Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 548

Chapter 548

Chapter 548 Toby’s Terrible Acting

Toby was staring at Tim as well. Right then, Tim took a sharp scalpel out from his lab coat’s pocket
before he twirled it between his fingers and said in an icy voice, “She’ll have to pay for lying to me!”

Sonia frowned. Did he really try to get Tina to suffer till death due to an incurable illness just because she
lied to him? I really didn’t peg him as such a vengeful man.

Despite thinking like that, she had no plans to share her thoughts. Even though Tim wasn’t a good
person, Tina wasn’t too much better than him, so they were both the same.

Moreover, since Tim was against Tina, he was actually helping them out in some sense. As Sonia knew
Tim wouldn’t hurt them or any other ordinary people, she wouldn’t make any comments about how he
decided to deal with Tina.

“Good job!” On the other hand, Toby praised Tim for what he had done without any hesitation as he
shared the same hate for that woman.

If Tina hadn’t impersonated Sonia, he would have had Sonia as his loving wife, and their child would be
in kindergarten by now.

However, Tina ruined everything, so Toby despised her enough to want her dead.

At this moment, Tim adjusted his spectacles. “It’s a waste. I should have drugged her up more back then
so that she would get ALS right away. By then, she wouldn’t have been able to cause so much more
trouble after that.”

When he had the idea to drug Tina to get her to be an ALS patient and die in pain, he had already
prepared enough drugs to achieve that.

Unfortunately, he only managed to drug Tina twice as Tina was either in custody or grounded at the Gray
Residence because of all her wrongdoings, not allowing him to have chances to drug her further. That
was the reason Tina’s body didn’t stiffen up and could still move away as she liked.

Still, Tim was comforted by the idea that Tina was facing the consequences of her body hardening.

“Alright. Let’s stop talking about this. You should go for your body checkup now,” Tim stopped twirling his
scalpel and said to Toby while Toby nodded a little. “Let’s go.”

With a hum of acknowledgment, Sonia started wheeling Toby toward the surgical department. By then,
Tom had stopped following them and went to make a call with his cellphone.

When Sonia and Toby got to the surgical department, the doctor started checking Toby’s leg before
giving him another batch of medication.

At the same time, Tim was standing next to them as he stared at Toby’s arm and commented, “It’s been
some time since you got your hand cast. I think it’s time for you to remove it.”

“If we remove the cast, would it affect his arm? His bone fracture hadn’t completely healed after all,”
Sonia asked in a worried tone as she stared at Toby’s arm as well.

Tim adjusted his spectacles. “It won’t affect anything. In fact, it can also relax his arm and neck. Just be
careful not to run into anything.”

“That’s good to know.” Sonia felt relieved before she gave Toby a look. “What do you think?”

“Just remove it.” Toby’s gaze landed on the cast on his left arm with a disgusted look on his face.
“Wearing this thing is a hassle anyway.”

“Remove it, then,” Sonia told Tim.

Then, Tim stopped leaning on the wall and took his hands out of his lab coat pockets before he headed
toward them.

When he reached Toby, he paused. “Alright. Let me check if it’s safe to remove your cast. Sonia, please
go to the counter to get the paperwork done.”

Tim turned toward Sonia, and she nodded. “Sure. I’ll go now.”

After that, Sonia went out of the room to help Toby with the necessary procedures.

In the meantime, Tim took a special hammer to hit Toby’s cast on his left hand. “How is it? Do you feel

Toby nodded a little. “It hurts a little.”

“Bear with the pain.” Tim placed the hammer down before he started taking out tools to remove Tim’s

During the entire period, Toby’s arm was in pain, but he remained emotionless without even frowning and
watched as Tim removed the cast on his arm as if it wasn’t even his.

Right at this moment, Sonia returned.

Upon hearing the sound of Sonia’s heels clacking, Toby put on a pained expression, losing his
emotionless facade from before. It was as if he was in great pain.

When Sonia noticed Toby’s expression, she quickly placed the registration form down and walked over to
him. “Are you alright?”

“It hurts!” Toby replied hoarsely in a painful manner as he stared at his left arm.

Sonia panicked when she heard Toby crying out in pain as she bit her lip and asked, “Dr. Lancaster, can
you be gentler?”


Tim was confused right then.

Gentler? I’m already doing it at my most gentle. How much softer do I have to be?

Nonetheless, Tim, who was a doctor, knew that even though Toby would suffer from pain during the
process of cast removal, he would only suffer mild pain, and it was impossible for him to be in so much
pain that his entire expression would change.

Right then, he really couldn’t help but guess that Toby was just acting.

At the thought of that, Tim heard Toby’s weak-sounding tone.

“Can you hug me for a while? I’m afraid that I might not be able to control myself and trash around before
hurting my arm again.”

Tim was rendered speechless.

Trash around in pain? Are you sure that you’ll be in that much pain when you’ve endured more painful
situations? Alright, I’m now completely sure that this is just an act to get Sonia’s pity and care.

Tim lowered his gaze before giving Toby a disdainful look. He never expected the leader of the Fuller
Family, as well as the director of Fuller Group, to be this shameless.

Should I expose his act?

Tim narrowed his eyes and stared at Sonia while she nodded anxiously. “Alright. Don’t move. I’ll hug you

Then, she discarded the bag that was on her shoulder at a side before hugging Toby’s shoulders.

At the same time, Toby took advantage of that and rested his head on Sonia before his lips curled up into
a smile.

Upon seeing that, Tim fell into silence before he dropped the idea of exposing Toby.

Why should I expose him? Anyone can tell that Toby has horrible acting skills, and Sonia would
obviously know as well. Still, she acted as if she didn’t know anyone and went along with his wish
anyway. What does this mean? It means that she’s obviously willing to do so. Wouldn’t it be despicable
for me to expose them?

While pondering to himself, Tim lowered his head and continued removing Toby’s cast while acting as if
he didn’t know anything at all.

Meanwhile, Sonia was still hugging Toby’s shoulders. “Just hang on. It’ll be over in no time.”

“I know. I won’t trash around with you here,” Toby replied before he snaked his right arm around Sonia’s

Immediately, Sonia tensed up. Right then, her first reaction was to get Toby to let go of her.

However, she couldn’t say anything when she saw the deep frown on Toby’s face as her mouth opened

Whatever, He can do anything he wants since he’s the patient after all. I can deal with this.
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While convincing herself that it was fine, Sonia slowly relaxed again. Upon feeling Sonia’s body relaxing,
Toby continued hugging her in relief as he didn’t need to worry about the idea of her moving away from

him anymore.

In a blink of an eye, the cast was removed. Staring at his left arm that was a shade lighter than his right
arm, Toby couldn’t help but frown a little.

“Can you move your arm?” Tim placed his tools down before asking. “You don’t have to completely raise
your arm up. Just a little will do.”

“Try it,” Sonia urged.

She was the one who wished that Toby’s arm would be fine the most, and she couldn’t wait to hear the
news that Toby’s arm had healed.

Under Sonia’s excited gaze, Toby adjusted his left arm before lifting it up a little. However, he stopped
moving when he felt pain.

Pinching Toby’s arm a little, Tim nodded. “You being able to raise your arm means your bones are
healing well. You don’t have to use a cast any longer. However, you’ll still have to wear the cast support.”

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