Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 509

Chapter 509

Chapter 509 Toby’s Gift

Rose stared at Toby confusedly. “What is it?”

Toby didn’t respond to her question. “Her dress is stained. I’ll bring her to change into a new evening
gown,” he said instead. Rose then realized the damp stain that was making Sonia’s dress stick to her
skin. “You’re right,” Rose said while nodding. “Go on and get changed. You don’t want to catch a cold.”

“Come on.” Toby gave Sonia a nod. Sonia didn’t reject his offer and simply tagged along behind him. She
did wish to get changed as the damp dress wasn’t just cold against her skin; it also felt sticky and reeked
of alcohol, which made her feel uncomfortable.

Both of them walked toward the lounge. Zane didn’t go after them, but stood in his spot with his wine
glass in his hand as he watched the tall man and the petite woman walking next to each other. A rather
glum expression formed on Zane’s face as he realized how they seemed like a perfect match. I’m sure
Sonia has caught feelings for Toby again! But it doesn’t look like she’s aware of it yet. Well, it looks like I
won the bet. But why don’t I feel happy at all?

Once they got to the lounge, Toby opened the door to let Sonia in. “You can go in and take a shower. I’ll
bring the evening gown over.”
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“Alright. Thanks,” Sonia uttered before giving him a polite smile.

“Don’t worry about it,” he replied before turning and walking off. Sonia watched him disappear from the
walkway once he turned a corner before she entered the lounge and shut the door behind her. Then, she
took a shower in the washroom to get rid of the alcohol stench on her body.

Toby returned while she was still showering. The moment he let himself into the lounge, he heard the
sound of running water coming from the washroom. He could see a blurry shadow of Sonia’s curvy figure
when he glanced at the washroom’s frosted glass door. He could tell that she was showering from the

way she moved, and his gaze darkened as he gulped. “I brought you your evening gown, Sonia,” he
croaked in a deep voice.

Sonia wasn’t aware of the fact that Toby could see her figure, and she continued showering while she
responded to him. “Sure. Just leave it outside the washroom.”

“Okay. I’ll go out now.” Toby placed the gift box on the couch before he walked out of the lounge. He no
longer looked in the direction of the washroom as one glance was already enough to make his entire
body burn with desire. Toby was like any regular man—his body couldn’t remain calm when he saw his
lover showering behind a frosted glass door.

If Toby didn’t walk out, and if he took another look in the direction of the washroom, he wasn’t sure what
he might end up doing. So, he let himself out of the lounge.

About ten minutes later, Sonia turned the water off and wrapped herself in a towel before she got out of
the washroom. The lounge was empty, and Sonia didn’t know where Toby had left the dress, so she
looked around for her new outfit. Finally, she noticed a delicately-wrapped gift box on the couch. She
was certain that the gift box hadn’t been there when she entered the room earlier. Is this the new outfit
that Toby brought over for me?

She walked over to get a better look at the box. There was no logo on the box, so she couldn’t tell the
outfit’s brand. However, the packaging of the box told her that it had to contain an evening gown within it.
Sonia bent down to open the box. Inside, she found a black, spaghetti-strapped evening gown that was
made of silk. The smooth fabric reflected the light in the room, and the dress itself shone like a
constellation of stars in the night sky.

Sonia took the gorgeous dress out only to realize that it was exactly her size. It’s impossible for Toby to
have gotten someone to buy a dress within such a short period of time. Does that mean he already
bought this a long time ago? But why did he get me an evening gown? I doubt he knew that Jean was
going to bump into me. That means that this dress…

“A-choo!” Sonia shuddered and let out a sneeze that disrupted her thought process. After that, she
hastily got changed before walking out. The moment she opened the door to head out of the lounge, she
was greeted by the heavy smell of cigarette smoke. She frowned and turned to find Toby leaning against
the wall while smoking a cigarette. The smoke covered his face, making it hard for Sonia to read his

He looked like he was thinking as he stood extremely still with his gaze fixed on the ground. When Sonia
shut the door behind her, he heard it and looked up immediately. “Are you done?” he asked as he turned
to Sonia.

“Mhmm,” she mumbled. “You’re not fully recovered yet. Why are you smoking?” she uttered in a rather
critical tone.

“I’m just thinking about some stuff,” he said as he walked over to her.

She looked down at the burning cigarette between his fingers before she reached over to snatch it away
from him. Then, she walked to the side of the corridor and put the cigarette out while grumbling, “You
don’t need to smoke while thinking about stuff. Don’t you care about your own health?”

Toby let out a soft chuckle when he realized how she was nagging him as a wife would do to her
husband. His laughter was pleasant to the ear—it came from deep within his chest.

Sonia felt her ears burning when she heard his attractive laugh. “Why are you laughing?”

“It’s nothing. I’m just happy,” he uttered while staring at her fondly.

She froze for a moment before responding in a stiff voice, “What’s there to be happy about?”

Toby didn’t answer her and simply gazed at her in her new outfit. “You look really beautiful in this dress,”
he commented while casting a surprised glance at her. Toby was the one who had picked this evening

The designer had sent tons of designs over to him, but this particular evening gown had caught his eye
immediately. He could picture Sonia wearing it from the first time he saw it, and his imagination was spot

Sonia lowered her head upon hearing Toby’s praise, her ears the color of a tomato. “Well… Thanks, I
guess. I think it’s the evening gown that’s pretty, not me. By the way, when did you have this gown

“A long time ago,” he replied truthfully.

“A long time ago? What? Why?” Sonia was surprised.

“Because I want to give you the best,” he said.

Her lips trembled when she heard this. He wanted to give me the best, so he prepared this evening gown
for me. If that’s the case, then why did he let me go? Why did he tell me not to show up in front of him
after that? Sonia glanced at Toby’s attractive yet thin face. Her eyes turned red as she fought the urge to
ask him the questions in her mind. In the end, she managed to stop herself from asking anything.

Instead, she hung her head low and clutched her dress. “You can send me the receipt for this dress after
the party. I’ll pay you back.”

Toby’s expression darkened at once. He was clearly annoyed at the fact that Sonia was being so
calculative with him. It’s almost like she’s terrified of being indebted to me. In the end, Toby suppressed
the anger he felt as he knew that he had no right to be angry at her. I’m the reason she’s keeping her
distance from me. I’m the one who pushed her away.

“We can talk about that some other day. Let’s go back for now. I’ll introduce you to a few guys who might
be helpful in Paradigm Co.’s future development,” Toby uttered as he held his arm up beside her. She
took a glance at it before she hooked her arm around his. “Thank you.”

Sonia couldn’t find it in her to reject Toby—she knew that she needed him in order to build connections
with other well-known business partners. If she had approached those big shots on her own, they
wouldn’t have taken a second glance at her.

Toby brought Sonia back to the grand hall, and he walked over to greet a few well-known people after
checking on Rose. Rose was sitting on the couch at the side of the hall, happily gazing at Sonia and
Toby. Right then, Mary brought Rose some food, only to realize that Rose couldn’t seem to stop smiling.
“Why are you smiling, Old Mrs. Fuller?” Mary asked.

“Because of Sonia and Toby, of course! Did you realize that Sonia has changed her attitude toward
Toby?” Rose pointed in Sonia’s direction as she spoke.

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