Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 549

Chapter 549

Chapter 549 Daphne Is Acting Weirdly

When Toby heard that he still needed to wear the cast support, he frowned. Despite being unwilling to do
so, he didn’t comment about it.

“I’ll go and get some water for you to clean your arm then.” Sonia stared at Toby’s left arm before saying
those words while Toby, who was unable to stand the cast on his arm, mumbled an acknowledgement.

Then, she let go of him before she went to the bathroom.

The moment she left, his expression was devoid of emotions as his pained look earlier disappeared.

At that moment, Tim stared at Toby’s arm before he questioned with a ghost of a smile, “How is it? Are
you not going to maintain your act?”

However, Toby’s only response was to give Tim a nonchalant look without being bothered.

Nonetheless, Tim wasn’t planning to let Toby off the hook as he adjusted his spectacles again. “I’m really
surprised by your act to fake being in pain.”

“That’s the only way for me to be closer to her without her pushing me away,” Toby explained
nonchalantly as he pursed his lips.

Despite that, Tim chuckled. “It’s weird to see the leader of the Fuller Family being humble for love.”

Toby lowered his gaze. “I don’t mind doing it to make up for all the things that I did back then.”

Moreover, he would only be humble toward Sonia and he didn’t think making himself humble to the one
he loved was an embarrassing thing to admit.

Instead, being able to humble himself also proved that he had really loved her.

“Here’s your water.” Sonia came out of the washroom with a bowl of warm water while Tim moved aside
to inform her, “You should help him to clean his arm. Do it gently, though.”

“Alright. I understand.” She nodded before she placed the bowl aside and twisted the towel in the bowl
dry. Then, she placed the warm towel on Toby’s arm before gently removing the cast and the remaining
medicine on his arm.

At this moment, Sonia was completely focused on cleaning his arm and Toby stared at her without

It was as if he was afraid that he would lose the opportunity to see her if he blinked his eyes.

At the same time, Tim, who was twirling his scalpel while standing aside, suddenly felt that he was
intruding on their moment.

Still, he wouldn’t leave no matter what since this was his place after all.

On the other hand, Sonia could sense Toby staring at her, so she stopped cleaning his arm and turned
toward him. “What’s wrong?”

However, he shook his head. “Nothing’s wrong.”

She couldn’t help but tilt her head while giving a ridiculous look. Nothing’s wrong? How can it be nothing
when he keeps staring at me?

Still, Sonia didn’t force Toby to say anything since he was unwilling to do so and she merely turned
around to continue with cleaning his arm.

Once she was done cleaning Toby’s arm, Tim reapplied the medicine on Toby’s arm before bandaging it.

Despite not having to wear a cast anymore, Toby still needed to wear the cast support on his neck. Even
though it was inconvenient, he nevertheless wore it since it wasn’t as heavy as before.

When they returned to the car, Tom reported, “President Fuller, I’ve already asked the investigators to
check every doctor and medical team who are involved in the research of ALS and I believe that we will
be able to collect information from them within these two days.”

Toby nodded. “Get our men to trail the medical personnels who are involved once we are done collecting
the information.”

“Yes,” Tom replied with a nod whereas Sonia remained silent during the men’s entire exchange as she
had nothing to say.

She wasn’t as powerful as Toby, who was able to instruct hundreds of men to carry out his commands
with just a word, so she really couldn’t assist them in locating Tina and could only rely on Toby to do so.

Hence, she had never asked or tried to interrupt Toby’s way of searching for Tina.

About half an hour later, they finally arrived at the Bayside Residence.

Right as Sonia yanked her bag over her shoulder and wanted to leave the car, Toby suddenly grabbed
her hand. “Wait. I forgot to tell you something.”

“What is it?” Sonia, who already had one leg out of the car, returned inside the car and turned to meet
Toby’s gaze while he released her hand. “You don’t have to hide bodyguards from other security firms
anymore. I’ve already arranged two bodyguards to protect you 24/7.”

“You have arranged bodyguards around me?” She was shocked when she heard his words and quickly
looked out the window to try to locate the bodyguards that were hidden from her view.

Nevertheless, she wasn’t able to figure out where those two bodyguards were after searching as
everyone around them didn’t resemble her bodyguards at all.

“When did you arrange bodyguards for me?” Sonia shifted her gaze to meet Toby’s eyes before Toby
answered, “From the day Tina reappeared.”

“That early?!” She was stunned because she thought that he had only arranged bodyguards for her after
asking her about her trips to security firms. Never once had she expected him to have already arranged
bodyguards for her prior to what happened that time.

“It’s just what I should have done anyway. If something really happened to you, it would be too late for
me to regret not doing so.” Toby reached out to caress her cheek.

This time, Sonia didn’t flinch and she allowed his hand to rest on her face.

She felt the man’s thumb gently grazing and lingering on her cheek and as a result, she couldn’t help but
turn a little to rub her cheek against his palm.

Sonia’s action not only stunned Toby, but it also gave herself a shock as her eyes widened in surprise.
What am I even doing?! Did I just rub my cheek against his hand when I should have slapped his hand
away? Am I going insane?!

When she came back to her senses, she moved away from his hand and quickly left the car. “President
Fuller, thanks for the bodyguards, but you should let me pay for their fees since they are technically
working to protect me.”

“Sure, but let’s settle the fees only after I have caught Tina so that it’ll be much easier to calculate the
fees.” Unexpectedly, Toby actually agreed to Sonia’s suggestion.

After contemplating for a while, she figured that his counter proposal sounded better, so she nodded in
agreement. “Of course. We can settle the fees by then.”

At this moment, Toby smirked as he knew that he would be able to search for an excuse to refute Sonia’s
suggestion after that.

He would never allow Sonia to try to escape from him even if she wanted to.

Unbeknownst to her, they were both fated to be with each other for the rest of their lives.

At the thought of that, Toby’s gaze wavered slightly before he recomposed himself and waved at her.
“Rest well when you arrive home.”

“Of course. Goodbye.” She nodded while his lips moved slightly to respond, “Goodbye.”
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She closed the car door with a soft thud before waving at him from outside the car. Then, Sonia walked
away and headed for her condominium while Toby watched as she headed off. He waited until she
entered the lobby before asking Tom to drive.

The moment that the men drove away, Sonia, who was supposed to be in the elevator, suddenly
emerged from the lobby and jogged to the side of the road to look at the direction where Toby’s car had
driven off.

She stared at the road for a long time while many cars drove past her during that entire time before she
finally turned around and went back to her condominium.

Two days later, while Sonia was busy working in her office, someone suddenly knocked at her office
door, causing her to look up and glance at the door. “Come in.”

Upon hearing her voice, the person outside the door stopped knocking and pushed the door open.

Immediately, Daphne, who was holding a stack of documents, came into view. “President Reed, these
are all the urgent documents from all the departments that need your signature.”

“Alright. Just leave them here. I’ll go through it as soon as I can.” Sonia used her ballpen to point at her
office desk and Daphne quickly walked over to place the documents down.

It was at that moment when Sonia glanced at her to ask, “Is your flu getting better?”

While lowering her gaze to hide the odd look in her eyes, Daphne nodded. “Thanks for asking, President
Reed. I’m alright now.”

“Are you really alright? It seems like your flu was really bad as you weren’t in the office for two
consecutive days.” Even though Sonia still looked worried, Daphne smiled and insisted, “I’m really

After ensuring that Daphne was alright, a relieved Sonia nodded. “That’s good to know. By the way,
what’s wrong with your neck? I saw that you left a plaster on your neck earlier. Are you injured?”

Upon hearing Sonia’s question, Daphne immediately panicked as she quickly raised her hand to cover
the plaster on her neck before forcing a smile. Then, she tried her best to act calm before answering, “I
was scratched by the zip on my jacket when I wanted to wear it in the morning, so I figured that it would
be better if I cover it since it looks inappropriate.”

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