Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 533

Chapter 533

Chapter 533 They Deserve Death

In order to prove her love for Toby, Tina went through the trouble of dating Quentin and orchestrated an
accident that killed him to get his heart for the man she loved. However, she was now dismayed in
hindsight, thinking Toby didn’t love her at all because all the love he showed her was none other than an
illusion from the hypnotism. Although she had no choice but to reluctantly accept her fate, she reckoned
Toby should have never snapped out of his hypnotic state.

After all, Toby broke up with her the moment he woke up, rendering her a laughingstock. Thus, she
blamed him for putting her through so much suffering.

If you won’t appreciate my love for you, you’ll die together with Sonia. No one can have Toby if I can’t
have him.

Initially thinking she could run them over with one attempt, she was surprised that they managed to
dodge her car at that critical moment. Nonetheless, she quickly came to a decision to turn around for
another try. At the thought of that, she smiled creepily at the both of them in her car and stepped on the
gas pedal, steering the car toward them.

Meanwhile, the car only managed to run over Sonia’s cake on the floor, flattening the box as its content
was crushed into smithereens. Setting her eyes upon the cake on the ground, she snapped out of her
petrified trance and caught on to what had just happened.

That driver really wanted to kill me and Toby! Sonia shivered at the thought of the driver’s killer intent. If it
hadn’t been for Toby, I would have been run over like a pancake. Wait a second, Toby!

“Toby!” Sonia quickly turned her attention when she thought about him. While he looked like he was
seemingly injured, she knitted her eyebrows with a pale face.

Seeing his miserable state, Sonia immediately panicked. “How do you feel, Toby?”

“I sprained my ankle. Help me up.” Toby gasped for breath, enduring the pain while weakly asking for

“You sprained your ankle?” He is injured indeed. Sonia confirmed her suspicion and got out of the man’s
arms to check on his leg.

“Don’t move!” Knowing what Sonia was going to do, Toby stopped her with a stern look on his face. “Help
me up first. That car may come back.”

“What?! That car may come back?” Sonia’s face changed, her eyes dilating in horror.

Toby tried to prop his body with his arm as he fixed his glacial eyes on the direction in which the car
drifted away. “Yeah, whoever was driving was obviously trying to kill us. Now that the driver failed to do
so, I’m sure he or she will likely come back for us.”

“No way. We need to get out of here then.” Sonia quickly helped Toby up without any hesitation.

Just when Sonia helped Toby get back on his feet, they suddenly heard the sound of an oncoming car
from behind them. She then looked back and saw the same car that almost hit them a few moments ago.
Toby was right. That car was coming back. It looks like whoever is driving won’t stop until we’re both
dead. “Let’s go!” Sonia gritted her teeth, summoning all the strength from her body to carry Toby away
while both of them made for the parterre and dove into the bushes.

The moment both of them fell into the bushes, they landed on the flowers in the parterre, which caused
their clothes to be entangled with countless flower pedals.

This would be such a romantic scene if it weren’t for some crazy driver who tried to kill us for no good

While Toby and Sonia were forced to take cover in the parterre, their current situation would be a
romantic encounter if they weren’t trying to escape from someone who was trying to kill them in a car.

On the other hand, Tina’s face twisted in frustration when she saw Sonia and Toby diving into the
parterre. Goddamn it! They got away with it again! Why is it so hard for me to just run over them?!
Blinded by her anger and irritation, she was so engrossed with both of them in the parterre that she
forgot her car was also charging at the parterre. Shortly after that, her car crashed into the concrete
before a loud bang was heard. While Tina’s car came to an abrupt stop, the jarring car alarm filled the
silent atmosphere. At the same time, Tina bumped into the steering wheel, feeling unbearable pain in her
chest as she felt dizzy in her head. Then, she felt something warm and wet dripping down her forehead,
only to realize it was—blood.

Damn it! I’m bleeding. Tina gritted her teeth, her hands shaking as she cursed Toby and Sonia on the
inside. I’m here to kill Sonia, but now she is fine, and I’m hurt! What the heck is going on?! Goddamn it!
“What’s that sound?” Tina quickly saw Tom and a few other bodyguards coming her way when she was
silently cursing Sonia and Toby. At the sight of those men, she had her facial expression darkened.

I need to get out of here! Now! Otherwise, it’ll be too late for me to escape!
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Knowing that she was a fugitive who had just attempted murder, Tina was fully aware of how she would
end up if she was ever caught. After all, it wasn’t easy for her to escape from the police the last time, so
she didn’t want to be captured again.

Tina clenched her jaw and shifted the gear to reverse from the concrete, whereupon she stepped on the
gas pedal and sped away. Before she left, she looked back and set her glacial eyes on the parterre,
swearing to herself that she would be sure to kill them next time.

I won’t fail again next time! When I return, it’ll be time for both of you to meet your demise!

At that moment, Sonia sat up straight while feeling dizzy but soon met Tina’s eyes through the car
window. Shocked by what she saw, Sonia couldn’t believe her eyes. Tina! It’s Tina who tried to run over

“President Fuller! Miss Reed!” Tom came running to Sonia and Toby, checking on them in a concerned
manner. “Are you guys alright?” In fact, he didn’t tag along with Toby to see Sonia off. Instead, he was
waiting in the lobby because Toby would like to see Sonia off alone. Thus, he sensibly left them to it,
thinking it wasn’t necessary for him to be the third wheel. Nonetheless, when it took Toby longer than it
should to return, Tom started to get curious until he heard a loud bang from the outside.

Wondering what happened, he stepped outside with a few security guards to investigate the commotion.
As he discovered what happened, he saw Sonia and Toby lying in the parterre with a car rammed into
the concrete.

Seeing that, he instantly understood that Toby and Sonia were nearly hit by that car, but when he sent
his men to confront the driver, the car started moving and drifted away before they could do what they
intended to. Therefore, Tom had no choice but to mark down the car’s license plate number and went on
to check on Toby and Sonia.

“We’re fine.” Sonia shook her head and pointed at the direction in which Tina drove away, desperately
saying, “Hurry up! That driver is Tina, so don’t let her get away!”

“What?!” Tom paused shortly before his face turned cold. “I can’t believe that was Tina!”

“Get her!” Toby endured his dizziness and gave his order.

Tom nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll get someone to go after the car.” He then instructed two of the
bodyguards, who got into a car and pursued Tina. In the meantime, Sonia emerged from behind the
bushes while helping Toby walk out of it. However, since Toby sprained his ankle, he wasn’t able to walk
properly, which made it hard for the lady to help him get out of the parterre. In the end, Tom had to give
her a hand in helping Toby out of the parterre.

“President Fuller, are you hurt anywhere else besides your ankle?” Tom quickly checked on Toby with
Sonia while anxiously asking him in a concerned manner,

“Besides my ankle, I’m fine.” Toby waved his hand in response. In fact, he sprained his ankle when he
cushioned Sonia from the fall a few moments ago, but other than his ankle, he was perfectly fine.

“I don’t care if you only just sprained your ankle. You need to see a doctor,” Sonia seized Toby’s arm and

Tom agreed with Sonia and reached for his phone to send for the doctor.

“Let’s get back to the office,” Toby squinted and replied before shifting his gaze to Sonia. “Come along
with us.”

“Sure.” Sonia nodded, thinking she shouldn’t just walk away like nothing ever happened after the
unexpected incident took place. Deep down, she told herself that she must at least make sure he wasn’t
hurt anywhere else.

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