Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 556

Chapter 556

Chapter 556 Encounter

Sonia watched the person leave before she cocked her head to one side in confusion. This person is
damn peculiar. They not only act weird, but they also have this weird hatred toward me.

If that person hated her simply because she had accidentally knocked into them, it only meant that the
stranger was not a sporting person.

However, if that wasn’t the case, where did the hatred stem from?
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As Sonia frowned and wondered about this question, her phone suddenly vibrated.

She momentarily forgot about her thoughts and took out her phone to check what it was—it was a
message from Daphne about the matters on the workshop’s renovation.

Sonia typed out her reply, ‘Let’s discuss when I’m back’. Then, she kept her phone away and hailed a
cab to return to the villa.

As the main door of the villa was open, she came to the entrance.

She was about to change her shoes when she gasped. “This is…”

The moment she arrived, she noticed a pair of men’s flip-flops below the steps that led to the entrance.
She remembered that the pair of flip-flops weren’t there before.

The front of the said footwear now faced Sonia’s direction, which means that the man whom her friend
arranged to stay here had already arrived. It was just that he had gone out for the time being.

With that in mind, Sonia frowned as she felt her heart coil from disgust and discomfort.

After all, she had never stayed with an unknown man under the same roof before. So, she didn’t know
what sort of man this stranger was, whether he had good or bad intentions, or if they were able to get
along well.

Sonia rubbed the spot between her eyebrows, feeling a headache coming on. Forget it, why would I think
so much about it? No matter who this man is, whether he’s good or bad, I’ll just keep a distance from
him. We won’t meet in the future anyway.

At that thought, she slowly exhaled before she changed her shoes and entered the living room.

An hour later, she had already changed into her evening dress and completed her makeup. She went out
the door once again, but with an exquisite purse in hand.

Her friend’s wedding banquet was held at a resort.

By the time Sonia arrived, it was already 9:00PM.

Fortunately, the engagement ceremony would only start at 10:00PM, so Sonia hadn’t arrived too late.

After Sonia entered the resort, she fished out a pill for hangover from her purse to swallow it. Then, she
went to the long table and took a glass of wine before spotting a quiet corner to observe the guests at the
banquet from.

She was searching for the bigshot in the machinery industry that she had her eyes on—this was her real
reason why she agreed to attend the engagement ceremony.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t even have accepted the invitation.

Even though it was a classmate, their friendship had long since faded because they hadn’t been in touch
for years.

So, it would be reasonable for her to have declined the invitation.

Sonia sipped some wine as she focused on the main door of the banquet hall.

As she couldn’t locate that bigshot, it probably meant that they hadn’t arrived yet.

So, if she continued to stare at the main door, she probably would be able to spot them.

However, as Sonia continued to wait, she didn’t see the bigshot. Instead, she caught sight of a familiar
tall figure. Toby!

Her hand trembled, which almost caused the wine to spill from the glass that she held. Not to mention,
her red lips parted as she gaped at him in surprise. Why is he here?

Sonia hastily set the glass down and walked toward Toby.

Soon, she arrived behind Toby and shouted, “President Fuller!”

The moment he heard her voice, his lips curved into a smile. Then, he turned to see her shock as delight
danced in his eyes.

Even though he already knew beforehand that she would react like this when she saw him, he still felt
elated when he witnessed her surprise with his own eyes.

“We have met again.” As Toby looked at Sonia, he slightly parted his thin lips to speak.

Sonia pursed her lips. “Yes, indeed. Didn’t you say that you were in Kosovo for a business trip? Why are
you here?”

He chuckled. “Attending a friend’s engagement ceremony is considered business as well.”

Her expression fell. “So, the business you meant is actually this ceremony?”

“More or less.” Toby nodded.

Sonia took a deep breath as she felt the anger rising within her. She was exasperated that she had been

“Come here!” She dragged him by the arm and led him to the corner where she stood previously.

They were near the main door, so there was quite a lot of traffic. If they conversed there, they would
definitely attract unwanted attention.

As Toby watched her pulling him to the side in rage, the smile in his eyes merely grew stronger.

He knew that Sonia would be annoyed the moment she saw him, but her expression only made her look
kind of cute.

Once they arrived at the corner, Sonia stopped walking and released Toby’s arm. Then, she turned and
glared at him. “You knew that I’m here to attend my friend’s engagement ceremony, but you didn’t tell me
that you’re here for the same reason. Toby, are you intentionally tricking me so that you can laugh at

Toby shook his head. “No, I just wanted to see your reaction when you see me.”

“Huh?” Sonia was at a loss for words and she didn’t know what he was insinuating. “What is there to

“Everything.” He nodded. “That’s because I wanted to see whether you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see

She rolled her eyes at him. “What kind of a sick joke is this? Why would I be happy to see you?”

“You’re really not?” Toby looked at her.

“Of course!” Sonia’s eyes slightly brightened as she nodded in confirmation.

However, she was well aware that she was lying through her teeth.

When she saw Toby entering the hall, sure, she was indeed surprised, but there was also joy in the mix.

However, she didn’t know why she had such feelings.

Toby knew that she was not telling the truth, but he played along and chuckled in his low voice. “Alright,
alright, you’re not pleasantly surprised.”

Sonia frowned. Why is he talking to me in that affectionate tone? This is exactly why I… I can’t stay mad
at him.

Then, she tightly gripped her bag before she glared at him again. “Suit yourself.”

With that, she walked past him and was about to leave when Toby pulled her arm and asked gently,
“Where are you going?”

“To find someone whom I’m looking for.” Sonia shot a glance at his hand on her arm, but she didn’t push
him away.

Of course, she had valid reasons for not pushing him away.

It was just that she felt that Toby’s other arm hadn’t fully recovered yet, so she might hurt that arm if she
forcefully shoved him aside.

As he knew who Sonia was looking for, he smiled. “If you’re looking for President Homer from the
machinery industry he’s probably in the lounge upstairs.”

“The lounge?” Sonia was stunned. “How did you know?”

Toby looked at her. “I’ve already gathered some information for you before I came. Come with me; I’ll
lead the way.”

With that, he released Sonia’s arm and instead took her hand as he led her toward another exit. The
elevator there would take them to the floor where the lounge was.

Sonia never thought Toby would take her by the hand. After a moment of shock, she retracted her fingers
in an attempt to free her hand from his grasp.

However, Toby seemed to have expected her to do so. As such, he maintained a firm grip on her hand
so that even her fingers couldn’t move.

Seeing that she couldn’t free her hand and didn’t dare to apply much pressure either, she only glared at
the back of Toby’s head and demanded, “Let go of me, Toby!”

“We can arrive faster if we hold hands,” Toby replied without so much as a look at her.

Sonia pursed her lips. “I can walk just as fast if you don’t hold my hand.”

“Oh, really?” A mischievous look came over his eyes as he quickened his pace.

She had to jog to keep up with him a moment later.

Toby looked back at her. “How’s it? At this speed, if I don’t hold your hand, you’ll soon be left behind.”

A frustrated Sonia retorted, “Now you’re just being unreasonable, Toby. We’re going to meet someone,
not to catch a flight. Why are you in such a hurry?”

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