Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 818

Chapter 818

Chapter 818 Jealous Rage

His curiosity and desire to see her were always on and off, which was how he dragged it on for 6 years
before he finally met her. He kept telling himself that he wasn’t romantically interested in her—she was
only someone whom he occasionally thought about. Someone whom he sometimes wanted to see.
Someone whom he was curious about every now and then.

That was the reason why he didn’t think it was important whether they met or not, and it was for that
exact reason that he missed the opportunity to strike when the iron was hot.

He truly regretted not making a move.

Would the outcome have been any different if he had spent time seeing her?

At that, Zane was so dismayed that he suddenly let out a weird howl before he covered his face, and his
torso leaned into the chair.

Not only was Sonia surprised by his odd actions, the other patrons of the cafe also turned to look at the
two of them.

As she was uncomfortable at having the spotlight shining on her and Zane, she apologetically smiled at
them and forced out two small hacks to cough away her embarrassment. “Zane,” she called out in a
whisper. “What the hell are you doing?”

Zane had a smile that looked even worse than the ugliest cries on his face as he looked at her. He
seemed to be feeling all the sorrows in the world when he waved his hands dejectedly and moaned,

“Nothing. I was just thinking about that one time I lost an opportunity of a lifetime, and how much I want
to knock myself out, is all.”

“Huh?” Sonia didn’t understand a single word that Zane said.

He only shook his head without further explaining himself. “It is nothing. Go ahead and answer your call.”

“Oh.” She could tell that he wasn’t going to say more, and so she simply gave him a short reply as she
nodded. She then pressed her phone to her ear and said gently, “Hello?” Her attention was now fully on
the phone call.

Her voice put Toby to ease in an instant. Even the frown between his eyebrows had disappeared. “Why
did you take so long to answer the call? Has the court hearing not ended yet?” he asked.

“It ended some time ago,” she answered. “I was talking to Zane.”

With that, she threw a glance at Zane, only to see him raising his cup at her with a smile on his face.

Toby immediately jumped out of his office chair when he heard her saying the name of Zane Coleman.
“Zane?” he repeated, his thin lips pursing.

“Yup.” Sonia nodded.

After making sure that he hadn’t heard her wrongly, Toby’s eyebrows knitted together again. “Is he there
with you?”

“Yeah.” She nodded again. “I’m meeting up with him because we have something to discuss.”

“What kind of ‘thing’ is it that you need to meet up to discuss?” His low voice rang out as his grip on his
phone was getting tighter by the second.

Zane might have said that he had given up on pursuing Sonia, but it was hard to draw the lines when it
came to feelings.

What if Zane suddenly didn’t feel like giving her up after he had seen her?

Anyhow, Zane was a ticking time bomb that Toby wasn’t sure when it would go off.

Even though he knew that his friend wouldn’t possibly attempt to blatantly snatch Sonia from him, Zach
was still a love rival that was on par with him.

It was difficult for Toby to be at ease, knowing that his lover was with someone who had eyes on her.
Even his sense of danger was telling him that one wrong move from his side and he could potentially
lose Sonia to his love rival.

The more Tony thought about the possibilities, the angrier he became. If circumstances allowed, he
would have loved to toss his work aside, head straight to them, and kick Zane away from his woman.

However, much to his regret, the only thing he could do was become grumpy.

A smiling Sonia began to shake her head in all helplessness when she detected the jealousy in his voice.
Doesn’t sound like he is only a little jealous, she mused.

He was reacting exactly as she imagined he would, which was why she didn’t even think to tell him about
Zane accompanying her to court. He might just get so jealous that he’ll come here right away!

“We have business with each other. You know that he and I are collaborating to deal with the Gray
Family. We are just talking about our next steps.” Sonia’s eyes were twinkling when she said that.

Zane, who had already calmed his hysteria, placed his cup of coffee down and looked at her strangely.
He didn’t understand why she had to lie about their meeting.

Sonia, on the other hand, only shook her head at him without any explanation.

Toby’s face on the other side of the call had visibly relaxed after hearing her explanation.

He had thought that Zane was the one who asked her out and that he was probably waiting to confess to

Toby had always found people who confessed despite knowing that the other party already had their own
partners extremely disgusting. He never understood why they felt the need to do something so that they
wouldn’t feel like their one-sided feelings were a waste.

He was relieved that it wasn’t as he had thought because he would have personally dragged Zane to hell

Toby didn’t hesitate to trust Sonia’s words, and he only nodded slightly as he reminded, “Go home earlier
after your discussion. Don’t stay with him for too long. He is a bad guy.”

A wave of guilt was just about to hit Sonia for lying to Toby, and that was until his childish warning that
she didn’t know whether she should laugh about it.

There was no doubt that Toby and Zane were lifetime friends.

One told her that the other was an emotionally unbalanced man while the allegedly emotionally
unbalanced man was calling his friend a bad guy.

Now that she knew that bickering was the two men’s usual conversation style, she couldn’t believe how
angry she became when Zane had ‘slandered’ Toby.

Thinking of that, Sonia lifted her gaze and humorously looked at Zane. “Okay, I got it. I’ll be right back
after the discussion,” she said into the phone.

Zane began to wonder whether Toby had mentioned him, and so he pointed at himself and moved his
other hand around.

Bingo, Sonia thought while nodding at Zane.

Knowing that Toby probably said something funny about him, he immediately rolled his eyes.

On the other side of the phone, Toby was in a better mood after Sonia had reassured him, but the
heaviness in his heart still wasn’t completely gone.

This time, he was worried about Sonia’s plan to confront the Gray Family with Zane.

He knew that she had decided to partner up with Zane for a better revenge, but what he couldn’t
understand was why she went to Zane instead of him for help.

With what Toby was capable of, it would only take a snap of the finger to execute the revenge she was
looking for. However, she had insisted on doing it without his help, and that she wouldn’t forgive him if he
were to lend her a hand without her knowledge.

He knew that she was doing so for his sake, but he couldn’t get himself to be okay with the fact that she
would rather depend on someone else rather than him.

Toby pinched the bridge of his nose as he forced himself to stop thinking about the thoughts that were
starting to get overwhelming.
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He had to stop himself now if he didn’t want to be paranoid about Sonia. He was afraid he would start
assuming the worst with Sonia, should he allow such negative thoughts and emotions fill his mind.

I have to stop this. I can’t ruin it this time, he sternly warned himself. Sonia might have said that she
didn’t want me to help her behind her back, but I can always find a way to lend her a hand in broad

He finally started to calm down a little when he placed himself in the right mindset.

“Oh, right! Are you busy now?” Sonia suddenly asked.

Toby hummed an acknowledgment. “I’m taking a short break. I have a meeting in a bit.”

Her heart slightly ached for her man who didn’t seem to have the time for a good rest nowadays. “Good
work.” she sighed.

Toby let out a gentle smile at that. “It is only for now.”

“Okay,” she hummed, a smile appearing on her face as well.

He suddenly thought of the court hearing earlier and swiftly asked, “What was the court’s ruling?”

“Half a year, but Jessica went for a second appeal. She didn’t seem like she was happy with the court’s
decision.” Sonia’s smile now turned bitter as she replied.

“Don’t worry, the court’s ruling won’t change no matter how many appeals she makes.”

“Right, and that is why I’m not worried at all,” Sonia answered with a shrug.

A seemingly nervous Toby began to squeeze his fingers and, as nonchalantly as he could, asked, “Did
Jessica behave strangely at court today? Or did she say anything weird?”

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