Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 547

Chapter 547

Chapter 547 Tim’s Trail

In reality, Toby might indeed have an interior motive in his fall. Despite almost falling just now, the thought
of hugging Sonia suddenly flashed past his mind when he saw her reaching out to grab him.

Therefore, he took the opportunity to hug her when she grabbed him, allowing him to be physically closer
to her.

If I can get closer and closer to her day by day, maybe she’ll get used to it and accept me being
physically close to her.

After Sonia pulled back from Toby’s hug and straightened her clothes, she turned toward Toby and asked
in a worried tone, “President Fuller, are you alright?”

Toby shook his head lightly. “I’m fine. Aren’t you here with me? I believe you won’t let anything happen to
me, just like how I would do the same.”

Hearing Toby, Sonia nodded her head without hesitation. “Of course I won’t let anything bad happen to
you. I’ll do my best to protect you.”

After everything Toby had done for Sonia to save her from troubles, it was only courteous for her to repay
him. At this moment, the corner of Toby’s lips lifted a little. “I’m happy to hear that.”

“President Fuller, the wheelchair is here.” Right then, Tom walked over with the wheelchair.

Immediately, Toby’s facial expression darkened.

Can’t he see that we are in the midst of a conversation? How dare he interrupt us like that! I’m definitely
deducting his bonus later!

While contemplating to himself, Toby gave Tom a disdainful glance, baffling his poor assistant out of

What is happening? Have I done something wrong? Why is President Fuller staring at me like that?

While observing those two’s interactions, Sonia couldn’t help but feel like laughing because she knew
why Toby was glaring at Tom.

He was obviously annoyed that Tom had interrupted their conversation.

Chuckling, Sonia walked toward them. “Allow me, Tom.”

“Sure. I’ll leave it to you, Miss Reed.” Since Sonia volunteered to get closer to Toby, it was only natural
for Tom to agree along with her.

Besides, Toby might even get angry at him if he didn’t allow Sonia to help with the wheelchair. Upon
seeing that Tom scooted away, Toby had his originally upset expression replaced with a more pleasant

This assistant of mine might have learned his lesson, but I’m definitely not going to return the bonus that
I’ve deducted just now. After all, we can’t get that magical moment back because of his interruption.

“Let’s go.” With Tom’s help, Toby managed to get on the wheelchair smoothly while Sonia grabbed the
handle of the wheelchair and wheeled him forward.

With nothing to do, Tom trailed behind Sonia and Toby and acted as if he was their bodyguard.

Tim was in the hospital’s lobby when the three of them entered the hospital. He was discussing
something with a doctor in a lab coat, but he instantly wrapped up the conversion as soon as he spotted
the trio’s arrival from the corner of his eyes. While adjusting his glasses like usual, he headed toward
Sonia and the others.

“Why are you here with him?” Tim’s gaze landed on Sonia’s face. “Are you guys together now?”

Toby raised his eyebrows when he noticed Tim pointing at him. In the meantime, Sonia’s face went red
as her gaze wavered. “Quit joking. Of course not.”

“If that’s not the case, why have you been going out with him so much recently?” Tim crossed his arms
and stared at Toby while Toby met his gaze with his own cold ones. “Do you have anything against that?”

“Not really. I’m fine with whatever she does, but I’m just curious about your relationship status.” Tim

Pursing her lips, Sonia forced a smile on her face. “Well… I’ve been hanging out with him a lot because
the injuries that he had sustained because of me have yet to recover, so I’ll have to be responsible for

“Is that so?” A glint of light reflected from Tim’s spectacle.

Why do I feel like that’s not the case?

“Of course it is.” Sonia nodded rather energetically as she made her point known. However, her wavering
gaze revealed what she was really thinking about.

Raising his eyebrows, Tim gave Sonia a knowing look before he chuckled. “Sure. Whatever you say.
Let’s get back to the main issue here. Why are you in a wheelchair again?”

He turned toward Toby while Toby lowered his gaze to stare at his leg. “I sprained my ankle.”

Upon hearing that, Tim laughed disdainfully. “How useless can you be to sprain your ankle?”

“That’s not what happened.” Sonia felt uncomfortable almost immediately after hearing Tim’s ridicule.
She frowned and explained, “He sprained his leg because of me.”

“Because of you?” Tim’s expression quickly turned serious. “What happened?”

Right then, Toby pursed his lips. “Tina came back, and she tried to run us over with a car.”

“What?!” Tim’s facial expression changed before a murderous glint flashed past his eyes. “Where is she
now? Did you guys manage to catch her?”

“No. She escaped.” Sonia shook her head. “President Fuller said that she was backed by someone

“Weren’t you Tina’s protector previously? If so, you should know her well. Can’t you think of who’s
backing her up?” Toby narrowed his eyes at Tim.

Tim shrugged. “You’re wrong. I was never her protector. I mistook her as my angel back then, but I only
meet up with her occasionally. I spent most of my time studying during other times, and she went into a
coma for six years after that. It’s obvious that I don’t know her well.”
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Upon hearing that, Sonia and Toby, especially Toby, fell into silence.

Although he suspected Miles to be Tina’s backing, he knew that the chances of it being Miles weren’t

The last time Miles helped Toby get out of the hypnosis, he had already told Toby that he wouldn’t be
helping Tina anymore.

Moreover, the person who Miles really helped was Quentin instead of Tina, so it was impossible for Tina
to convince Miles to help her. Still, no one could be sure of the entire situation.

“If we can’t find who’s helping Tina, it would be even harder for us to locate her now.” Sonia sighed.

Suddenly, Tim chimed in, “That’s not impossible, though.”

“What do you mean?” Sonia and Toby turned toward Tim.

“Do you know anything else?” Toby asked with a low voice while Tim pushed his glasses up. “I drugged
Tina previously, using a drug that was highly concentrated with an element that can be derived from sago
palms. Once an individual overdose on the element, their bodies will start to become rigid, and this
phenomenon is known as Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, ALS. Even though I only drugged Tina twice, the
drug was really concentrated, and Tina’s body…”

At this moment, the corner of Tim’s mouth curled up into a smirk before he continued, “She’s definitely
showing early symptoms of ALS, so you guys can try looking for her through all the renowned hospitals,
since she would surely look for a doctor if something is wrong with her body, won’t she? Even if she
doesn’t go to the hospital, you guys can check for people who have frequently been hiring doctors that
do research about ALS. Since there’s only a handful of doctors that are still researching ALS, it’ll
probably be easy to track Tina.”

After hearing him, Sonia was rendered speechless as her lips twitched a little.

How trustful of us is Tim to reveal that he had been drugging people illegally with no hesitation? Isn’t he
afraid of me contacting the police? Still, it’s not like I’ll actually make a police report.

Despite being someone with morals, Sonia would never send a bright doctor like Tim to jail because of

Moreover, the hospital was working on their side now. Due to this, Sonia had no choice but to cover for

On the other hand, Toby wasn’t worried about Tim trying to murder another person, as all he cared about
was the lead that Tim gave them. It was undeniable that Tim’s clue was very useful.

“Have you heard what he said?” Toby turned about before staring at Tom and asked.

Then, Tom nodded. “Yes, President Fuller. I’ll arrange for some men to start searching according to the
pointers given just now.”

Toby nodded lightly.

In the meantime, Sonia turned toward Tim. “By the way, why did you decide to drug Tina?”

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