Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 804

Chapter 804

Chapter 804 Titus Regrets

More than 36 hours had elapsed since last night.

If Toby did not rest during the day and kept on working, it would mean that he hadn’t closed his eyes for
36 consecutive hours.

How could his body bear the burden if it went on like this?

But she couldn’t do much more than worry, for it wasn’t possible for her to just stop Toby from working
and get him to rest.

Sonia sighed as she rubbed her cheeks. Noticing that the traffic was moving, she suppressed her
emotions and shifted gears so that the car could move.

The drive became much smoother once Sonia got through the traffic jam, and she didn’t have to stop her
car after that except for the occasional red light.

However, when Sonia was about six miles away from Bayside Residence, she parked the car and
walked toward a rustic shop by the road.

It was a cake shop that sold traditional cakes, and the business had been passed down from the last era.
With more than 100 years of history, this shop could be considered a tourist attraction in Seafield.

Most importantly, the cakes sold at this shop were all delicious, and many customers flocked to this shop
every single day.

There were still a number of customers in the shop even at such an odd hour.

Sonia opened the door and walked into the shop before heading straight to the register. She then asked
the shop assistant, “Hi, are there any blueberry cakes left?”

She wasn’t sure if there were any left, for blueberry cakes were one of the shop’s specialities. However,
since it wasn’t as popular as the other goods sold there, the shop only baked a limited number of
blueberry cakes per day. Only a hundred were made each day, so once these cakes sold out, one would
have to come back another day.

Meanwhile, Sonia was one of the few people who loved blueberry cake.

In fact, she had loved it since young, and her father even wondered where she got her preferences from.

However, as she grew up, she no longer ate them as frequently as before. She would only have an
occasional slice every now and then.

“You’re lucky, Miss—we have exactly one serving left.” Upon hearing Sonia’s question, the shop
assistant immediately checked their inventory and responded with a smile.

Sonia smiled as well. “Wow, the last one! I guess I’m quite lucky after all. I’ll take it, please.”

“Alright, one blueberry cake it is. Hang on.” Smiling, the shop assistant sent the order to the shop
assistant who was in charge of packing it up.

However, the packing process was rather slow since there were many customers in front of her.

Sonia wasn’t in a hurry, so she sat in an empty seat while she waited.

On a small table next to the seat, they shop had laid out a complimentary jug of water and some cups.

After taking a cup of water, Sonia sipped as she took out her phone and sent Toby a message. ‘Are you
still working?’

She thought that Toby wouldn’t reply for some time, but when she was about to put her phone away, the
screen lit up with a message from Toby. ‘I’m wrapping up soon. Why aren’t you asleep yet?’

Sonia put down the cup as her red lips curved into a smile. She seemed to be in high spirits, and even
her typing speed increased. ‘No, I’m still outside. I haven’t gone home yet.’

Toby had just walked out of the Planning Department and was making his way toward his office. He
stopped in his tracks and frowned.

Due to Toby’s sudden halt, Tom, who had been walking behind him, almost bumped into the man.

After steadying himself, Tom hastily took a step backward and pushed his glasses back up while asking,
“What’s the matter, President Fuller?”

Toby ignored him as he typed out his reply to Sonia. It read, ‘You’re not home yet? Are you at Paradigm
Co.? Are you outside?’

Looking at the series of questions, Sonia knew that Toby was beginning to worry about the fact that she
hadn’t arrived home yet. She smiled as she replied, ‘I’m outside. I was visiting my father’s cemetery just
now. Jessica’s court hearing is tomorrow, so I thought I should tell him about it. I’ll be home soon, so
don’t worry.’

Turns out she went to the cemetery.

Toby’s furrowed eyebrows began to relax.

Earlier on, he thought she went shopping and hadn’t gone home at this hour.
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With his worries cleared, Toby heaved a small sigh of relief and continued walking forward.

Tom didn’t know what happened, but he felt relieved when Toby returned to his usual composure. Thus,
he followed suit.

As Toby walked, he typed out, ‘Alright, please go home earlier. It’s not safe outside.’

Sonia smiled as she replied, ‘Okay, I got it. I won’t interrupt your work anymore. Don’t drive after finishing
work, okay? You haven’t rested for an entire day, so I don’t think you should be driving. Let Tom send
you home.’

When he saw how concerned Sonia was for him, Toby’s eyes were filled with so much tenderness that
he could melt. He gulped and replied, ‘Okay.’

Then, Sonia put away her phone and stopped chatting with him.

She wanted him to finish work as soon as possible, so she decided not to delay him any further.

As she looked out of the window, Sonia took another sip of water. A contagiously gentle and peaceful
smile warmed her lips.

Just then, another door of the shop opened to let in a middle-aged couple.

This couple had an unusual aura about them, and they were so well-dressed that anyone would know
they were rich people at first glance.

However, the man looked very pale; his face was shrunken and his eyes were dim. He even had one
hand on his waist, and it was obvious that he was plagued with a serious illness.

The woman next to him helped him along. Her eyes were reddened and she looked like she had just
cried, further cementing the fact that this man was a patient.

“It’s already so late at night, so why are we here for blueberry cakes instead of resting at home?” The
woman named Julia looked at Titus, the man beside her, while rolling her eyes at him.

Titus patted her hand that was holding onto his arm. He then mustered a relatively gentle smile onto his
pale face. “You love blueberry cakes, don’t you?”

Julia widened her eyes. “So… you called me over right after work and accompanied me here simply
because you know that I love blueberry cakes?”

“Yes.” Titus nodded weakly. “I don’t know how much longer I have left. I have been too busy all my life
and focusing my efforts solely on Triforce Enterprise. Now that I’m about to die, I’ve realized that I
seldom spend time with you. I’m so sorry.”

“That’s not true.” Julia’s red eyes turned even redder as tears glistened within. She shook her head and
said, “You have nothing to be sorry about, Titus—nothing at all.”

Titus simply smiled. “I know very well the things I’ve done.”

In the past, his actions had allowed Henry to get away with Rina. This caused Julia to go mad with the
loss of her daughter soon after giving birth.

Even when they adopted Tina afterward, Titus knew that an adopted daughter could only be so much
though Julia was slightly comforted. It would never mend the pain of losing one’s own flesh and blood,
after all. Even the comfort was a mere sliver, unable to soothe the entire wound. In other words, there
had always been a gaping hole in her heart.

He was truly sorry for that.

Besides, they had been married for decades, but even though he loved Julia, he still prioritized Triforce
Enterprise over her. He rarely accompanied her anywhere even though she loved to travel. Titus had
also promised to travel somewhere with her, but he had never fulfilled that promise.

Now that he was old and about to die, he began to reminisce the past. As he did so, he realized he had
been terrible to her. He felt sorry for his wife, for she was a woman who never complained about him or

left his side.

The sorrier he felt, the more he regretted not fulfilling his past promises to her. Now, even if he wanted to,
he couldn’t keep most of his promises anymore.

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