Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 523

Chapter 523

Chapter 523 Toby’s Delight

Toby was annoyed when he saw Charles’ name on the screen, but Sonia’s reaction made him happy.
She’s telling me who it is so I won’t misunderstand her, huh? But she might not even know about this.
“Take the call.” Toby slowed down. “He’s probably calling because he saw the news.”

“I think so too.” Sonia nodded and took the call. She even turned the speaker on.

Charles, as usual, said loudly, “Did you see the news, babe? Tina killed herself! Is that true?”

“It’s true!” Sonia answered. “The police called me and said she jumped off a building. I’m at the crime
scene right now.”

Charles gasped in shock. “It’s true? And I thought it’s just some fake news the media made up to get
some clicks. She actually killed herself?”

“Yeah.” Nobody saw that coming.” Sonia massaged the area between her brows.

Charles asked again, “So what’s the situation, babe?”

Toby frowned after hearing him call Sonia babe. Looks like I have to tell Charles to stop calling her that.

Sonia didn’t notice his displeasure, and she answered, “The police are still looking into the reason for her
suicide. We don’t know anything else.”

“Is that so? I’ll come over then,” Charles said.

Toby pursed his lips, and Sonia saw it, so she shook her head at the phone. “It’s alright, Charles. Toby is
with me, so you don’t have to come.”

Toby stopped pursing his lips and started to smile.

Sonia saw that as well, and for some reason, she was amused, and her eyes were filled with delight.

Charles, on the other hand, was unhappy, and his voice became higher. “What? He’s with you? But it’s
so late already! How did you end up with him?”

“Grandma asked him to take me home. I couldn’t drive because I drank a little, so I agreed to it. But after
that, I got the call, so I went to the scene with him.” She looked at the elevator and continued, “I’m going
into the elevator now, Charles. Talk tomorrow.” Then, she hung up and went into the elevator.

After she came in, Toby stopped holding the doors back. “Why didn’t you tell him that it was just a stand

“There’s no need.” She shook her head. “Only the three of us know about the truth apart from Tim. Not
even the police know about this, so I don’t want too many people finding out. And once Tim is done with
the autopsy, the police will know about the truth too, and they’ll keep it a secret. They won’t allow us to
tell anyone either, so there’s no point telling Charles about it.”

“You really thought this through,” he praised.

Sonia smiled. “Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it,” Toby said. Then, he remembered something, and he gazed at her. “And I was really
happy just now.”

“Huh?” Sonia paused for a moment. “Why?”

Toby smiled but said nothing. Sonia tilted her head to the side curiously, but since he didn’t want to tell
her why, she wouldn’t force him.

They came to the autopsy room a short while later. Tim was still inside, so Teddy was standing alone
when Toby and Sonia came. He was pacing back and forth, looking flustered.

“Mr. Olsen,” Sonia called him.

Teddy stopped pacing around. “Oh, it’s you guys.”

“What happened, Mr. Olsen?” Sonia asked.

Teddy hesitated, but he remembered that Sonia was the plaintiff, so he decided to tell them what was
bugging him. “So before Dr. Lancaster went in, he told me something shocking. It’s infuriating, actually.”

“Tina is not the one who killed herself,” Toby said.

“That’s right.” Teddy nodded, then he looked at them in shock. “How did you two know?”

“Tim noticed something off about the corpse when he inspected it,” Toby explained calmly.

“I see.” Teddy cast his doubts aside after getting the answer, and he sighed seriously. “Dr. Lancaster is
comparing the DNA samples. If the corpse isn’t Tina’s, then this is going to be serious. It’ll be hard
capturing Tina again now that she has escaped. She is also holding a grudge against Miss Reed, so she
might get revenge on her. And it’s also a hit to our rep.”

It was truly a huge blow to the police’s reputation. They didn’t even realize that Tina had slipped away
and found a stand in even though she was under constant supervision. If the public knew about it, they
would say the police were incompetent, and nobody would trust them to do their job again. Their
superiors would make their lives a living hell as well.

“If the corpse inside there isn’t Tina’s, we have to find her quickly and arrest her again,” Teddy said
darkly, clenching his fists.

Sonia nodded. “Yes.” If we don’t capture her soon, it’ll be even harder later. And I’m sure she’ll get back
at me. Now that we don’t know where she is, it’ll be hard to defend against her attacks.

Toby could see that she was worried, so he reached out his hand and smoothed out her frown. “Don’t
worry. I’ll protect you,” he promised gently, but also firmly. “She’ll never get the chance to attack you.”

Sonia looked at him and blushed, then turned away quickly without saying anything. She clutched her
heart which was pounding furiously, and she felt confused. Weird. It’s just a simple promise, so why is
my heart fluttering? And why did I get nervous when I looked at him?

Toby noticed her ears getting red, and he smiled. He looked at Teddy and shifted the topic, or else Sonia
would stay in her shell. “You guys have records and surveillance footage of Tina’s visitors, right?” He

Teddy nodded. “Of course. When I knew the corpse might be someone else, I knew someone must have
helped Tina, so I already told my men to compile the footage ASAP. It’ll be here soon.”

“Good,” Toby replied, feeling satisfied.
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Sonia looked at Teddy, surprised. So that’s what a veteran is like. He adapts well.

Tim opened the room’s door and came out with the results. Once he walked out, Toby, Teddy, and Sonia
went up to him.

“How is it?” Toby asked first.

Teddy and Sonia were staring at Tim as well.

Tim handed the file over and adjusted his glasses. “Just like I told you. The corpse is not Tina’s,” he said

They knew that was the case and were prepared for it, but it was still unacceptable to hear the
confirmation. That was especially the case for Teddy. The moment he got the confirmation, he gained a
perpetual frown, since Tina had escaped under the noses of his men. As the captain, he would be held

against this oversight. If they couldn’t find Tina after a certain timeframe, he would have to resign as an

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