Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 811

Chapter 811

Chapter 811 We Will Talk During the Meeting

This was the only way in which Jessica’s flaw—her personality—had a chance of being erased.

However, searching for such good genes was a difficult feat on its own. It was usually successful men
that would have the traits Sonia was looking for, and yet, men like this don’t typically offer their semen to
a random stranger.

Of course some would, but those were usually foreigners.

Looking for such genes with the limited ability she had was no easy matter. Even if she somehow
managed to find one, the man would most probably not sell it to her.

For the sake of getting a higher profit, sperm banks would definitely prioritize customers who were richer
and more powerful if they had top-tier genes like that in their inventory.

Left with no other option, Sonia could only enlist Zane’s help with his connections to look for a donor with
that kind of genes..

As for why she didn’t ask Toby…

Indeed, Toby would be able to find her what she wanted much quicker than Zane ever could. Not only
that, knowing what an influential person Toby was, the sperm bank would not hesitate to sell him
anything he requested.

In spite of that, on top of being someone who found it hard to reach out for help, Sonia also absolutely
disliked having to owe anyone anything. She even found it uncomfortable to owe her lover a favor. She

knew better than to ask for Toby’s help when she fully knew how she would have to pay him back in the

If she had requested for his help, she would definitely feel burdened by the fact that she had unpaid dues
with him until the day when she repaid everything to him.

It was a feeling that she couldn’t get herself to overcome, and so she quickly threw the idea of asking for
Toby to the back of her head, and went for Zane instead.

She would feel less of that pressure even if the one she owed favors to was Zane.

After all, Zane wasn’t someone important to her. He wouldn’t have a reason to reject her when she
repaid him someday.

Toby, on the other hand, was her lover. He would gladly help without expecting anything in return. He
might even get mad if Sonia were to insist on repaying him since he wasn’t the type to draw lines when it
came to his romantic partner.
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She wanted to avoid any possible arguments from happening, and so, she would rather get someone
else to help her with it.

Furthermore, the procedure would still work smoother if Zane used his authority to get it done.

Thinking about this, Sonia held her phone with a much tighter grip than before and hurriedly asked, “How
many did you manage to get?”

“A little more than 10 that somewhat meet your requirements,” Zane answered while waving the
documents in his hand.

She lightly nodded at that. “That is quite a lot.”

“So, go ahead and take your pick,” he continued. “Their lineage, their personality, their educational
background… I have all the information you need here.”

Softly chucking, she replied, “You are pretty thorough with your work, huh?”

“Of course! How can I not do a good job when this is the first time you have ever asked for my help?” He
proudly lifted his chin before asking, “Should I send this to you or would you prefer the original files?”

She gave it a thought and finally parted her red lips. “I’ll take the original files from you. I’ll also need to
have a talk with you about the specifications of the sperm purchase.”

“Sure! Where should I wait for you?” Zane immediately became energized when she mentioned meeting
up. He quickly set his crossed leg on the floor and sat as straight as a pole while he tightly grabbed onto
the documents in his hand. He had a look of absolute joy on his face.

It had been a long time since he had met up with Sonia.

He might have given up on pursuing her, but that didn’t mean that he had gotten rid of his feelings for

There were times when he still thought of her.

Anyway, it wasn’t like they were meeting up to do anything weird. Toby could be unhappy all he wanted,
but he wouldn’t be able to do anything to Zane, other than showing him that cranky expression of his.

Zane began to let out a series of devious laughs when he thought about that.

Truth be told, he was looking forward to seeing Toby’s face if he were to find out that Zane and Sonia
had arranged a private meeting. It would be so much fun! he mused.

“I can’t now,” Sonia said with a shake of her head. She was oblivious to the mischievous thoughts
currently running through Zane’s mind. “It is Jessica’s court hearing today. I can only meet you in the


“No need to wait until then. I’ll go to court with you. We can have our talk right after the court hearing,” he
suggested as he waved his fingers in the air.

Sonia then raised her brows and laughed. “Sure, if you aren’t busy. Why don’t you wait for me at the
inferior court?”

Jessica’s primary offenses were tarnishing the country’s prestige and dignity, and also defamation.

For the lack of severity in her offenses, her matter would only be heard by the inferior court.

“Alright. I’ll head over now. See you in a bit,” he singsonged as he stood up.

Sonia gave him acknowledgement as she, too, bid him goodbye.

After the call ended, she placed her phone down on the table and massaged her neck. She then stood
up and headed to the kitchen to prepare something filling.

She had not expected Zane to be done with the job so soon.

Knowing how busy of a man he was, Sonia had initially thought that he would help out when he could
take some free time out of his normally-packed schedule. Never would she have expected him to give
his all into this little request of hers.

For him to prepare it so soon, she could only imagine how he must have pushed his other priorities aside
for her. He wouldn’t have had the information ready so quickly otherwise.

I owe him big time! she mused.

She then helplessly smiled, but just as her gaze swept past the coffee table at the corner of the couch,
her eyes stopped at an eye-catching strip of paper placed under a cup.

She hadn’t seen it the night before, which could only mean that it was put there earlier today.

As she began to wonder whether Toby had left her an important note, she made a U-turn and walked out
of the kitchen. She eventually picked the paper up as she stood in front of the coffee table.

It was as she had expected. The neat handwriting definitely belonged to Toby.

Even though the characters looked sharp, the content was rather heartwarming. It was basically a note
telling her that he had left for work, and she only had to go and collect her breakfast that he was going to
have someone send it to her at the door. He also especially reminded her to fill her stomach well.

A gentle smile began to tug at the corner of Sonia’s lips after she read the last sentence of the note, and
she softly mumbled, “Oh, Toby…”

For him to get her breakfast and remind her to eat, he must have really treated her like a precious child.

Does he not know that I am capable of getting my own breakfast? Sonia silently complained, yet her
heart was filled with warmth and joy.

Alas, who wouldn’t feel happy about being on the receiving end of such care?

Then, she put the paper down, and after making sure that she had kept it safely on her, she went to the
entryway and opened the door.

She was immediately greeted by the sight of a hotel attendant squatting at the same door as yesterday.

Upon closer inspection, she realized that it was the same attendant from before!

What an odd coincidence! she thought.

Sonia was the first to give her greeting, which prompted the attendant to do the same while passing her
the breakfast.

He left soon after she took it and said her thanks.

After returning to her room, she didn’t immediately dig in, but instead, she sat down and whipped out her
phone. She then took a photo of the hearty breakfast and sent it to Toby, along with a text caption—I got
the breakfast.

She set her phone onto the table right after she sent the message over.

Knowing that Toby had been dealing with a lot of work these days, Sonia hadn’t expected to get a quick
reply from him.

However, it hadn’t even been two minutes since she sent the message when her phone screen lit up,
showing that she had gotten a reply from Toby. In his message, he wrote: Good. I got you a Spanish
breakfast. It’s pretty light on the palate. I don’t know if you’ll like it or not.

Her eyes rested on the exquisite pastries and cakes on the plates, and with a smile on her face, she
typed out another reply: I like it. I like anything that you get me.

As soon as Toby read the message, a smile began to appear on his thin lips. His dim and cold
expression was replaced by a small smile that immediately brightened the mood around him. It felt like a
warm spring breeze had come blowing after an excruciatingly cold winter.

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