Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 810

Chapter 810

Chapter 810 Good News

Toby looked at Sonia with his unwavering eyes, without saying a single word. Suddenly, he turned
around and faced away from her, speaking in a gloomy voice. “You’re just trying to tell me that I’m old
after everything you said?

She said I’m not like I used to be in my twenties. In other words, she is saying that my physical condition
is getting worse than those in their twenties because the older we get, the more our health goes downhill.
Therefore, I’m sure she is saying that I’m old.

Sonia’s lips stiffened as she was rendered speechless. No, that wasn’t what I meant, but why does he
keep thinking that I’m saying he is old? Great, now he is pissed! Sonia rubbed her temples, feeling
helpless yet amused. “No, that’s not what I meant. Please trust me.”

Nonetheless, Toby continued to ignore Sonia, facing away from her. Thus, she gently nudged his
shoulder. “Hey, trust me. That’s really not what I meant.”

While Toby remained nonchalant, Sonia let out a sigh and hugged his shoulders, planting a kiss on his
face. “Do you believe me now? If I had thought you were old, I would have left you long ago. I’m just
worried about your health because you haven’t had a good rest for a while. Don’t forget—you’re not
Superman. Your body is made of flesh and blood, so please take good care of your health. Furthermore,
you can only feel energized with enough rest, don’t you think so?”

Soon, Toby sat straight and turned his face to the side, looking back at Sonia as he finally gave her a
response. While Sonia heaved a sigh of relief, Toby gazed at her and said, “Give me one more kiss, and
I’ll believe you didn’t mean it.”
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Sonia raised her eyebrows and chuckled. “You really know how to push your luck and get what you
want.” Despite her words, she kept her head down and planted a kiss on the man’s face.

It was then that Toby eventually turned around and wrapped his arms around her waist, hugging her.
“That’s more like it.”

Sonia helplessly shook her head. “So, can we sleep now?”

“Okay.” Toby nodded, thinking Sonia was right, as he could only feel energized with sufficient rest.
Alright, I’ll sleep now and prove to her I’m not old tomorrow. I will let her know that a thirty-year-old man
can be fitter than one in his twenties. At the thought of that, his eyes lit up for a split second before they
were back to normal. Then, he closed his eyes while hugging Sonia in his embrace.

Meanwhile, Sonia had no idea what Toby was up to, only heaving a sigh of relief when she saw the
man’s eyes closed. Soon, she began to relax and closed her eyes, feeling satisfied that she could finally
sleep peacefully after the trouble she had just gone through. Thank god he didn’t make things harder for
me, or I would still be struggling to pacify him. If that had gone on, there would be no telling when I would
be ready for bed. Thus, I guess I’m happy that I can have a peace of mind now. Sonia smiled and buried
herself in the man’s arms, finding a suitable position as she closed her eyes and drifted off.

When Sonia woke up the next morning, she found herself lying in bed alone. Thus, she placed her hand
beside her, right where Toby was sleeping. Feeling the warmth next to her, she believed Toby woke up
not long ago, although she wasn’t sure whether he had left home. Then, she reached for her phone on
the headboard and took a look at the time, only to realize it was 7.30 AM as it had already dawned
outside. After that, she put her phone away and yawned, sitting up straight on her bed before she folded
the blanket and walked out of the bedroom.

When Sonia came to the living room, she didn’t see anyone else, so she shifted her gaze to the door and
realized Toby’s flip-flops were right there. Therefore, it was obvious to her that the man had already left
home. At that instant, Sonia felt a stab of disappointment for failing to see him even though she had
woken up earlier. Nonetheless, the disappointment didn’t last long as she hummed and went ahead to

take a shower. At the same time, she remembered Toby had told her that he would be busy the next few
days and might be back late. Thus, she didn’t expect to see him back early and was hence able to adjust
herself accordingly. As soon as she finished her shower, she received a phone call from the police
station. “Hello.”

It turned out that Jessica’s trial was on the same day, which was why the police had called to inform her
to attend the hearing. After hearing the officer out, Sonia nodded and said, “Alright, thanks for the
reminder. I’ll be there.” She put away her phone when she finished her words, letting out a sigh as she
walked closer to the dining table and poured herself a glass of water. Upon taking a sip, she rubbed her
forehead and pursed her lips, wishing she could tell the police that Jessica had poisoned her father.
Nonetheless, she didn’t do that because she didn’t have substantial proof to justify her statement, not to
mention the far-reaching consequences that would follow her action, as it involved the Gray Family and

In fact, Sonia intentionally told Titus that she knew he was the one who ordered Jessica and Sandra to
poison her father the night before because she wanted to observe his reaction. Although Titus was
panicky at first, he quickly hid his emotions and remained calm, which made her heart sink at the sight of
that. After all, if Titus had continued to look panicky when she sounded him out, it would have meant that
he might have left some loose ends behind that would perhaps make it easy for Sonia to gather the
evidence she needed.

Nevertheless, reality spoke otherwise as Titus quickly went back to his calm self without showing any
signs of anxiety, even though Sonia had found out what he had done. Therefore, Sonia doubted Titus left
any loose ends behind and that he was confident that the police wouldn’t be able to find anything to
testify against him. Because of that, she held back her urge to tell the police that they poisoned her
father, thinking it wouldn’t help the situation at all. Without any useful evidence, Jessica’s charges would
remain the same, while Titus would only be detained for interrogation at most. Thinking it would serve no

purpose, Sonia decided to put her plan on hold until she could find some evidence that could help her
bring them to justice.

As Sonia was caught up in her thoughts, she was suddenly interrupted by another phone call. She then
snapped out of her trance and reached for her phone, realizing it was Zane who was calling. It was then
that she was reminded of how long she hadn’t met Zane ever since she rekindled the old flames with
Toby. Not knowing what he was calling for, Sonia grabbed the chair and sat down before picking up the
call. “Hello.”

“Sonia, I have good news for you.” Zane, who was sitting in his car, crossed his legs while holding his
phone to his ear. At the same time, he was holding a file in his hand while tapping his knee with it,
speaking in a rather casual tone,

Sonia appeared interested, asking with a smile, “Really? What’s the good news?”

“Didn’t you tell me to collect some genetic samples of some of the smartest people in the world earlier? I
previously had someone visit a few overseas gene banks, and I have gathered what you want, so
doesn’t that sound like some good news to you?” Zane set his eyes on the dossier on his knee with a

Sonia paused, surprise written all over her face. “That’s some good news indeed.” In fact, she was
hoping that Jessica could bear a child who could take over Paradigm Co. in the future, but deep down,
she condemned Jessica for her wicked character and dim wit. Thus, she was counting on the father’s
superior gene to be passed down to the child in terms of his appearance, character, and intelligence.

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