Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 521

Chapter 521

Chapter 521 Mrs Gray’s Curse

Sonia was sitting on the bench, unmoving. She gripped her bottle tightly and stared at the ground,
immersed in her thoughts.

Suddenly, she heard the sound of hurried footsteps coming over followed by a woman’s wail. “Tina! My
precious baby girl!”

Mrs. Gray? Sonia quickly looked up and turned around. The Grays were coming over, but she wasn’t
surprised. Tina might have cut off all ties with them, but they had been family for a long time, so naturally,
they’d come here after finding out that she killed herself.

“Tina! My girl!” Julia was in the lead, but she was stumbling and beside herself.

Titus was holding her. “Slow down. You’ll fall.”

“How can I? Titus, she jumped off a building! She died!” Julia held his sleeve, roaring. Her eyes were red
with sadness and fury.

Titus sighed. “I know. I’m upset about this as well, but you can’t get too worked up over this. If you fall
sick, I’ll have to worry about you as well.”

Julia stopped talking, but she still sobbed sadly. Rina was walking slowly behind them, but she didn’t look
sad. Instead, she looked impatient. Tina’s suicide had caught her by surprise as well, but that was it.
They weren’t real siblings, so even though Tina had died, she didn’t feel the least bit sad about it. In fact,
she felt happy, for it was a good thing for her. At least Dad and Mom won’t keep talking about her now.
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A smile curled her lips, but when she looked around, she noticed Sonia from the corner of her eye, and
her smile froze. “Miss Reed!”

The Gray couple was stunned to hear that Sonia was there as well, so they looked at where Rina was
pointing. The sight of Sonia agitated Julia. She broke free of Titus’ grasp and went toward Sonia, her
face contorted with rage.

When Sonia saw the look on her face, she knew Julia must be up to something, so she got on guard
immediately. Before Julia managed to slap her, she reacted by grabbing her wrist and gripping it tightly.

Julia’s face contorted with pain. “Let me go!”

Sonia wouldn’t do that, of course. Instead, she tightened her grip, but even though Julia’s face was
turning red due to the pain, Sonia didn’t feel an ounce of satisfaction at all. In fact, she felt sad for some
reason. She didn’t know why she felt that way toward Julia, but she wouldn’t waste her time thinking
about it.

She shoved Julia away and stood up. “Were you trying to slap me, Mrs. Gray?” She looked at her coldly.
My parents never raised a hand against me. They loved and cared for me like their own. How dare this
woman try to slap me? Weirdly enough, she felt hurt that Julia tried to slap her.

Julia almost fell to the ground, but Titus managed to catch her in time and prevented that from
happening. Julia held Titus’ arms and glared at Sonia with bloodshot eyes. If looks could kill, Sonia would
be dead by now. “It’s your fault! You killed Tina! Give Tina back to me!” she roared at Sonia, her voice
filled with hatred. If it weren’t for Titus holding her, she would have dashed forward and tore Sonia into

Sonia was hurt and sad at the same time. She clenched her fists and laughed mirthlessly. “Watch what
you say, Mrs. Gray. What do you mean, I killed her?”

“It’s your fault!” She pointed at Sonia with trembling fingers. “If it wasn’t for you, she wouldn’t have been
jailed! If it wasn’t for you, she wouldn’t have jumped off a building! My Tina! My poor, poor Tina!” Julia
leaned against her husband and cried her heart out.

Titus patted her back to ease her up, and he wanted to say something as well.

But Sonia was faster. “What a joke. Just because I sent her to jail, you want to blame me for her suicide?
She ended up this way because of her own actions. I couldn’t have sent her to jail if it weren’t for what
she did, nor would she have killed herself. You have no right to blame me. If you want to blame anyone,
blame yourself. You raised her this way.”

However, the Grays would never accept what she said, for their values were skewed.

Julia still thought Sonia was the one who killed Tina, so she pointed at her angrily. “You killed Tina and
took her away from me, Sonia. I hope that one day, you’ll lose the most important person to you and
suffer like how I am suffering!” she cursed.

Sonia was shocked. Her eyes trembled, and her face paled. Weird. I shouldn’t care about the curse.
Those are fake. But for some reason, she took it to heart. When she saw how hatefully Julia was glaring
at her, her heart ached, and she teared up.

She took a deep breath and clenched her fists to hold her feelings down, then forced a sneer. “You might
have to wait for a long time then, Mrs. Gray. Curses take a long time to work, especially if you want
someone dead.” Her parents were dead, and there was nobody else important to her in this world. In the
end, Julia’s curse would only be empty talk.

“Don’t be so confident, girl. You might end up regretting it.” Titus looked at Sonia darkly.

Sonia looked at him haughtily. “I might, but you won’t be there to see it.”

Titus looked shocked. “What do you mean? Do you—”

“Do I what?” Sonia crossed her arms.

Titus’ jowls trembled, then he stared at the ground to hide the darkness in his eyes. “Nothing. Let’s go.”

He couldn’t ask if Sonia knew about his failing kidney. If she knew nothing about it, he’d be giving her
precious information he couldn’t afford to lose. Maybe she was talking about something else. He took
Julia and was about to leave, since he might let something slip if he stayed for too long. Also, they
needed to see Tina’s body and find out why she killed herself. I can’t waste my time here. I’ll leave this to
another time.

Titus looked at her coldly and was about to leave, but just when he turned around, a stab of pain shot up
from his waist. He grunted in pain and let Julia go, then he started falling.

For some reason, when Titus fell, Sonia reflexively extended her hand and held him. Sonia was shocked
about it, and the Grays were too, especially Titus. He looked at Sonia’s hand, and his face trembled.

Titus’ voice made her snap out of it. She realized what she had just done, so she quickly let him go and
took a step back. “Sorry, but I don’t have time to play along with your act, Mr. Gray,” she said coldly.

“Are you insulting me?” Titus huffed and puffed. He was not a man of virtue, but he would never stoop so
low as to fake his illness.

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