Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 546

Chapter 546

Chapter 546 Daphne Is Sick

Toby’s reply was quick. ‘Alright. I’ll wait for you.’

The smile on Sonia’s face deepened when she read his text. Placing her phone back in her chest pocket,
she quickly went back to her office to pack up her stuff before going downstairs.

In no time, Sonia reached Toby’s car. However, right when she wanted to knock on his car window, it
rolled down before his handsome face was revealed as he grinned at her. “Get in.”

“Alright.” Sonia nodded before she walked to the other side of the car and entered.

After Sonia settled down in her seat, Tom started the car engine and drove away. In the meantime, she
was staring at Toby’s leg. I wonder if his leg is better now.

Still, she couldn’t see anything, as his leg was covered by his pants.

I guess I’ll only find out when we reach the hospital.

At the thought of that, Sonia straightened her posture.

At this moment, Toby started telling her about Tina. Upon knowing that Tina was backed by others, Sonia
frowned. “Looks like we still don’t know Tina well enough.”

If they understood Tina fairly well, they would have known who was backing her.

Toby didn’t say anything regarding Sonia’s comment. “Don’t worry. I’ll definitely lure her out.”

“I know.” Sonia nodded, not questioning Toby’s determination to capture Tina, considering how Tina
wanted him dead as well. Reasonably, he wouldn’t let Tina go unpunished,

After all, Toby and Tina were nemeses now. Even if he didn’t manage to catch her, he surely wouldn’t let
him off the hook as well.

“I heard that you visited a few security firms during these two days?” Toby suddenly asked.

Right then, an odd glint flashed past Sonia’s eyes. “How do you know that?”

“There’s a security firm under Fuller Group, and most of the bodyguards in the firm are retired special
forces, so most of the security firms in Seafield would often hire bodyguards from us to be their trainers.
When you visited that security firm yesterday, one of the bodyguards in my firm saw and recognized you,
so he told me about it,” Toby explained while Sonia nodded in realization. “I see. Well, it’s true. I visited a
few security firms recently.”

“Are you looking to hire bodyguards?” Toby stared at Sonia before she made a sound of
acknowledgment. “Yeah. Since Tina escaped and hid somewhere, I’m worried that she might appear out
of nowhere while I’m not prepared to give me a fatal blow. I’m thinking of hiring two bodyguards so that I
can at least feel safer. Still, I can’t find anyone suitable for the role, even though I’ve already gone
through a few firms.”

“Why didn’t you come to me?” Toby pursed his lips.

At the same time, Sonia lowered her head. “I’ve already caused too much trouble for you, so I don’t feel
comfortable asking for help from you again.”

Besides, she thought that it was impossible for her and Toby to end up being together, so why should
she ask him for help?

Immediately, Toby’s expression darkened, and it was obvious that he wasn’t satisfied with Sonia’s
answer. “What do you mean? You’re never a burden to me!”

Sonia’s eyes widened a little as a hint of warmth flowed through her body. “You—”

However, she was cut off by her phone’s ringtone before she could say anything.

Right then, Toby frowned while Sonia gave him an apologetic smile and took her phone out. “Let me get
this call.”

“Alright.” Toby nodded, despite being annoyed by the caller. How distasteful.

After getting Toby’s approval, Sonia swiped across the green button before placing her phone next to her
ear. “Hello?”

It was a call from Daphne.

At this moment, Daphne’s weak voice rang out. “President Reed, I’m sorry, but I haven’t gone to the
office after noon today.”

“It’s fine.” Sonia smiled. “I was the one who made you leave, so you don’t have to be sorry for it.”

“Thank you, President Reed, but can I get a leave for tomorrow?” Daphne asked.

Upon noticing that something sounded wrong from Daphne’s voice, Sonia had a worried look on her
face. “Of course. However, you’ll have to tell me what’s wrong. You sound tired. Are you sick?”

On the other end of the call, Daphne’s gaze wavered a little before she replied, “A little. I ran under the
rain during the afternoon just now, and I might have caught the flu.”

“Is it serious?” Sonia asked before Daphne coughed a little. “It’s not that bad, but I’m feeling a little
lightheaded, so I would like to take a day off to rest.”

“Alright. If that’s so, you should rest well. If your flu doesn’t get better tomorrow, you can rest for a few
more days too,” she said in a worried tone.
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Daphne forced a smile. “Alright. Thank you, President Reed. I’ll hang up now.”

“Alright.” Sonia nodded.

“Who was it?” Toby turned around and asked in a slightly jealous manner when he saw Sonia placing her
phone down.

Why does she sound so worried for the person on the phone? That’s not Charles, is it?

Noticing the uncomfortable look on Toby’s face, Sonia couldn’t help but feel like laughing. “It’s my
secretary. She caught the flu, so she contacted me to take a day off tomorrow.”

“The woman in glasses?” Toby asked unsurely before Sonia hummed in acknowledgment. “That’s her.”

After making sure that Sonia’s secretary was a girl, Toby’s jealousy finally went away as he returned to
his good mood.

It’s fine if it’s a girl.

“Oh, right!” Suddenly, Sonia slapped her thigh.

“What’s wrong?” Toby quickly urged.

Seeing how worried he looked, Sonia opened her mouth a little before answering him, “Uhm… I think I
should buy Daphne something as her boss since she’s sick.”

Toby’s lips twitched a little. He thought that something bad had happened after seeing how startled she
was, but that was just it.

“Just buy her whatever you want to,” Toby placed his hand against the car door and commented with a
disinterested tone.

At the same time, Sonia had her chin propped on her hand. “Since she’s sick, it’s best for me to get her a
fruit hamper.”

At the thought of that, she lowered her head and started scrolling through her phone to select expensive
fruits for Daphne.

After she was done choosing, she made an online transaction through her phone and typed Daphne’s
address in to deliver the fruits.

Finally, she placed her phone down after setting a delivery time with the fruit shop.

Not long after, they reached the hospital. After Tom parked the car, he got off before knocking at the
window of the passenger seat.

In no time, Sonia rolled the car window down. Staring at her, Tom said, “Miss Reed, I’ll need your help to
get President Fuller out of the car. I’ll go get his wheelchair from the car trunk now.”

“Sure. I’ll help you out.” Sonia smiled and nodded.

Upon Sonia’s agreement, Tom was relieved as he went to the car trunk.

At the same time, Sonia got out of the car, walked to the other end of the passenger seat, and opened
the car door before offering her hand to Toby. “Let me give you a hand.”

Staring at Sonia’s soft and slender arm, Toby felt a dark glint radiate in his eyes before he placed his
hand on hers.

With that, Sonia helped Toby to get down from the car.

However, the moment Toby got down, he lost his footing as his body started falling backward.

When Sonia saw that, she quickly grabbed his hand and pulled him toward her.

Nonetheless, Toby fell into her arms after she pulled him back and prevented him from falling to the

Sonia was speechless when she turned around and saw Toby’s right hand on her waist.

If we ended up in this position not because of him falling for real, I’d have thought he faked his fall just to
hug me.

“President Fuller, can you let me go now?” Sonia reached out to poke the man’s waist.

Upon feeling a ticklish sensation on his waist, the man loosened his arm and let go of her.

If Toby didn’t do so, Sonia was probably going to think that he was trying to take advantage of her.

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