Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 819

Chapter 819

Chapter 819 Don’t Wish to Trouble Him

“Anything strange?” Sonia straightened her back and frowned. “What do you mean?” she asked

She couldn’t understand why Toby had asked this question.

In the court, Jessica had indeed said something weird to her—she asked if Sonia would like to know who
her biological parents were.
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Could this be what Toby was referring to?

On the other hand, Toby naturally perceived the doubt in Sonia’s tone too. With downcast eyes, he
responded calmly, “I’m asking whether Jessica said nasty things to you or threatened you in court.”

“Oh, so this is what you’re referring to by ‘strange words’.” Sonia’s knitted brows smoothened as she
heaved a sigh of relief inwardly.

She actually thought there was something that he didn’t want her to find out.

Toby pressed his lips and said, “Yeah. What else did you think I’m referring to?”

“Nothing. I overthought.” Smiling, Sonia waved her hands about and continued, “Of course she said
nasty things to me. You knew how much Jessica hates me. How could she possibly not be agitated upon
seeing me?”

Toby hummed in response, “That’s true. Besides that, did she do anything else to you?”

Sonia shook her head. “Not really. She actually almost dashed over to rough me up, but there were court
officers at the scene and she was handcuffed, so I’m very safe.”

“Good.” Toby nodded slightly as he could finally stop worrying.

Although he did not ask Sonia directly whether Jessica told her about her biological parents, he could
deduce from the conversation earlier and from Sonia’s calm tone that Jessica most likely did not.

If she did tell Sonia about her biological parents, Sonia wouldn’t possibly be this calm.

Anyway, Toby was relieved that Jessica did not say it.

He knew the most effective way Jessica could seek revenge against Sonia was to tell her about her
biological parents, and by doing so, defeat Sonia’s conviction to seek revenge against the Gray Family
besides putting her into agony and desperation.

He could prevent Jessica from seeing and keeping in touch with the outsiders when she was in the
detention center or prison, but he couldn’t stop her from meeting Sonia in court.

As such, in order to prevent Jessica from taking extreme measures to tell Sonia the truth while at the
court, Toby had informed the court before this to keep an eye on Jessica so that she could not possibly
come into contact with Sonia and mention to Sonia anything about her biological parents.

In fact, Toby was extremely nervous throughout the entire trial today. Because he couldn’t head to court
and did not know whether the officers there would keep an eye on Jessica as per his instruction, he
actually couldn’t focus at work today and couldn’t help checking the time now and then.

When he thought it was about time for the trial to be over, he quickly called Sonia to check in on her.

If truth be told, he was on pins and needles during the few seconds that Sonia had yet to answer the call.
He was worried that Sonia might have been made aware of the matter about her biological parents and

was having a breakdown, hence did not answer the phone.

Fortunately, the outcome was not as serious as he had thought.

At this thought, Toby supported his forehead with one hand as his nervous look and stiff mood finally

“Alright Toby, I’m going to hang up first. I still have some important stuff to talk to Zane. Don’t you have a
meeting soon too? I shall not disturb you first. We can talk at night if there’s anything else,” Saying that,
Sonia cast a glance at Zane, who was seated across from her and looking dispirited.

Toby’s pupils dilated when he heard Sonia call him ‘Toby’. Stirred up, he gulped and exclaimed agitatedly
in a hoarse voice, “What did you just call me?”

Sonia actually called Toby by his first name.

Truth was, ever since their divorce, she had always addressed him in a formal and distant way—she
would either call him President Fuller or Mr. Fuller.

Even after they reconciled, she had only addressed Toby by his full name.

Before this, Toby did not think it was inappropriate for Sonia to address him by his full name. However, it
was only earlier that she called him by his first name did he suddenly realize it actually felt distant to be
addressed by his full name, and of course, it sounded more intimate when Sonia called his first name

Humans were made of greed. At this moment, Toby realized he couldn’t accept Sonia addressing him by
his full name anymore. Now that he had heard her call his first name, he wished she would always do the
same moving forward.

The smart Sonia naturally perceived the suppressed joy from Toby’s tone at once, and she knew what
made him so elated all of a sudden. It’s just a name and he’s actually this happy. This guy is so easily

Sonia shook her head with a smile and answered generously, “I’m calling you ‘Toby’.”

It was not an accident, nor did he hear it wrongly.

Sonia had indeed genuinely called him that.

A joyful smile spread across Toby’s face. His voice became increasingly hoarse because he was
agitated, but it was attractive and pleasing to the ear. “I like the way you addressed me just now. Can you
keep it that way from now on?” he asked in anticipation.

Sonia didn’t want to disappoint him either, so she nodded without hesitation and agreed gladly, “Sure.”

The smile on his face widened.

Thereafter, the two said goodbye in a clingy manner before ending the call.

Opposite Sonia was Zane, who was extremely jealous and tinged with sour grapes as he saw her
keeping away her phone with a sweet smile, but he still feigned a disgusted look and teased her as chills
ran down his spine, “Hey, that’s enough, you guys. Do you have to be so clingy even over a phone call?
I’ve witnessed too much PDA already!”

Saying that, he rubbed his eyes in a cheeky manner.

Sonia glanced at Zane and made a dry cough in embarrassment. “You’re exaggerating! Why don’t I feel
like we’re being clingy?”

“Of course you don’t.” Zane pouted. “Isn’t there a saying that goes like this—love makes one blind.
Anyway, I think you guys are clingy. By the way, did you and Toby mention me just now?” he stared at
Sonia and asked, to which Sonia nodded in response.

Zane fiddled with the teaspoon in his hand and muttered, “Did he talk bad about me?”

Sonia lifted her brows. “You actually guessed it right!”

“Hmph!” Zane rolled his eyes. “Toby and I have been friends for more than 20 years, so of course I know
him well. After you told him you met me, he would surely taint my name to ruin your impression of me,
given how possessive and jealous he is. So, tell me—what did he say about me?”

Smiling, Sonia took a sip of black tea and said, “Nothing much. He just said you’re not a good guy and
asked me not to hang out with you for too long and to go home earlier.”

Zane tutted and blurted, “This fellow… How dare he say I’m not a good guy!”

Following that, he waved his hands about and said, “Forget about it. Since I’ve talked bad about him too
today, we’re all square now and I shall not go after him. Sonia, I’d like to know why you didn’t tell him
directly that we met up to discuss the matter regarding Jessica’s child’s gene, though? Why did you have
to lie to him? You didn’t tell Toby that I’m helping to find a compatible gene?”

Zane’s expression became slightly more solemn.

Sonia nodded and answered, “Yeah. I didn’t tell him.”

“Why?” Zane couldn’t understand.

Leaning backward, she rested a finger on her lips and said in a nonchalant manner, “Because I don’t
want to trouble him. I know you’ll surely have doubts—Toby is my boyfriend. Isn’t it reasonable for me to
ask for his help? Why did I say I don’t wish to trouble him?”

“Yeah.” He nodded. “Exactly what I’m thinking.”

Sonia smiled and continued, “It’s very simple, actually. I don’t wish to owe Toby favors anymore. He has
already helped me a lot and saved me several times before we got back together. I’ve already owed him
too much, so I don’t wish to continue adding more to that.”

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