Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 564

Chapter 564

Chapter 564 Jessica’s Intentions

He would end up leaving her behind once again by that time. So, he absolutely couldn’t allow her to be in
trouble again. Before going for the heart transplant again, he absolutely mustn’t allow himself to be
agitated. He needed to survive and live with her for the rest of their lives.

The moment that Sonia heard his worried tone, her heart felt warm as she smiled. “Sorry to have worried

Then, she lifted her hand and placed it on his back to pat him twice in an attempt to soothe him, after
which he gradually regained his composure and said, “In the future, be sure to let me know when you’ll
be away for a long time.”

He gently released her from his embrace and cupped her face with one hand while admonishingly
looking at her. When she saw his solemn expression, she subconsciously nodded. “Okay.”

A satisfied Toby’s tightly furrowed brows were finally loosened after she agreed to his request. “Is there
anything else to do next?”

“Nope.” Sonia shook her head. She came to attend Nancy’s engagement ceremony and deal with the
purchasing rights. Now that both matters were done and dealt with, there was naturally nothing else for
her to do.

“Then, let’s head back.” Toby raised his wrist to take a look at his watch—it was already almost midnight.

Sonia had long wanted to return home; so, when she heard his suggestion, she naturally nodded and
responded, “Sure, let’s go back.”

The two of them walked toward the elevator and soon arrived at the hotel’s parking lot. Toby took out his
car key and pressed the button on it, resulting in the luxurious Bentley beeping as its lights flashed. Next,

he pulled open the passenger door and gestured for Sonia to get in.

With that, she pulled the jacket draped over her body closer and covered her chest with one hand before
she bent down to enter. Just as she stepped into the car with one foot, she suddenly thought of
something and retracted her foot, thereafter standing up straight and turning her head to look in one

When Toby saw this, he gently opened his thin lips to ask, “What’s wrong?”

Sonia didn’t answer but merely pursed her lips. Her face was cold as she stared at a spot some distance

Why is her expression so serious? Upon seeing that, he turned his head toward the same direction. It
was only at that point when he saw a man and a woman not far away. The man was Will and while he did
not know the woman, she was standing next to Will. Coupled with that and Sonia’s expression, Toby
immediately guessed that the woman was Sonia’s sister, Jessica.

Jessica had followed Will to the parking lot as they were ready to leave the hotel and back to the
apartment to have some fun. The moment she saw Sonia nearby, she thought of how Sonia had
humiliated her earlier in the restroom, which only gave rise to the anger in Jessica’s heart. Then, she saw
that the man beside Sonia, whose face she couldn’t clearly see, was the one who actually unlocked the
Bentley and he now opened the door for Sonia. Jessica felt both hatred and jealousy when she saw that

Paradigm Co. was still unable to financially support Sonia with the purchase of such a good quality car
although she had already rescued the company, so it could only mean that the man next to her owned
the vehicle.

That man is really blind. He’s so rich, yet he’s interested in a divorcee like Sonia? When Jessica saw the
man turn around a second later, she was so stunned that she gaped at the sight of his handsome face.

He’s damn gorgeous!

She swore that he was the best looking man she had ever seen. Such a man should be standing on a
pedestal and unreachable by the common folk, yet he was now standing next to Sonia! Why is this the
case? What is so good about a divorcee like Sonia? Why should such a good man with looks and money
favor Sonia?

The more Jessica thought about it, the more jealous she was. Her eyes turned scarlet as her face
twisted with rage. Beside her was Will, who noticed her sudden change of expression, and he raised his
eyebrow before he followed her line of sight to look over, only to notice Toby was there. For a moment, a
trace of guilt danced in Will’s eyes, but it disappeared just as quickly.

After he straightened his collar and adjusted his tie, he walked toward Sonia and Toby. Since he had
already noticed them, he had to say hello, especially when Toby had a much higher status than him.

When Jessica saw Will heading over, her eyes brightened before she hurried after him. “Will, wait for
me.” Will seems to know this man. Then, in that case, if I follow him, I may also get to know this man.
With that, I can remind this man that Sonia isn’t a good woman and he should leave her.
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Toby saw Will walking over with Jessica from across the street before he turned to Sonia beside him and
asked, “Shall we leave?”

Sonia shook her head. “There’s no hurry. Since they’re coming over, wouldn’t we be impolite to leave
without greeting them?”

Moreover, Jessica looked provocative and smug, which meant that she was obviously here to cause
trouble. Sonia actually wanted to see what Jessica was up to.

When he heard her response, Toby laughed lightly. “You’re right. We mustn’t be impolite.”

With those words, he released his grip on the car door handle and stood beside Sonia. Moments later,
Will arrived with Jessica and stopped at a distance of almost three feet away. He first pushed Jessica’s
hand away from him before he offered Toby a handshake with a flattering smile. “President Fuller, we
meet again.”

If it were usual times wherein Will had shrugged her hand off like this, Jessica would’ve been displeased,
but she was extremely satisfied with his action at this moment. She didn’t want to portray that she had
any close contact with Will in front of the other man. While they were at a distance away, she had already
noticed his good looks and now that she was up close and personal, she found him to be even better
looking, which caused her heart to race. Furthermore, the man’s stature and temperament were far
beyond Will.

Before this, she had always felt that Will was already the best among men, so she was willing to be
affectionate to him and follow him around to keep him firmly in her life so that she wouldn’t have to worry
about her life. Then, once she used some tricks in the future, she might also be able to marry into the
Lazuli Family. However, now that she saw this man, she suddenly realized that Will wasn’t that great
after all.

With this thought in mind, Jessica raised her head to look at Will and saw the gratifying smile on his face,
which resulted in an obvious flash of abhorrence in her eyes. However, it disappeared almost instantly as
she hurriedly turned to look at Toby, following which her eyes lit up at once.

Considering Will’s attitude toward Toby, it was an indication that his identity was probably exceptional—at
least more than Will’s. Sure enough, the man whom she was really in search of should have been
President Fuller!

As for Will… He was already part of her history.

Clearly, both Will and Sonia noticed Jessica’s heated and passionate gaze at Toby. Will’s expression
stiffened slightly, but he recovered at once and lowered his eyes to hide the coldness within. That woman

said that she had loved him before, but now that she had her eye on another man, she couldn’t turn
away. I’m going to punish her later!

When Will saw that Toby had no intention to shake hands with him, he gave an awkward smile before he
withdrew his hand and feigned that nothing had happened. Then, he looked at Sonia instead. “And this
lady is…”

“Hello, my name is Sonia Reed.” Sonia returned the grin. Her smile was faint and even a little perfunctory
because she really didn’t want to be well-mannered to a cheater like him.

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