Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 562

Chapter 562

Chapter 562 Jessica’s Hatred

Toby gently swirled the glass of juice in his hand and the bright red liquid looked even more translucent
and beautiful under the hall lights. He tilted his head before taking a sip—it was sweet; in fact, it was so
sweet that even his heart was coated in honey.

At this moment, Sonia took the glass of red wine that she had snatched from his grasp earlier and took a
sip. Then, she answered his earlier question, “Well, Nancy is not willing to break off the engagement.”

“She loves him?” Toby looked at her.

He was referring to the scum Will Lazuli.

She shook her head. “Of course not. Nancy said that since the person she wants to marry is no longer
around, she would marry Will for her family’s sake. Anyway, she feels that it’ll be the same with whoever
she marries as they would still live separate lives after the marriage.”

“I see.” He nodded before looking away. After he watched the couple leave the stage, he tilted his head
and finished the remaining juice in his glass with one gulp. Then, he set aside the glass and informed
Sonia, “I’m going to see Will’s father. Do you want to come with me?”

Sonia waved her hand. “I won’t go; I don’t know him.”

“That’s fine. Just wait for me here and eat something. I’ll be back soon.” He picked up a platter and threw
two pieces of mango-flavored snacks on it before he handed the plate to her.

After she reached out to take it, she replied, “Go ahead. I’ll wait for you here.”

“In that case, I’m leaving.” Toby smiled a little and turned to make a move.

After he left, Sonia suddenly froze. Strange, why did I promise to wait for him?

The answer to it vaguely surfaced in her heart, but she quickly suppressed it again. She lowered her
head and used a delicate silver fork to break the snack into bite-size bits before she placed it into her
mouth. The moment she bit into it, she could taste that it was exceptionally treacly. Strangely enough,
although the taste was definitely not as good as that made by a pastry chef in the high-end hotel, for
some reason, she felt that this particular morsel was much tastier.

Sonia sat on the couch in the corner and ate the snacks while waiting for Toby to return. After she waited
for a while, she placed her plate aside before heading to the bathroom where she stood in front of the
sink to wash her hands and fix her makeup. Suddenly, she saw from the mirror that the compartment
door behind her had opened to reveal Jessica coming out while ruffling her hair.

Sonia immediately placed the lipstick in her hand aside to turn around and greet, “Jessica!”

Jessica paused in her action of fixing her hair, then she raised her head. “Who… Sonia?”

Her voice was shrill with surprise and the gaze that she fixed at Sonia was full of shock and disbelief.

“Why are you here?” Jessica loudly questioned as she took two steps forward to stop in front of Sonia.

Sonia covered her lipstick and kept it in her purse. Then, she gently replied, “I came to attend my friend’s
engagement party, so why can’t I be here?”

“Friend?” Jessica quickly reacted as her face contorted for a moment. “You’re Nancy Sandstone’s

Nancy Sandstone was Will Lazuli’s fiancée.

After Sonia crossed her arms, she answered, “Yes, but you seem to have a problem with Nancy. Is it
because of her fiancé?”

When Jessica heard these words, she stiffened before she clenched her palms. She had a panicked
gaze as she asked, “What do y-you mean by that?”

“I’m sure you’re aware of what I mean in your heart.” Sonia’s expression sank before she added,
“Jessica, it’s been 6 years since we met. Yet, I did not expect you to surprise me by becoming a

Those words had greatly agitated Jessica as her bloodshot eyes bulged while she stared angrily at
Sonia. “Did you say that I’m a homewrecker? Nancy is clearly the homewrecker! Will and I are in love
whereas he doesn’t fancy her. However, she insisted on being engaged to Will, so isn’t she the
homewrecker between Will and I?”

If Nancy knew what was best for her, she would’ve taken the initiative to break off the engagement with
Will and surrender her position as his fiancée.

Sonia instantly laughed after hearing those words because she felt that Jessica truly lacked principles.
“So, this is what you think a homewrecker is? Just because you and Will have feelings for each other,
Nancy is the homewrecker in your opinion and preventing you from marrying Will? Huh, you are really
shameless, Jessica. Do you think Dad will be happy to know that you’re doing all this?”


A trace of guilt surfaced on Jessica’s face as her eyes flashed, but it soon disappeared. She crossed her
arms and justified herself by retorting, “Dad died a long time ago, so I no longer give a damn about him.
Don’t use him to pressure me!”

“You!” Sonia’s face reddened with anger. Now that she angrily pointed at Jessica, she continued.
“Jessica, you are aware that Dad is dead, right? Then, do you know that you are the one who killed

Jessica’s gaze shifted around as she denied, “Sonia, stop talking nonsense. How could I have killed
Dad? It’s impossible.”
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She refused to bear this charge even though it was indeed the truth.

“Impossible?” Sonia sneered. “6 years ago, you and your mother felt that Paradigm Co. was going to
collapse, so you guys stole the last of the remaining funds and ran off to leave Dad with an even bigger
mess. Therefore, Dad was extremely discouraged and jumped to his death as a result.”

“Don’t you dare!” Jessica clenched her fists. “You just said that Dad committed suicide, so how could my
mother and I have killed him? Don’t accuse us without proof! What does his death have to do with us?”

When Sonia heard those cold words, she shook her head in sarcasm. “Jessica, you are terrible. Are you
even Dad’s daughter at all?”

“No!” Jessica craned her neck and answered without any hesitation, “Back when Dad defended you each
time but was mean and laid a hand on me, I stopped regarding him as my father.”

Sonia’s eyes widened in disbelief. “You’re holding a grudge against him because of this? And you don’t
even want to admit that you’re his eldest daughter?”

“Isn’t that enough?” Jessica sneered.

Sonia forcefully closed her eyes to take a deep breath in an attempt to suppress her anger. After that,
she elaborated, “Jessica, do you know why he was mean to you and even whacked you? That’s because
you always bullied me and caused trouble. No matter how he tried to teach you, you wouldn’t listen, so
he laid a hand on you for your own good. He hoped that you would grow up and learn your ways, but I
never expected you to hold a grudge against him for this. And you don’t even want to acknowledge him!”

“What do you mean by him doing it for my own good? I never thought it like that. In his heart, only you
are his good daughter and I’m just the one who always disgraced him. In fact, I think he regretted having
me as his daughter, right?” Jessica’s face contorted.

Shock was written on Sonia’s face. “Insane; you are really insane!”

“I’m not insane. I’m totally sane because I heard him saying it with my own ears. He said that he
should’ve strangled me in the first place to prevent me from harming the Reed Family. Since he did this
to me, why can’t my mother and I take the money and flee? I have long hated him and wished for his
death, so when we heard that he died, we were elated.” Jessica laughed out loud with pleasure.

An expressionless Sonia felt she could no longer suppress the rage in her heart. After she clenched her
hands, she dropped her purse and grabbed Jessica by the hair to forcefully drag to the sink.

Jessica never expected that Sonia would treat her in that fashion. Now that she felt her hair being tugged
hard by Sonia, she began to scream in pain. “Ahhhh! Let go of me!”

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