Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 71

Chapter 71

Chapter 71

The person outside banged on the door as if Sonia was their enemy. She could even hear the doorframe
shaking from her bedroom, as if whoever on the other side of the door might barge in at any moment.

Grumpily, Sonia lifted her blankets and tidied her hair nonchalantly before slipping into her slippers,
ready to leave the comfort of her room to check on the commotion that the person was causing outside
her house. Before heading to the foyer, she got a sharpened knife from the kitchen. Upon getting there,
she heard a conversation outside her door.

“Mom, what are you doing? Stop it!” Vexed,

Tyler grabbed Jean’s arm to stop her from banging the door.

Jean gazed at him furiously. “Why are you stopping me? Unhand me! I’m going to teach this b*tch a

“This is between your daughter-in-no, between Sonia and Tina. Why are you meddling in their
business?” Tyler’s

youthful face was scrunched up.


Huffing, Jean retorted, “Why can’t I meddle? Tina is my future daughter-in-law. Shouldn’t I, as Tina’s
mother-in-law, stand up for my daughter-in-law when she was bullied?” With that, she cast Tyler’s hand
away to resume banging on the door. All the while, she continued to yell, “Sonia, you b*tch! Do you lack
the courage to face the consequences after bullying Tina? Open up! I know you’re in there! Open the


Before Jean could finish her sentence, the door in front of her swung open. Jean’s hand missed its
intended target, so she toppled forward as she lost her balance. When Sonia saw the huge lump
that was Jean’s figure falling her way, she released the doorknob and backed away in disgust.
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Thump! Jean wailed as her overweight body flopped on the floor face down in front of Sonia. The sight
of it stunned Tyler, who was still standing outside.

All the while, a smile tugged on Sonia’s lips as she lowered her head to take in Jean’s

condition. “Wow, I’m surprised that you greeted me with a bow as soon as we saw each other. You’re
being overly polite, Madam White. Come on, let me help you up.”

“Get away from me! I don’t need your help!” Seeing red, Jean swatted Sonia’s hand – away ill-
temperedly. She never expected herself to make a fool out of herself like that in front of Sonia.

Unaffected by Jean’s attitude, Sonia smiled as she straightened her body. “Okay, then. You can get up
on your own.”

Jean snorted as she tried to help herself up with both arms on the floor. However, she had a hard time
doing so due to her obese

figure, which prompted Sonia to huff a laugh. Jean questioned begrudgingly, “What are you laughing

“It’s nothing.” Sonia waved her hand dismissively. “I just recalled having seen a toad on television last
night. It flipped over after falling from a high place, but it couldn’t roll itself over because it’s too fat. I
laughed because it was pretty amusing.”

“H-How dare you compare me to a toad?” Jean was trembling while pointing a finger at Sonia

With a shrug, Sonia explained innocently, “That’s not what I mean. I was talking about the toad, not you.
Please don’t compare yourself to it. Rather, is it because you felt like one?” She watched Jean smilingly.

Even though Jean was fuming, she didn’t have a good comeback for that. I would be admitting that I’m a
toad if I say anything! Therefore, she turned away, ignoring Sonia. Upon noticing that her son was still
spacing out instead of helping her, she got all riled up. “Why are you still standing there? Come over and
help me!”

“Oh.” Tyler snapped back to his senses before stepping into the foyer to help Jean get back on her feet.

“You’ve got some strength, boy,” Sonia praised.

Delighted, Tyler raised his chin unwittingly. “Hmph! Of course! I’m a man after all!” I’ve got to have some
strength in me!

At the side, Sonia shook her head after sweeping a glance at him, particularly focusing on his crotch.
“You don’t look so on the surface.”

“D-Do you have no shame?!” When Tyler noticed where Sonia was staring at, his innocent and
handsome face turned a shade of red before he closed his legs together while pointing at her in

On the other hand, Jean was also infuriated, so she raised her hand to give Sonia a slap. “B*tch! I’ll turn
a blind eye to the fact that you seduced other men, but you’re not going to seduce my son! This will
teach you a lesson!”


“Hey, watch out!” Tyler’s heart skipped a beat. He didn’t expect things to take such a turn, so he dropped
his embarrassment to warn Sonia to get out of the way.

Astonished, Sonia glanced at Tyler, taken aback by the worry that was evident on his face. Immediately,
a smile bloomed on her face. I see my efforts to help this brat weren’t in vain. At least he knows to warn
me. I suppose

he’s not too bad.

Instead of ducking like Tyler said, Sonia raised her left hand, allowing the knife that she was hiding in her
sleeve to slide into her grip. She placed the knifè next to her left cheek with the blade protruding in the air
with an intimidating gleam.

Jean’s expression changed drastically as soon as she noticed that. She managed to stop her hand two
centimeters away from the blade, which saved her from slashing her hand on the blade.

“Y-You have a knife with you?!” Tyler’s jaw dropped in disbelief, while Jean stared at the blade in shock.

Sonia removed the knife before plucking at the tip of the blade with her finger. There was a smile on her
face as she spoke. “You were banging on the door so loudly that I assumed that a robbery was taking
place. Considering that, isn’t it normal to bring a knife with me for self-defense?”

Tyler grunted a few times before falling silent. Meanwhile, Sonia turned her

attention to Jean, who was still terrified. “From what I heard, you came to find me because I bullied

Upon hearing that, Jean flipped a switch.

The fearful look on her face melted away to give way to a savage expression. “Isn’t that the case
though? You had that rascal kidnap – Tina, which led to her hospitalization. You

“Do you have proof?” Sonia cut her short impassively. So I was right. They are suspecting that I am the

“Why would I need proof when Tina already told me what you did?” Jean smirked while crossing her

With a calm gaze, Sonia stared right back at her. “Of course. If you fail to present any evidence, I can
consider this defamation. I can always call the police to report you.”


“Go on, then.” Jean rolled her eyes in disdain.

After staring at Jean for a few seconds, Sonia took out her phone from her pocket.

“Are you serious?” Jean’s face paled. I was assuming that it’s a threat, but she is serious about it!

Meanwhile, Sonia was studying Jean, as if she was looking at an idiot. “Did you think I was kidding?” As
she spoke, the call connected. She put the phone to her ear. “Hello, is this the police? I would like
to report someone for—”

Before Sonia could finish her sentence, Jean snatched her phone away and then smashed it on the floor.
It shattered into pieces with a loud thud. There was a smug grin on Jean’s face. “Let’s see what you can
do now.”

Sonia glanced at her phone with a solemn look. After a while, she stated aloofly, “Things are far from
over even if you smashed my phone. You must’ve forgotten where you are right now.”

After all, Sonia lived in Bayside Residence, which was a well-known high-end residence in Seafield. Top-
notch security measures were put in place, so alarms were

installed all over the house. Incidentally,

there was one on the shoe rack, on which Sonia pressed without hesitation. As soon as she did, a siren
went off, which was audible throughout the entire hallway.

“What’s going on?” Startled, Jean glared at Sonia. “What have you done?”

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