President Fuller wants you to go to Fuller Group
to break the legal contact tomorrow—”

“What?” The man’s voice turned harsh and loud upon hearing Lily’s words. “You’re an idiot, Lily McRae! I
worked so hard to get this partnership! How dare you ruin it for me?! Do you want me to skin you alive?”

Lily’s face was as white as asheet, and fear was eating up her insides. But for the sake of her upcoming
plans, she took a deep breath and pushed her fear aside. “I know I’m at fault, Dad. But I have a plan to
fix this,” she uttered in a shaky voice.

“What’s your grand plan this time?” The man clearly didn’t have any faith in her.

She clenched her fists as she explained herself. “I got someone to take a photo of Toby and me being
intimate with each other. We can upload the pictures onto the Internet and make them go viral. Perhaps
President Fuller and I will really get together after that.”

Vincent’s eyes lit up upon hearing her words. There was no longer any aggressiveness in his voice after
that—he had returned to the role of a kind and loving father. “Okay, great. That sounds like a good plan.
Good job, Lily.”

Lily heaved a sigh once she realized that her father had forgiven her for ruining their partnership. Her
heart had been about to leap out of her throat earlier, but she finally calmed down after the call. “Thank
you, Dad.”

“Alright. Where are you now? Hurry home so that we can discuss how to go about with this plan,” Vincent

“Okay.” Lily ended the call and took a few more deep breaths before she walked down the stairs and
headed to the side of the road.

The next day, Sonia had just arrived at the office and walked out of the elevator when she saw a few
people standing outside her secretary’s office. All of them had their phones in their hands, and they
seemed to be discussing something excitedly. Sonia only managed to hear a few keywords, such as
‘President Fuller’ and ‘engagement’. These words sent Sonia into a bout of panic, and she hurried over
to the crowd of people before addressing them in a stern tone. “You guys should be working now. Why
are you guys gathered here? Shouldn’t you be working at your own desks?”

Most of the people there were her secretaries and her secretaries’ assistants. Their office was right next
to hers, and it was a huge space with Daphne as the head of the area. Their faces fell when they heard
Sonia’s voice, and they immediately kept their phones away. The crowd dispersed, and they hastily
formed a line to greet Sonia nervously. “Good day, President Reed. We’re heading off to work now.”

With that said, the staff members hurried off to their office. Sonia watched as most of them left, and she
finally held onto the arm of one of the female assistants once the crowd was almost gone. “What were
you guys talking about earlier?”

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