Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 510

Chapter 510

Chapter 510 What Else Did He Do for Me?

Mary smiled and nodded when she understood what Rose meant. “You’re right. I noticed that Young
Mistress’s attitude toward Young Master Toby has changed. She was so worried about him getting
injured earlier, which reminded me of how she was like when she first entered the Fuller Family. Wasn’t
that how she treated him back then? Old Mrs. Fuller, are you saying that… Perhaps Young Mistress’s
feelings for Young Master Toby are…”

“That’s right. That’s what I meant. I’m not sure if something happened between Sonia and Toby recently,
but I’m sure that Sonia has caught feelings for Toby once more,” Rose uttered.

“That’s great, right?” Mary clapped her hands excitedly. “It seems like they’re really going to get back

“Yeah, it is great. In fact, it’s the best birthday present I received tonight. But I wonder why Toby won’t
allow me to point out that Sonia has fallen for him,” Rose muttered puzzledly.

Mary smiled. “Well, you can just ask him about that later, right?”

“That’s true.” Rose nodded. She kept smiling, but after a while, she seemed to realize something and a
stern and cold look replaced her smile. “Now that things are looking good for Sonia and Toby, I’m not
going to have anyone ruining their relationship. Jean has always disliked Sonia. If we don’t put her in her
place, she will continue targeting Sonia once Sonia comes back.”

“You’re right,” Mary agreed with a sigh. “I don’t understand why Madam White hates Young Mistress so
much. She has always thought that Young Mistress wasn’t a good match for Young Master Toby.
However, if she really thinks about it, she’s way below Young Mistress in terms of her family background,
looks, talent, and personality, and she still got to marry Mr. Fuller. You’ve never caused her any trouble
even though you didn’t fancy her, yet she… Ah…”

Rose scoffed upon hearing this. “I was too kind six years ago. Sonia didn’t want me to do anything to
Jean, so I held back for the sake of Sonia. Yet, Jean only ended up bullying Sonia even more than
before, and Sonia got a divorce after that! I already made a mistake once, so I’m not about to make the
same mistake again. Jean will never be able to bully Sonia again! Come on. Let’s go give Jean a

“Okay.” Mary took Rose’s plate and put it aside before she helped Rose to her feet. They walked out of
the hall.

Meanwhile, Toby had already introduced Sonia to most of the well-known figures at the party. After
walking around the whole place, Sonia had received a stack of name cards, and two of the big shots
even stated that they wanted to pay Paradigm Co. a visit the next day. If they were interested in
Paradigm Co.’s production and operation methods, they would agree to partner with the company.

Although Sonia had hoped to get more potential partnerships, she was already glad that there were two
companies who made such an offer. “Are you happy?” Toby asked in a sweet voice when he saw Sonia
grinning beside him.

“Of course!” She nodded excitedly as she wrapped her arms around his and leaned closer into him. “I’m
really glad that Paradigm Co.’s finally getting some new partners. I really hope that I’ll be able to bring
the company back to its glory days. Perhaps I can turn the business into something bigger than before!
Dad would be so glad to see it if he’s watching from above,” she said happily.

Toby’s eyes glinted, but he felt a mixture of emotions when he heard her. “Yeah. Your Dad will be really

“Thank you.” Sonia slipped her arms out of his as she began to walk off. “I’m going to the washroom.”

“Go on,” Toby nodded. Sonia walked over to use the washroom. When Sonia came out of the cubicle to
wash her hands by the basin, a familiar figure passed by her. Sonia saw the figure in the mirror, and

Sonia turned around at once when she recognized her. “Wanda?”

Wanda had been walking toward one of the cubicles, so she hadn’t paid any attention to the person
standing by the basin. When she heard someone calling her name, Wanda stopped and turned to lock
eyes with Sonia. In an instant, Wanda froze before she covered her face with her hands and turned to
face her back against Sonia. “You got the wrong person, Miss. I’m not Wanda,” she muttered in a shaky

Sonia chuckled to herself. The wrong person? That can’t be the wrong person. I didn’t know how Wanda
looked when I lost my vision, but I found pictures of Wanda once my eyes were healed. I wanted to see
what the caregiver who took care of me looked like. This woman’s face looks exactly like the one I saw in
the pictures, so how could she be the wrong person? Furthermore, she looks like she has something to
hide right now. Doesn’t that make things even more obvious?

“Alright, Wanda. Stop faking it. Why don’t we be honest with each other? What are you doing here? It’s
impossible for the Fuller Family to hire external workers to manage the party tonight since most of the
guests are really important figures. They can’t ensure the quality of work provided by external workers,
so all of the staff today are people who have been with the Fuller Family for a long time. Wanda, you’re
not a caregiver who works for some home services agency, are you? Have you always been working for
the Fullers?” Sonia glared at her.

Wanda parted her lips, ready to defend herself. However, when she saw the sharp look in Sonia’s eyes,
she gave in and decided to admit the truth. “You’re so smart, Miss Reed,” Wanda uttered while nodding
and smiling. “You’re right that I’m not from a home services agency. I’ve always worked as a maid in the
Fuller Family. However, I used to work in the backyard of the old manor, so you’ve never seen me around
while you were there.”

“I see.” Sonia nodded thoughtfully. She straightened her back when she seemed to realize something
else. “Hold on. You said that you’ve always been working in the old manor. Does that mean that

Grandma was the one who got you to be my caregiver? No, no; Grandma couldn’t have known about my
eyes. Otherwise, she would’ve asked me about it. So, it was Toby…”

Wanda responded with a soft smile. “That’s right, Miss Reed. Young Master Toby was the one who sent
me over as he didn’t want just any staff from the home services agency to look after you. He was worried
that the nannies there wouldn’t take good care of you, and he was afraid that Titus and his family might
pay one of the nannies to bring harm to you. That was why he wanted me to take care of you,” she
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Sonia couldn’t understand what she felt when she heard Wanda’s words. It was a mixture of bitterness
and sweetness. It’s Toby again. How much did he do for me? Did he do other things for me too? Are
there things that I still don’t know about? “Why didn’t he just tell me about it then?” Sonia lowered her
gaze as she spoke in a meek voice.

Despite her soft tone, Wanda could still hear her. “Young Master Toby was afraid that you would chase
me out if you knew that he had sent me over,” Wanda said with a smile. “That was why he hid it from
you. Young Master Toby really loves you, Miss Reed.”

Sonia bit her lip. “If he loves me, then why did he let… let…” Sonia couldn’t finish her words in the end.

Wanda gazed at the other woman confusedly. “Let what, Miss Reed?”

“It’s nothing.” Sonia waved her hand, gesturing Wanda to forget about it. “Thank you for sharing all of
this, Wanda. I’ll return to the hall now. I’ll make sure to thank Toby.”

“It’s no worries at all. Go on, Miss Reed. The dance is about to start soon,” Wanda reminded.

“Okay.” Sonia nodded and picked up her purse from beside the basin before she walked out of the
washroom. On her way back to the hall, she took her own sweet time to walk as she was trying to calm
herself down. If I didn’t bump into Wanda, I might have never known that Toby did such a thing for me. I

have to clarify things with him. I want to know if he did other things for me. I don’t even know how much I
owe him at this point. If this goes on, I’ll be indebted to him forever.

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