Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 500

Chapter 500

Chapter 500 She’s Really in Love

All of the netizens made a joke out of the situation once they found out about the truth. ‘This is epic! I
can’t believe this was what actually happened. The picture was a total lie!’ one commented.

‘Who were the ones who said that Toby and Lily are the most romantic and loving couple? Show
yourselves now!’ another one added.

‘I knew it! Although Lily’s from a wealthy family, her family is on the verge of bankruptcy. She’s always
showing off on her social media profile, and she acts just like an upstart. She doesn’t have any
substance at all! The almighty president of Fuller Group and the head of the Fuller Family would have
better taste than this! He’d never date a woman like her,’ one comment read.

Sonia subconsciously nodded as she read the netizen’s comments. That’s right. That’s exactly how I feel
about the situation. If Toby really fell for Lily, then it just shows that he has no taste. Fortunately, he still
has his standards. Sonia let out a small smile at that thought. All the worry and concern she had for the
news articles and photos had wholly disappeared after she watched the video that Fuller Group posted
on their social media account.

However, she realized something odd about the situation. I texted Toby to ask about the picture earlier,
and Fuller Group posted a video to clarify the situation just a while after that. It can’t be a coincidence,
right? Sonia pressed her red lips together and contemplated for a moment before she rejected her own
hypothesis. Perhaps it’s just a coincidence. Toby didn’t see my message, so he couldn’t have done
anything about it.

Sonia was still deep in thought when her phone began to ring. She turned her head to glance at her
phone, and she let go of her mouse to pick the call up when she saw that it was a call from Charles.
“Charles,” she greeted.Contents belong to NovelDrama.Org

“Darling.” Charles’ voice sounded glum on the other end of the line.

“What is it?” Sonia tilted her head in confusion.

“It’s Toby!” Charles grabbed his hair and tugged on it frustratedly. “I was overjoyed when the news of his
and Lily’s engagement first surfaced on the Internet. I was all prepared to buy them gifts, and I had
already planned out my speech for them during their engagement. I was hoping that they would stay in
love and grow old together. I can’t believe Toby announced that the news was fake before I even
managed to get them a gift! Ugh! I’m so annoyed!”

Technically speaking, Charles and Toby were love rivals—that explained why Charles wanted Toby to go
off with another girl. If Toby gets engaged, then he won’t mess with my darling anymore! Toby might have
claimed to let go of my darling, but how am I supposed to know if he’s lying? The only way for me to be
sure is for Toby to be with another girl. But look at how things have turned out! Hah! Charles sneered to

Sonia had an uneasy feeling as she listened to Charles, and she frowned slightly. “What’s there to be
annoyed about? Their relationship wasn’t even genuine to begin with, so it’s only right for him to clear
things up, right? Would you prefer the public to spread rumors about you all the time?”

“Well, of course not. But this is different,” Charles muttered as he scratched the back of his head.

Sonia scoffed. “How is it different?”

“Well, it’s obviously because… Wait, darling!” Charles seemed to realize something halfway through his
sentence, and his expression turned serious. “Darling, I just realized something. You seem to be really
happy about the fact that Toby stepped forward to dispel the rumors surrounding his engagement. On top
of that, you’re also siding him—you immediately went against my words when I talked about Toby.
Darling, you—”

“I don’t care about Toby!” Before Charles could finish his sentence, Sonia interrupted him. Her heart
skipped a beat when she realized what Charles was trying to say. However, her words only made
Charles’ expression turn gloomier than before. He let out a long sigh as he felt a heavy feeling weighing
down on him. “Darling, I didn’t mention anything about your care for Toby, yet you interrupted me to say
that you don’t care about him. Don’t you think your actions are going against your words here?” Charles
tried his best to make his tone sound neutral.

Sonia froze for a moment before she realized what had happened. I overreacted earlier. I feel like I’m
guilty of something. Her pupils shrank when she started to catch on. Even her grip on the phone felt
rather unsteady as her hands were shaking. A mixture of disbelief and confusion filled her gaze.

What’s going on? Do I have anything to hide? She bit her bottom lip and remained silent for a few
moments. Her answer surfaced in her mind after a while, and she parted her red lips to speak, but no
words came out of her mouth. Moreover, her gut feeling told her that she wasn’t supposed to reveal the
answer that she had deep within her heart. If she put her answer into words, she knew that her whole life
would turn upside down.

When Charles realized how silent Sonia was on the other end of the call, he knew that he couldn’t lie to
himself for much longer. I can’t tell myself that she doesn’t care about Toby anymore. The truth is that
she cares for him. Maybe she has fallen in love with him again! Otherwise, she wouldn’t have started an
argument once she heard me talking about Toby. A bitter smile spread across Charles’ face as he
thought about the situation. I can’t believe I lost to Toby again. I can’t do anything but watch as Sonia
falls for him once more.

“Hah… How useless.” Charles leaned against his chair and raised an arm to cover his eyes. His lips
were slightly parted as he let out a bitter sigh.

“Are you talking about me, Charles?” Sonia knitted her brows.

“No. I’m talking about myself.” His voice was filled with self-contempt. I am useless, aren’t I? I’m the one
who has known Sonia for the longest, and I’m the one she spends the most time with. I’m also the one
who fell in love with her first. Logically speaking, I should be the one who gets to be with her. Yet, I’ve
been so weak and cowardly all along—I’ve never dared to confess to her or show her my true feelings.
Because of this, I have to watch her fall in love twice, both with the same man. Charles had never felt so
much hatred for himself.

Mom’s right, he thought. I am a useless man who doesn’t know how to fight for the things that I want. I’m
just a worthless guy who hands his lover over to another man! Charles let out a sneer at that thought. His
bloodshot eyes were glistening with droplets of tears as he removed his arm from his eyes. He forced a
smile and spoke in a rather bitter tone. “Alright, darling. I have other matters to handle. I’ll end the call

He ended the call immediately after finishing his sentence. It was hard for him to come to terms with the
fact that his lover had just fallen in love with the same man again, so he needed some time to calm
himself down.

On the other end of the line, Sonia stared at her mobile phone and squeezed her brows together.
“Charles…” she whispered. She had no idea what Charles was going through, but she could sense that
he wasn’t in a good place emotionally. He sounded angry, self-critical, and exasperated… He sounded
really emotional. The Charles that I know is extremely lively—it’s almost like he has never-ending
amounts of energy. But he sounded so pessimistic earlier… I’m worried for him.

At that thought, Sonia got to her feet and put her coat on before she walked out of her office. She was
planning to visit Charles’ office to check if he was alright.

Meanwhile, both Vincent and Lily were scrolling through Fuller Group’s official Facebook page in the
McRae Residence. Their faces had turned as white as a sheet after they saw the clarification post and

the video that Fuller Group had posted online. “What do we do now, Dad?” Lily clenched her fists and
held onto her skirt as she spoke in a shaky voice. “President Fuller didn’t just clear the rumors about our
engagement, but he even managed to get rid of the rumors surrounding our pictures. If this goes on, do
you think he might find out about our—”

“Calm down!” Vincent raised his hand to interrupt his daughter. “I’m sure he’ll never find out about our
little scheme. He probably just thinks that some paparazzi snapped a picture of you guys, and he
probably thinks that’s how the rumors surfaced. After all, no normal person would suspect that someone
is plotting against them behind their back. It’s no surprise that the paparazzi would snap pictures of Toby
since he’s so famous.”

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