Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 555

Chapter 555

Chapter 555 Plastic Surgery

She remembered that she never asked for a blanket before taking the pill and going to sleep.

So, this blanket must be something that he got for her.

Just as Sonia had expected, Toby nodded. “It was me. I was afraid that you’d catch a cold, so I asked the
air stewardess for blankets.”

When she heard that, she felt warmth spreading in her heart. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Are you able to walk?” Toby asked while he looked at her.

She looked a little weak when she got up from the chair.

So, he was worried that she wouldn’t be able to walk.

Sonia moved her feet. “I think so. I’m still a little tired from the pill, but the longer I keep myself awake,
the lesser the effects will be. I’ll be fine.”

“That’s good to know. Let’s go.” Toby took Sonia’s bag.

Sonia thought that he took her purse so that she could carry it on her shoulder with ease.

However, a moment later, she witnessed Toby slinging the bag over his own shoulder instead.

Toby was a man of six-feet-three in height; he was even in smart attire, which radiated a proud president

The powerful-looking president was carrying a woman’s small purse on his shoulder, which didn’t make
him look cool anymore. Instead, he looked a little comical.

Sonia couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

Toby looked at her. “What’s wrong?”

“No… Nothing.” She hastily waved her hands in denial before she reached for her bag. “President Fuller,
let me carry the bag.”

“It’s fine, I’ll hold it for you. Let’s go.” He declined her offer.

She raised an eyebrow. “This is my purse, so I can’t trouble you with it. President Fuller, please just
return it to me.”

“I want to carry it for you.” Toby looked at her. “I heard that men always carry their girlfriend’s bag. Even
though we’re not in that sort of relationship yet, I can still do what boyfriends do.”

Sonia blushed. “Since you have said that a boyfriend will carry their girlfriend’s bag, are you doing this
because you think we’ll be together in the future?”

“Of course!” His thin lips curved into a smile. “I have the confidence, and I also have the feeling that we’ll
be together in the near future.”

With that, he walked toward the door.

She looked at his back and pouted. “Quit saying nonsense, for that’s impossible!”

However, she didn’t vocalize her thoughts. She didn’t know why she chose to mumble those words
instead, which made her look like she lacked the slightest bit of confidence.

Outside the airport, Toby was looking at the car which came to pick him up. “Where will you be staying?”

Sonia glanced at her phone as she responded, “My friend has arranged a place for me to stay. You?”

He replied, “Hotel.”

She nodded. “I see. We’re going separate ways then.”

Toby was silent. So, she accepted the accommodation that the bridal couple had arranged.
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Had he known about it, he wouldn’t have declined the offer. He would have merely accepted it on the
basis that he would be staying close to Sonia right now.

The regret in Toby’s heart was so deep that his expression darkened in an instant.

At this moment, Sonia saw someone holding a placard with her name written on it. She hastily turned to
bid Toby adieu. “President Fuller, I see the person who’s here to pick me up. I’ll take my leave now.”

With that, she walked toward the person holding the sign, her luggage trailing behind her.

Toby watched as Sonia approached the said person before exchanging a few words and entering the
car. He pursed his thin lips before he fished out his phone to make a phone call. “It’s me. Arrange some
place for me to stay.”

The person on the other end of the line was stunned. “A place to stay? Didn’t you already decline the

“Quit nagging and get to work at this instance. I want to stay right across or next to a certain someone.”

“Who is it?”

Toby said Sonia’s name and immediately hung up as he was about to enter his vehicle before the callee
could even say no.

A few minutes later, Toby received a message with an address and a house number.

He smiled in satisfaction when he saw the line of numbers.

Meanwhile, Sonia had arrived at the place arranged for her—it was a small villa courtesy of her friend’s

After Sonia settled in, she prepared to head out and purchase some medicine for a hangover in
anticipation of the heavy drinking that would ensue during the wedding banquet when she received a call
from her friend.

Her friend had informed her that the villa would be expecting another visitor who would be staying with
her and it was a man.

When Sonia heard that, she frowned.

Initially, the said friend had assured that the villa was hers alone and there was no arrangement for
others to stay there.

Now that she had changed her mind and even arranged for a man to come to the villa, it made Sonia feel
a little uncomfortable.

No matter how uncomfortable she felt, she could only go along with the new arrangements.

After all, this villa wasn’t hers, so its owner naturally had the final say as to who was allowed to stay in
the villa.

All Sonia could do right now to persevere.

Fortunately, she was only staying for two nights, so she only had to exercise more caution and protect
herself for the entire duration.

With that thought in mind, Sonia relaxed a little as she kept her phone away and headed out.

The sky had darkened considerably by the time she obtained the medicine.

Now that Sonia had her medicine in hand, she prepared to return to the villa where she would change
into her evening dress to attend the wedding banquet.

As soon as she walked out of the pharmacy, she ran into someone walking toward her.

“Ow…” Sonia frowned and staggered a few steps backward upon the impact.

The other person had it worse, for they fell to the ground on their backside.

When she saw that, Sonia quickly steadied herself. After rubbing her aching shoulder, she strode over
and reached out with a hand toward the person while apologizing, “Sorry. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean it.
Are you okay?”

The person was about to fly into rage, but when they heard Sonia’s voice, their eyes widened under their
hat. As a result of that, they immediately looked up to meet her gaze.

Upon seeing Sonia, the stranger clenched their hand that was under the large sleeve as their body
shook ever so slightly. It IS her! Why is she here?

Now that she saw the stranger on the floor looking at her without saying anything, she was a little
puzzled. Is there something wrong with my face? Why is this person staring at me?

As she thought that, Sonia bent down and prepared to ask whether there’s something wrong with her
face. However, she suddenly saw the person’s face and a look of surprise flitted across her eyes.

Like a mummy, the person’s face was wrapped in bandages.

Of course, it was a human because mummies wouldn’t exist in this day and time.

However, there was only one possibility for someone to have their face wrapped in bandages—they must
have undergone plastic surgery.

No wonder the person was dressed like they were on guard—they wore a scarf and a hat in addition to
wrapping themselves up to hide their bandaged face.

Sonia didn’t have much of an opinion on plastic surgeries since she believed that everyone had their own
right to pursue beauty.

As such, her surprise was quickly replaced by her calm expression as she gave an apologetic smile.
“Sorry, did you get hurt?”

She was afraid that the earlier impact would affect the stranger’s face.

If anything happened, she wouldn’t be able to compensate for the injuries sustained.

The person lowered their head, as if they never heard Sonia.

Upon seeing that, Sonia secretly sighed in relief.

The person’s face must have been fine by the looks of their behavior.

If not, they wouldn’t have remained so calm.

“Um… Are you able to get up?” Sonia reached out with a hand toward the person again, meaning to help
them on their feet.

However, when they saw her hand, they gritted their teeth and reached out to slap her hand away.

“Ahhhh!” There was searing pain on the back of Sonia’s hand as she quickly retracted her hand. When
she looked at the spot on her hand where the stranger had slapped it, she drew in a sharp breath. Gosh,
it’s reddening.

The amount of force that the person had packed into the slap was obviously deep.

Apart from that, Sonia even felt some hatred coming from the person when they slapped her.

She was puzzled. She didn’t even know who this person was, so why would they hate her with such

As Sonia was about to ask, the person suddenly rose from the ground and glared at her before turning
around to flee the scene.

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