Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 557

Chapter 557

Chapter 557 Jessica Again
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Toby smiled and was about to say something when he heard some noises.

His eyes narrowed, after which he yanked Sonia to another direction where they hid behind a door that
led to a stairwell.

Due to the thin fabric of Sonia’s evening dress, he was worried that she would be cold if she leaned
against the wall.

Hence, as soon as they made it behind the door, he wrapped his arms around her waist and
maneuvered so that he had his back against the wall instead.

As for Sonia, her hands were raised halfway and it rested flat against Toby’s chest; she was practically
buried in his embrace.

“You—” She glared at Toby and was about to ask what he was doing.

Toby suddenly silenced her and lowered his voice as he responded, “Don’t move and don’t make a
sound either.”

When she saw his serious expression, Sonia nodded subconsciously. Although she had many questions
on her mind, she decided to shut her mouth.

The moment she did so, she heard something.

She heard a man and a woman laughing as they flirted with each other.

Sonia could faintly see through the crack in the door that the couple held each other while walking
toward her and Toby. The said couple were fondling each other everywhere and Sonia was so disgusted
at the sight that she shivered.

“Feeling cold?” Toby asked in a low voice.

She shook her head and pointed at the crack in the door.

He instantly understood what she meant.

Due to his inconvenient position, he couldn’t steal a peek and didn’t know what she witnessed. However,
judging by her facial expression and the noises made by the couple outside, he could more or less figure
out what she saw.

“Don’t look,” he softly advised. “It’s bad for your eyes.”

Sonia concurred by nodding.

As she was about to turn away from the horrendous sight, the couple suddenly walked closer toward the
stairwell, allowing Sonia to catch a glance of the man’s face.

The moment Sonia registered the man’s face, she gaped in shock. “That’s… my friend’s fiancé! I saw his
photo on the invitation card, but that woman isn’t my friend!”

Even though Sonia couldn’t see the woman’s face as it was buried in the man’s chest, it was certain that
the woman wasn’t her friend.

Sonia’s friend was a model whose height was close to 6 feet, which didn’t match the physical features
that this particular woman had. So, my friend’s fiancé is actually cheating on her on the night of their

When Toby heard Sonia’s exclamations, he wasn’t too surprised.

It was because he had already identified the man’s voice when he first heard those sounds.

After all, he was more or less acquainted with the host of the engagement ceremony.

As for the woman, Toby had no idea who she was.

Toby lowered his head to look at Sonia as he asked, “Do you have your phone with you?”

Sonia nodded. “Yup.”

“Record this and show it to your friend later,” he reminded her.

Toby had purely attended the ceremony to accompany her. If he had been given a choice, he wouldn’t
have flown over.

Also, even though he was acquaintanced with the host, they weren’t close friends or anything like that,
so he wasn’t the least bit guilty about the possibility of the ceremony being ruined as a result of his

He just wanted Sonia to be happy.

When Sonia heard Toby’s advice, she finally realized what she should do and nodded while she fished
out her phone. “You’re right; I need to compile the evidence and inform my friend, but I don’t know
whether she’ll break down once she hears about this.”

“You can reveal a little bit at first and see how she reacts to it. If she looks strong enough, you can spill
the rest of the beans. However, if she is weak and willing to forgive her fiancé for cheating on her, then
you can delete the recording,” he answered.

Sonia nodded for the umpteenth time. “You’re right. Okay then, I’ll follow your advice.”

She had wanted to record the evidence of her friend’s fiance cheating because Sonia cared a lot about
her friend and didn’t want to see her being bullied by the fiancé.

However, if her friend thought that Sonia should mind her own business, then she would delete the
recording and pretend that nothing had ever happened.

After all, she wasn’t responsible for her friend’s happiness.

At this moment, the man outside seemed to have squeezed a body part that he shouldn’t have, for the
woman suddenly yelped and said in her pretentious voice, “Stop it!”

This voice! Sonia’s expression changed as she tightly gripped her phone.

Toby noticed her stiff body, so he quietly asked, “What’s the matter?”

She didn’t respond, but as she peeked through the crack, her pupils trembled.

The said couple happened to stand right outside the door, so the two parties were only separated by a
single door.

The man hugged the woman’s waist with one hand and used his other hand to raise her chin as he
grinned deviously. “Did you really mean that? You look like you’re enjoying it, though.”

“Nonsense! Who would enjoy that? You’re only excellent at bullying me.” The woman’s face was red as
she feigned anger. In reality, she was just embarrassed as she slapped his chest.

He only laughed out loud.

Sonia caught a good look at the woman’s face and bit her lip. It really is her! It’s Jessica!

When Jessica was laughing earlier, Sonia still couldn’t recognize her voice.

However, she immediately identified the woman as Jessica the moment Jessica spoke.

Even though Jessica’s voice didn’t sound the same as it did 6 years ago, her pretentious tone never
changed at all and it still incurred the same disgust in Sonia’s heart.

However, Sonia was surprised to know that Jessica would be here, of all places.

The last time Jessica returned to Seafield, she stayed for a mere 2 days before setting out to the
Republic of Mesania again, after which Sonia lost all contact with her.

She thought that she wouldn’t meet Jessica again in this life, but never expected that Jessica would
return to haunt her. Apart from that, the woman was now in Kosovo and had gotten between Sonia’s
friend and her fiancé as a homewrecker!

At that thought, Sonia’s expression darkened as rage was written all over her face.

She was angry to see Jessica disrespecting herself by becoming someone’s mistress.

Of course, Sonia wasn’t that bothered about Jessica’s wellbeing, but was thinking about their father.

When their father was still alive, he had equally treated both daughters and never favored one over the
other in terms of education and material needs.

Yet, Sonia saw how Jessica had treated their father. As soon as Paradigm Co. showed signs of going
bankrupt, Jessica immediately snatched all the remaining assets and fled with Sandra. It led to him
devoid of all money and committing suicide in his despair. After their father died, Jessica never showed
up at his funeral either.

Whereas now, Jessica was someone’s mistress. Sonia couldn’t believe how much worse Jessica
became and how she had disrespected their father.

Sonia clenched her fists and trembled in anger.

If it wasn’t for her fear of causing a commotion and attracting the attention of onlookers, she would have
headed out to give Jessica a few good slaps, drag the woman back to their home country before forcing
her to kneel in front of their father’s grave. Had Sonia done so, it would’ve ruined her friend’s
engagement ceremony.

When Toby saw Sonia’s eyes reddening in anger, he moved his hand from its position on her waist to her
back where he patted her, signaling for her to first calm down.

Even though he didn’t know why Sonia would be extremely exasperated, he knew for sure that it was
related to the woman outside.

When Sonia saw the man, her emotions were still in check, so it was that woman who must have caused
to react in such a manner.

The couple outside started to talk.

Jessica traced circles on the man’s chest with her finger as she gazed at him. “Congratulations on your
engagement tonight. We’ll have to meet up in secret in the future, won’t we? It’s thrilling, but I still feel
like I’ve lost.”

“It’s sad that you’re from a background like that. If you came from a richer family, who knows I’ll be
engaged to you tonight?” The man grabbed her sneaky finger.

She glared at him. “You’re being straightforward, aren’t you?”

He chuckled. “I am engaged with that woman simply because we’re from the same kind of background. I
don’t even love her a single bit.”

“What about me?” Jessica gazed at him. “Do you have any feelings for me?”

The man rubbed her lips with his thumb. “I would be lying if I said I don’t. If not, I wouldn’t have given you
so much money or helped you to get that person out. You know, I’ll be in huge trouble if I’m ever caught.
After all, I’m not a match for him and I can never win against him in terms of family status and ability.”

Get that person out? Sonia frowned. Who is this person whom he helped to release for Jessica’s sake?

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