Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 506

Chapter 506

Chapter 506 Jean’s a Fool

“That’s true.” Tom exclaimed in awe while nodding, agreeing that Carl’s hacking skills were top-notch. All
of Fuller Group’s hackers were considered international masters within the field, but even they didn’t
manage to find anything after Toby ordered them to track Declan’s whereabouts. Carl was the only one
who managed to track Declan down. This comparison put things in place—Carl was obviously the more
skilled hacker among the rest of them.

“Since Carl is sending his men over, you should arrange for our people to go there too. Carl’s men might
take Declan away if our men don’t get there in time,” Toby uttered in a calm tone. Declan was the one
who pushed Sonia off a cliff, so Toby had to be the one to deal with Declan. No one’s allowed to get this
job done except for me! I won’t even have Carl meddling with this! Toby thought.

“Okay. I got it, President Fuller.” Tom nodded.

“You can leave now.” Toby flicked his wrist to send Tom out of the room.

“But… There’s actually something else I wanted to tell you,” Tom uttered without moving from his spot.

Toby knitted his brows and stared at his assistant. “What is it?”

“Well… We saw Miss Reed and Mr. Lane hugging yesterday, and we suspected that they were dating,
right? I sent someone to investigate their relationship, and the reports currently indicate that they’re not
together,” Tom explained.
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Toby’s eyes lit up in an instant. “What? They’re not dating?”

“Yeah.” Tom nodded. Toby’s stone-cold heart seemed to melt when he heard this news, and his
expression softened as he continued speaking. “If they aren’t together, then last night…”

“Perhaps there was another reason for that. Why don’t you ask Miss Reed about it, President Fuller?”
Tom suggested.

Toby pursed his lips. “Forget it. I’ll just pretend that I didn’t see it.” He was happy just knowing that Sonia
and Charles weren’t together.

“Well, I’ll excuse myself now.” Tom was done with all his updates, so he turned to leave the room. “Okay,”
Toby uttered with a nod.

Two days passed in the blink of an eye, and it was finally the day of Rose’s 80th birthday celebration.
The party was hosted in the Fullers’ Residence. It was 8.00PM by the time Sonia arrived at the venue.
She got out of her car and handed her keys to the valet before she took out the invitation card from her
bag and walked toward the entrance. She passed the invitation to the security guards that were standing
at the entrance, and the guard let her in after checking the invitation.

Sonia lifted her long dress as she headed up the stairs and walked into the grand hall. With his gaze
fixed on Sonia’s slim figure, the security guard who had checked her invitation card removed his walkie-
talkie from his belt. “Miss Reed’s here, Tom,” he reported into the device.

“I got it,” Tom replied from his end after hearing the guard’s voice. Then, Tom put the walkie-talkie aside
before he walked to the lounge and knocked on the door. He was greeted by Mary’s smiling face after
she opened the door. “Tom!”

“I’m looking for President Fuller, Mary,” Tom explained.

“Young Master Toby’s talking to Old Mrs. Fuller now. You can come in,” Mary offered.

“Thank you.” Tom nodded and walked into the room. When Toby saw Tom walking in, he stopped his
conversation with Old Mrs. Fuller to sip on his cup of tea. “What is it?” he asked as he turned to Tom.

“Miss Reed is here.” Tom’s footsteps came to a halt as he answered Toby’s question. Toby’s movements
froze for a split second before he returned to his usual self. “I got it.” Right after that, Toby got to his feet
and excused himself. “I’ll head outside now, Grandma.”

“Wait.” Mary handed Rose’s cane to her, and Rose got up along with Toby. “Let’s go out together. I
haven’t seen Sonia in a while. Furthermore, I’m the star of the night, and most of our guests should have
arrived by now. It’s about time I made an appearance.”

Toby gave Rose a warm smile. “Sure. Let’s walk out together, then. I’ll help you out.”

Rose shot a glare at Toby’s left arm, which was still held in a sling. “You should just take care of
yourself,” she uttered in a disdainful tone. “Seriously! You’re a 30-year-old man; I can’t believe you
accidentally injured your arm while you were out.”

Toby’s gaze shifted uncomfortably, while Tom immediately turned to look away. Fortunately, Rose hadn’t
been watching their expressions, so she didn’t notice anything odd. Mary helped the old lady out of the
room while Toby and Tom followed behind them.

Sonia’s appearance in the grand hall gathered a good amount of attention. Everyone in their circle knew
that she used to be married to the son of the Fuller Family, after all. Since she was an ex-wife, many
people began gossiping when they saw that she had shown up at Rose’s party.

Meanwhile, Jean was wearing a red, tight-fitting dress and had her hair tied up in a bun. She held a glass
of red wine in one hand while she chit-chatted with a few other wealthy-looking ladies. All of a sudden,
one of the ladies tugged on Jean’s sleeve before she stuck her lips out and nodded in Sonia’s direction.
“Hey. Isn’t that your ex-daughter-in-law?”

“What?” Jean had a cheerful smile on her face until she heard the words ‘ex-daughter-in-law’. Her face
immediately darkened as she turned to see Sonia standing around in the hall. Jean immediately twisted
her expression into a sour frown. The lady who had told Jean about Sonia couldn’t help but feel a rush of
satisfaction when she saw how displeased Jean looked. Even the rest of the ladies exchanged glances
as they quietly sneered amongst themselves. They were glad to see the embarrassed and ashamed look
on Jean’s face.

Although they appeared to have a close relationship with Jean, and although they often asked her out for
facials and shopping dates, they didn’t actually like Jean. In fact, some of them utterly despised her, and
they were only leeching off of her.

The rest of the women were all born in wealthy families—they were more refined and elegant than a
peasant like Jean, who was born in a regular family. However, many of these ladies were furious
because a plain and cheap woman like Jean had the luck to marry herself into the Fuller Family. Thus,
Jean, who was nothing in comparison to the other ladies, transformed into a wealthy, powerful phoenix
that soared high above their heads with her new status as Mr. Fuller’s wife. The rest of the ladies had no
choice but to placate her all the time.

Fortunately for them, Jean was a complete idiot whose opinions easily wavered. Whenever the ladies
sweet-talked Jean a little, Jean wouldn’t hesitate to shower her friends with all the best things in the
world. She would pay for all of their expenses whenever they went out for food, drinks or trips. The ladies
wouldn’t have chosen to stay with an idiot like Jean otherwise.

Jean had no idea what her few rich friends were thinking about. She merely held onto her wine glass as
she fixed Sonia with a stern glare. She looked as if she was trying to use her eyes to burn Sonia.

The lady who had been the first to speak up about Sonia continued to provoke Jean. She looked around
the room as she said, “Jean, why do you think your ex-daughter-in-law is here? Do you think she’s trying
to please Old Mrs. Fuller? Is she doing that so that she can return to the Fuller Family? I heard that Old

Mrs. Fuller is quite fond of her, so I think she might succeed. President Fuller’s a filial child, so he’d
surely listen to Old Mrs. Fuller…”

The lady’s words succeeded in infuriating Jean, who then slammed her wine glass on the table. Her face
was flushed as she widened her bloodshot eyes. “Does she want to return to the Fuller Family? Hah! In
her dreams!” she hissed.

The wealthy ladies exchanged glances once more, but they quickly looked away from each other. The
representative of their group—the lady who pointed Sonia out—curled her lips into a smirk. This idiot fell
for it. All of the ladies knew that Jean, the silly woman, hated her ex-daughter-in-law, and they had heard
about all the fights that happened between Jean and Sonia. Once I infuriate this stupid woman, and once
she falls into our little trap, we’ll have a good show to watch.

The rest of the ladies were born with a silver spoon in their mouths. They were people from rich families
who had married into other rich families, but they were still lacking in wealth when they compared
themselves to Jean, and they couldn’t accept it at all! However, their differences in social status made it
hard for them to cause any direct harm to Jean, so all they could do was trick her through such subtle
methods. They wanted to make a fool out of Jean in order to reduce the burning jealousy they felt
because of her.

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