Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 563

Chapter 563

Chapter 563 Toby’s Worries

Sonia turned a deaf ear to Jessica’s pleas and instead maintained her tight grip on Jessica’s hair. Then,
she turned on the faucet with her other hand before she clogged the sink.

The moment that Jessica listened to the sound of water running, a huge unease rose in her heart. “What
are you doing?”

“What else?” Sonia’s red lips curved upward. “You will soon know; you’ll definitely remember it for the
rest of your life.”

“What the f*ck are you talking about? Sonia, hurry up and let me go!” Jessica screamed with rage and
tried to grapple with Sonia to break free from Sonia’s grip. However, as Jessica had inherited both her
mother’s Sandra petite height and body shape, she couldn’t shove a stronger Sonia aside. It also didn’t
help that Sonia’s strength was fueled by her anger. Thus, as Jessica struggled, not only was she unable
to remove her hair from Sonia’s tight grasp, she was exhausted and drenched in perspiration.
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Jessica reluctantly raised her eyes to stare at Sonia in a deadly manner, her eyes filled with venomous
intent. “B*tch, let me go or I’ll—”

Her head was pushed into the clogged sink by Sonia before she could even finish threatening Sonia. The
cold water instantly entered her eyes, nasal cavity as well as her mouth, making her unable to breathe
and causing her extraordinary pain as well as discomfort. Her hands continued to flail violently in the air
while Sonia coldly watched.

“You have such a dirty mouth, which is why you need a good wash. Let’s see whether you dare to
badmouth Dad and other people in that manner next time.”

Although Jessica’s head was submerged in water and she couldn’t speak, she still could hear. When she
heard what Sonia had said, she was so angry that she subconsciously opened her mouth to retort. As a

result, the moment she opened her mouth, a large stream of water flooded her mouth and throat, which
made her feel even worse.

Sonia trained her eyes on Jessica while silently calculating to yank her out of the sink. After all, she
couldn’t bring herself to kill the woman if she was disgusted with Jessica. Feeling that the time was
almost up, Sonia pulled Jessica’s hair to bring the woman out of the water. As Jessica’s head tilted
upward from the impact, she began to cough violently while looking at the ceiling and panting heavily.
She was completely in a mess; her eyes were bloodshot and her eyelashes were wet.

“How does it feel? Your mouth should be a little cleaner, right?” Sonia’s gaze was cold as she looked at

As Jessica’s chest heaved violently, she furiously glared at Sonia. Then, she gritted her teeth and
growled, “B*tch, you had the f*cking nerve to—”

Then, a frowning Sonia once again shoved Jessica’s head into the water. “It seems that your mouth
hasn’t been washed clean yet. Why don’t we continue?”

An enraged Jessica forcefully closed her eyes and mouth before she continued to struggle underwater in
an attempt to shake Sonia’s grip off her. However, Sonia had grabbed her by the hair and held onto it
and no matter what Jessica did, she couldn’t shake Sonia’s hand off. Knowing that whatever she did
wouldn’t succeed, Jessica felt despair, but of course, there was also deep hatred. Her mind was full of
the hatred that she couldn’t help but open her mouth to curse.

However, since she was in the water, only a completely incomprehensible gurgling sound was heard
when she opened her mouth.

Even though Sonia couldn’t understand what Jessica had said, she guessed that Jessica was cursing
her through the hatred in the woman’s tone. Then, she said after a snort, “Jessica, you really can’t learn
to behave, can you?”

Upon saying those words, she tightened her grip on Jessica’s hair and pulled her out of the water again.
Just as Jessica opened her eyes and was about to take a breath, Sonia shoved her down into the sink
once again. Then, Sonia continued to yank Jessica’s head up and forced it down again, repeating the
process a dozen times until Jessica was about to collapse.

Sonia’s current behavior was even more torturous than her earlier action of submerging Jessica’s head
in the water for a long time; this was because every time Jessica wanted to breathe a little, the water had
snatched that gulp of air. Besides, as a result of her repeatedly experiencing the suffocating feeling from
the cold water, she was mentally and psychologically depressed and fearful. Thus, it was obvious from
the psychological and physical torture that she would collapse sooner or later. Moreover, her strength
had gradually reduced since she had been struggling to resist Sonia.

Sonia was aware that this process could not continue or Jessica would be rendered unconscious, so she
pulled Jessica by her hair for the final time and threw the woman against the partition. When Jessica’s
back slammed into the partition, the impact was so painful that she screamed before her body slid down
in a manner that her butt landed on the cold floor first as she gasped for breath.

As she lacked strength at this moment, she couldn’t even stand up from the floor. Even at this moment
when she looked like she had experienced hell, she still didn’t forget to give Sonia a death state. “Just
you wait, Sonia. I’ll definitely return the favor for today’s humiliation and I’ll let you experience the same

Sonia stood in front of the sink and addressed Jessica through the reflection in the mirror while washing
her hands. With a smile, she said, “Really? If that’s the case, I’ll wait for you. Let’s see whether you have
the ability to do that.”

Right after she said those words, she turned after yanking a piece of hand towel from the cardboard box
next to her. “If you don’t have that ability, you have to kneel in front of Dad’s grave and apologize to him.”

“On what grounds?” Jessica gritted her teeth.

After Sonia threw the hand towel into the trash can, she replied, “Isn’t you being unfilial enough of a

When Jessica heard that, she fiercely gnashed her teeth.

Sonia was no longer in the mood to talk to her, so she took her purse and elegantly left the bathroom in
her heels.

“Sonia!” Jessica roared through her teeth with such volume that it sounded like she wanted to tear Sonia
apart. Her eyes were deadly and vicious as she stared at the direction where Sonia left, silently swearing
in her heart that when she returned to the country, she would definitely snatch everything from Sonia.
Not only that, she also wanted to ensure that Sonia experienced all the pain and desperation that the
world could offer. Otherwise, Jessica felt that she couldn’t express her hatred!

On the other hand, Sonia exited the bathroom and headed for the banquet hall. Just as she was about to
enter the entrance, she saw a figure dashing out from the hall.

“Toby?” she shouted in a hurry when she saw the man running.

When Toby heard her voice, he stopped in his tracks.

Sonia frowned. “What are you running for? Have you forgotten your injury—”

Before she could even finish her words, he threw his arms around her and pulled her into his embrace.
His voice was low and hoarse as he asked, “Where have you been?”

When she heard the worry and anxiety in his tone, she opened her eyes and meekly replied, “I went to
the restroom.”

“Why were you there for so long?” Toby slightly loosened his grip on her before he looked at her. “I went
to look for you there and waited for almost 20 minutes. Did you really go to the restroom?”

“Of course.” Sonia nodded. “Otherwise, where did you think I went?”

“I thought your sudden disappearance was the result of yet another accident,” Toby answered with a
serious and tense expression. “Every time you disappeared last time, you were in trouble whenever I
found you. So, Sonia, don’t leave without first notifying me next time, alright? You have no idea how
worried I was when I couldn’t find you; I was worried that something had happened to you!”

He could no longer receive news of her in trouble since his heart could no longer withstand any sudden
news. So, he was really afraid now that he would die from such stimulation before he could even
undergo the heart transplant

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