Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 524

Chapter 524

Chapter 524 Melody and Cynthia

“Do you know the identity of the corpse then?” Toby asked coldly. That was the most important question
for the time being.

Tim adjusted his glasses. “Not sure. I’ve taken the corpse’s fingerprint sample and went through the
database, but I found no match. You’ll have to look into this yourself.”

“It’s not going to be easy.” Sonia bit her lip. When she took a look at the corpse’s face earlier, it was
nothing but a mangled mess. Now that Tim couldn’t even confirm the corpse’s identity through the
fingerprint, it would definitely be an uphill battle for them to investigate the matter.

Just then, one officer rushed over with a stack of files in his hand. “Sir, we’ve compiled the visiting record
for Tina Gray!”

Everyone looked at the files the officer was holding at once.

“Give them to me.” Toby went over and took the files from the officer.

Sonia followed him closely and stood beside him. She huddled closer so she could take a look as well.

The file was only two pages long. The first page detailed Julia’s visits, and occasionally Titus’. There was
nothing there, so Toby flipped over to the second page. Most of the records were similar to the first
page’s, but when they got to the final few records, Toby and Sonia frowned.

“Melody? Cynthia?” Sonia was surprised. “Why did they come to visit her? And in the last couple of days

Toby narrowed his eyes. “Mr. Olsen, these are your prime suspects. It’s possible they helped Tina to

“I see, Mr. Fuller. I’ll get someone to take them here.” Teddy took the files from him.

Toby grunted and looked at the officer who brought the files over. “Do you have the surveillance footage
of these two visiting Tina?”
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“Yes.” The officer nodded.

Tim said, “Let’s watch it in my office. There’s a PC and projector there.”

Everyone agreed, and they went to Tim’s office. The officer inserted the USB drive into the PC and
projected it onto the big screen.

Toby sat down on the couch and patted the spot beside him. “Sit right here. It’s a great spot.”

Sonia rolled her eyes. We’re not watching a movie right now. You don’t have to pick a good spot. In the
end, she still went and sat beside him.

Toby smiled, happy that she did what he asked her to, and everyone around him could feel that he was
in a great mood.

The video started playing. The first one was Melody and Cynthia’s first visit. Sonia noticed that they went
into Tina’s ward and came out after half an hour, then they left. Nothing else happened during that period
of time.

Toby frowned. “Why do you only have surveillance footage outside of the room? Don’t you have a CCTV
camera inside?”

Teddy sighed. “Let me explain. She might be a criminal, but she’s still entitled to privacy. We can only
record everything outside her room, but not the inside. That’s why we know nothing about what
happened inside.”

Toby pursed his lips and said nothing more.

The second video started playing moments later. It was Melody and Cynthia’s last time visiting Tina. This
time, Sonia noticed something wrong. Melody went into the room, but she didn’t look too happy. Cynthia
was looking weird as well. She was wearing a cap and a mask, and she wouldn’t even look up for a
second. More importantly, she looked fearful.

At that point, Sonia sat up straighter and started looking serious. Toby did the same as well. He stared at
the video and thought about something.

Melody and Cynthia didn’t stay in the room for too long this time. Less than ten minutes later, they left,
and they never came to visit Tina again.

“It’s obvious now.” Tim looked at the video and sneered. “During the first visit, Tina must have threatened
Melody and asked for her help. That’s why Melody looked so glum in the second video.”

“So Cynthia’s the one who became Tina’s stand-in?” Tom asked.

“No,” Toby answered.

“She’s not?” Tom was surprised.

Sonia nodded. “I don’t think so either. Cynthia is an aristocrat after all, so Tina would never ask her to do
that. Which means that person in the second video was not the real Cynthia. They just used her identity
as a cover. Notice the cap and mask?”

“Yes. Tina, or probably Melody, must have promised that person something; something big enough to
buy her life. So the person who came back out with Melody must have been Tina, while the stand-in
stayed behind,” Toby tapped his knees and explained coldly.

Teddy punched the wall angrily, looking solemn. “What do they think lives are? Toys?”

Tim said, “Now you can tell your men to take Melody and Cynthia over. And hunt Tina down no matter

Toby nodded. “She should still be in Seafield, so you must locate her ASAP.”

“You’re right. I’ll tell my boss now.” Teddy took his phone out.

Toby grunted. “It’s late, so we’ll be leaving now.”

The next part was the police’s job, so they didn’t have to stay around.

“Okay. I’ll call you once I have any news.” Teddy nodded.

Toby stood up and extended his hand to Sonia. “Let’s go home now.”

Sonia looked at his hand, but she didn’t hold it. Instead, she stood up. “Correction. You are taking me
home. Just have to make that clear.” Go home? Do you have any idea how misleading that is? If the
others didn’t know better, they would think we were going home together.

Since Sonia wouldn’t hold his hand, Toby smiled drily and put his hand down.

After saying goodbye to Tim, they walked to the elevator, and it didn’t take long for them to come back
down to the lobby.

The Grays were there as well. Titus was sitting on a bench, his head hanging low. There was an air of
despair and sadness around him, while Julia was sitting beside him with her head buried in her hands as
she sobbed quietly. Even Rina was gripping her phone tightly, and her eyes were red, as if she was
holding her sorrow in.

Sonia arched her eyebrow. “Did Titus’ condition get worse?”

“How are you sure about that? They might be sad because ‘Tina’s dead.’” Toby looked at her.

Sonia pointed her chin at Rina. “Because she won’t look so sad if it’s because of Tina. The only reason
for that would be Titus’ condition.”

“You have a point.” Toby nodded.

The Grays looked up when they heard the sound of footsteps coming closer, and they were surprised to
see Sonia with Toby and Tom. They thought Sonia was the only person who came, but they never
thought Toby was around as well. However, it was obvious in hindsight. After all, Sonia was all Toby
cared about, so he would follow her wherever she went.

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