Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 522

Chapter 522

Chapter 522 Doubts Cleared

Sonia said nothing and turned away to look at something else. She knew Titus wasn’t acting, since that
was an excuse she made up herself. She had to convince herself that she didn’t help him because she
was worried, but because she didn’t want him to scam her by faking his injury and demanding
compensation. At this point, she wouldn’t put anything past the Grays.

Since Sonia wasn’t saying anything, and he was in agony, Titus didn’t argue with her. He told Julia to
take him to a doctor right away to get some painkillers.

Julia wanted to teach Sonia a lesson and vent her fury, but she had more pressing matters at hand.
Hence, she only shot Sonia a glare before taking Titus away. Titus was the family’s pillar, so if he were to
fall, a weak woman like her would lose all the family’s fortune to the company’s sly shareholders.

And so, they left, but since Julia went away in a hurry, she didn’t notice Rina staying behind.

Rina was standing face to face with Sonia. “I never thought Tina would kill herself, Miss Reed.”

“It is surprising.” Sonia nodded. She looked at Rina’s face, trying to see through Rina. “You seem happy.”
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Rina covered her lips and smiled, exactly like how all the rich ladies in the upper society did. Apparently,
she must have gotten around during the time she was here, so she had picked up the art of elegance.
Now, Rina had lost all the bumpkin attitude she had back when she first came to Seafield and turned into
a confident, well-mannered, and elegant young lady. Anyone would believe it if she said she had never
lived in the countryside before.

“Of course,” she crossed her arms and admitted to it. “You saw what my mother was like. Tina might
have cut all ties with us, but that doesn’t mean they have forgotten about her. As long as she still lives,
Dad and Mom will still always love her. They might have even taken her back after she was released.
Now that she’s dead, I don’t have to worry about that anymore, so of course I’m happy.”

Sonia squinted at her and smiled mysteriously. “Is that so? Then I’m sorry to disappoint you.” Tina is still
alive, you know.

Rina’s heart skipped a beat. “What do you mean?” Sonia’s smile was unsettling to her.

Sonia pushed her hair back. “It’s nothing. You’ll know in due time.”

“What are you…” Rina wanted to ask her what she was hiding, but when she saw the people coming
from behind Sonia, she frowned and swallowed her words.

After Toby was done talking on the phone, he and Tom came back.

Tom was the one who noticed Rina first, and his face turned grim. He then said to Toby who was still
looking at his phone, “Sir. It’s Taylor.”

The mention of that name made Toby put his phone down and looked in Sonia’s direction. Sonia and
Rina were standing together and talking about something, but Rina did not look so good. He felt his
chest tighten. “Sonia!” he called out to Sonia and quickened his pace.

Rina noticed him speeding up, and she knew he was worried Sonia might be hurt, so she retreated a few
steps. “Since you’re keeping it a secret, I’ll look into it myself. Mr. Fuller is here, so I’ll be leaving now.
Enjoy your day.” She turned around and fled the scene.

Toby came to Sonia after Rina was gone. He held her shoulder and looked at her from head to toe, his
eyes filled with worry. “Are you alright? Did she do anything to you?”

Sonia shook her head. “Nothing. We just talked a little.”

“About what?” Toby heaved a sigh of relief when he realized she was fine, and he pulled his hands back.

Sonia pursed her lips. “We talked about Tina. You said Tina is still alive, so I was thinking about the
culprit who helped her escape and plant a decoy. After all, the cops were keeping an eye on her 24/7,

and she had no electronic devices. If nobody helped her, she couldn’t have escaped. My first suspects
were the Grays.”

“That’s a logical train of thought, Miss Reed.” Tom rubbed his chin. “Especially the Gray couple. They
care about Tina, so it’s possible they planned the whole thing to bust her out.”

Sonia nodded. “Yes, that’s why I suspected them. I talked to Taylor earlier, but she wants Tina dead, so
she would never help her. And now the Gray couple is out of the suspect list as well.”

“Hmm.” Toby arched his eyebrow, but he guessed the reason immediately. “You saw them?” She met
Taylor and talked to her, so she knows Taylor isn’t the culprit. By that logic, she must have met the Gray
couple and talked to them too. That’s why she knows they didn’t do it.

Sonia wasn’t surprised Toby guessed it. It wasn’t hard to figure out, so she said, “Yes. They came when
you went to take your call. Mrs. Gray was beside herself. Titus was relatively calmer, but his eyes were
filled with pain; genuine pain. They thought Tina jumped off the building, so they couldn’t have
orchestrated this escape.”

“I see.” Toby nodded. “But it’s pointless to play the guessing game here. We still need to see the police’s
investigation results. They’ve kept an eye on her 24/7, so they should know who visited her this month,
and the culprit must be one of the visitors.”

“You have a point.” Sonia smiled.

“We should go in now. Tim should be done with the autopsy,” Toby said as he looked at his watch.

Sonia didn’t object. She turned around to look at where the corpse had been. The patch of blood on the
ground was still gleaming, and it made her shiver.

It was then that a hand covered her eyes. “Don’t look.” Then, the person turned her head back. “Aren’t
you scared?”

“I’m fine.” Sonia took Toby’s hand off her eyes. “The body’s gone, and the blood is all that’s left. It’s still
unsettling, but I’m not scared now.”

“Still, you shouldn’t look. You’ll get nightmares.” Toby put his hands down.

Sonia said nothing and went with him to see Tim, but then her phone rang. She took it out and saw that
the caller was Charles. “It’s Charles.” Instead of taking the call right away, she looked at Toby and told
him who was calling for some reason.

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