Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 809

Chapter 809

Chapter 809 Do I Look Old to You?

“I’m glad you know that.” It was after hearing Sonia’s answer that Toby let go of her face with satisfaction.
Then, he pulled her up and asked, “You ought to be in bed at this hour, yet you’re still awake. Anyway,
are you hungry? Do you want to eat a little something?”

Sonia shook her head. “Nah, I’ll pass. I don’t want to put on weight, and I’m not starving either. I should
have been the one asking you that question because you just came back from work. Are you hungry?”

“Nope.” Toby shook his head too.

Soon, Sonia yawned and said, “Well, since you’re not hungry, you should probably get ready for bed
now. After all, you just had a long day, and I think you’re probably beat now, aren’t you? Look at your
dark circles.” She pointed at the man’s eyes.

Toby touched his eye bags and chuckled in an unconcerned manner. “It’s not that serious.”

“Not that serious? Come on. You haven’t slept in 36 hours.” Sonia pursed her lips, appearing unhappy.

Meanwhile, Toby shrugged his shoulders in response, thinking it was no big deal that he hadn’t slept in
36 hours. After all, he had gone without sleeping for 2 to 3 days straight in the past, but his intuition told
him not to talk back because he would only piss Sonia off.

At the same time, Sonia had no idea what the man thought as she dragged him to the bathroom and
pushed him inside. “Alright, you’d better take a shower now and get to bed. It’s getting late now.”

“Alright, I’ll take a shower right away.” Toby looked back at the lady behind him with a smile.

Upon taking Toby to the bathroom, Sonia dusted off her hands and returned to the room, where she sat
on the bed and leaned on the headboard. Then, she stretched out her arm and reached for the crystal
ball on the headboard, holding it in her hands while playing with it.

Admiring the raining snow within the crystal ball, she curled her lips and smiled brightly. In fact, she was
deeply disturbed and vexed ever since she returned from the pastry shop because she couldn’t stop
thinking about Titus and Julia.

Not knowing why her attitude toward Titus and Julia had changed so much, she became annoyed and
started to let her imaginations run wild while figuring out the reason behind it. However, the more she
dwelled on that matter, the more confused she got, which was why she ended up sitting on the couch in
a trance until Toby returned.

Fortunately, Sonia began to feel her mood lifted after Toby’s counseling as her strange concern about
Titus and Julia faded. Maybe Toby was right. I guess I only care about Titus and his wife because of my
empathy, which is what makes me go soft. Well, let’s just hope that’s the reason behind it, or else… Just
when she was absorbed in her thoughts, the room door was open, whereupon Toby came into view with
a loose bathrobe on him that made him look manly by revealing his muscular chest.

At that moment, Toby was stepping forward while wiping his hair with a towel. At the same time, water
droplets could still be seen dripping from his hair before they fell upon his bathrobe and disappeared
without a trace. Sonia then put aside the crystal ball and stopped leaning on the headboard, sitting
straight with her eyes fixed upon him. “Why didn’t you dry your hair before coming in?”

“I want to keep you company,” Toby responded, walking closer to the bed before he sat down.

Sonia rolled her eyes upward. “Who needs your company?”

“I said I want to keep you company,” Toby said while looking at her.

Sonia was helplessly amused. “Alright, give me the towel. I’ll help you.”

“Okay.” Toby responded with an affirmative hum and gave the lady his towel.

Then, Sonia kneeled behind Toby and started wiping his hair with the towel. As his soft and smooth hair
felt like silk, she loved it so much that she didn’t feel like taking her hands off it. However, she soon felt a
stitched scar on the man’s scalp. While it was probably about 2 centimeters long, it looked like there
were a few stitches there. Besides, the scar looked like it had been there for a long time. The next
moment, she paused what she was doing and furrowed her eyebrows, gently rubbing the scar with her
fingertips in a sympathetic manner. “How did you get this scar?” she asked with a bitter voice, which
suggested how uncomfortable the unsightly scar made her.

Toby opened his eyes, feeling Sonia’s touch as he instantly knew she was asking about the scar. Thus,
he answered with a soft voice, “Tyler threw something, which accidentally hit me when we were kids.”

“Tyler did that?” Sonia raised her voice.

Toby replied with an affirmative hum. “Tyler was a 3-year-old kid back then, and he liked to toss almost
everything he got his hands on. Thanks to him, a mug flew my way and hit my head one day when I
came home.”

Rubbing the scar, Sonia answered with a slightly gloomy face, “I thought you went through something
that left you with a scar like that, but I didn’t expect that it was Tyler who did that to you. I guess he’s
always been quite a nasty scoundrel, hasn’t he?”

Nonetheless, Toby couldn’t feel happier upon hearing her words that expressed her disgust. “You’re

“Alright, sit still. I’m still drying your hair, so stop squirming. I don’t want to hurt you.” Sonia patted the
man’s shoulder.

Toby sat straight obediently, as he was told, just like a soldier in the military force, stern yet adorable.
After wiping his hair, Sonia reached for the hair dryer and started blow-drying his hair with it. Since Toby’s
hair was short, it didn’t take long for it to be completely dry. Then, she put the hair dryer back into the
drawer, but as soon as she did that, she quickly found herself pinned to the bed by the man.

When Sonia looked up, she saw Toby staring at her as well with an ambiguous gaze, which seemed like
two black holes that could suck a person’s soul away. At the same time, she could feel the man’s heavy
breathing just inches away from her cheek while sensing his eyes fixed upon her lips like a hungry beast.

As Toby lowered his head closer and closer to hers, she knew what he was going to do and quickly
resisted him by placing her hands on his forehead, stopping the man from lowering his head even more.
On the other hand, Toby was stunned by Sonia’s reaction, as he didn’t expect to face any resistance.
Thus, he gazed at the lady with his eyes wide open, as if he was asking her why she wanted to stop him.
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Sonia puckered her lips, revealing her white teeth while looking at him and shaking her head. “No! You
haven’t slept since yesterday. Aren’t you tired?” I wish this guy could take his health more seriously. How
can he be thinking about doing that right now?

Nonetheless, Toby shook his head as well and spoke with a hoarse voice, saying, “Nope, I’m not tired at

Sonia rolled her eyes upward at him in response. “You may not be tired, but I’m worried about you, so
like it or not, you’re going to bed early tonight. You’re not as young as you used to be back in your
twenties anymore. You’re thirty this year, so how much longer do you think your body can take it?”

Toby was left with his eyes wide open, feeling somewhat annoyed to be reminded by Sonia of his age. I
know I’m thirty, but does that make me look old? I thought they said men become more charming as they
age. In fact, a man is in his golden years when he turns thirty, but why does she make it sound like I’m an
old man? At that instant, Toby felt a little disappointed upon hearing Sonia’s words.

On the other hand, Sonia noticed the bitter look on Toby’s face and pushed him to the side. “Alright, what
you need now is sleep. Do you know that? Get to bed now.”

Toby pursed his lips and asked, “Do I look old to you?”

“What?” Sonia blinked and asked.

“You said I’m thirty and that I’m not as young as I used to be in my twenties.” Toby looked askance at the
lady. “So, do you really think I’m old?”

Sonia was amused yet helpless. “I didn’t say you’re old. Instead, what I mean is that a thirty-year-old
man may not be as fit as a man in his twenties, and that’s why you shouldn’t take your health for granted
just because you think you’re still young. I’m telling you this because I want what’s good for you. Do you
get me?”

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