Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 825

Chapter 825

Chapter 825 One of the Responsibilities of a Man

After waiting for about half an hour, Toby was drinking coffee when he suddenly heard movement from
the direction of the conference room opposite him.

He put down the coffee cup, stood up, and looked in that direction just in time to see the door of the
conference room open. Then, a group of people came out in twos and threes.

Toby stared at those people, looking for the figure he had been thinking of among them.

However, he still couldn’t see the figure that he wanted to see after looking for some time, and he felt
slightly disappointed.

It seems like she’s going to be the last one to come out.

Toby pursed his lips, but he still did not withdraw his gaze. If Sonia didn’t come out last, wouldn’t he miss
her if he looked away now?

Toby’s gaze was so focused that he quickly attracted the attention of those who came out of the
conference room.

When those people looked around and saw Toby standing there, they were all stunned.

“P-President Fuller?”

Someone couldn’t help but call out. With this, the other sluggish people also came back to their senses.

“It really is President Fuller! I thought I was mistaken.”

“Me too.”

“Why is President Fuller here?” Someone raised a curious question.

Soon, these curious people were looked down upon by others.

“Nonsense, what kind of question is that? Our chairman and President Fuller are a match made in

Upon being reminded of this, the person who had asked curiously immediately reacted by patting his
forehead. He then said, “Yes, I almost forgot. President Fuller must be here to look for our chairman.”

“That’s right.”

“In that case, shall we say hello?” someone asked.

However, it was quickly opposed by others. “It’s not necessary to greet him. President Fuller is here to
find the chairman. Wouldn’t it be annoying if we go over to greet him?”

“However, since he is here, it seems a little bit inappropriate if we don’t go over to say hello.”


Everyone didn’t know what to say and fell silent.

Yes, it was both appropriate and inappropriate to say hello. What else could they do, though?

Moreover, they couldn’t leave now.

At that moment, the Paradigm Co.’s executives who came out of the conference room were all unsure of
what to do.

Asher, who was in the middle of the crowd, listened to everyone’s discussion before he looked at Toby.
Meanwhile, the latter was staring at the expectant crowd, his face as dark as ever.

Asher had always been troubled by the relationship between Toby and Sonia.

The better the relationship between these two people, the worse it was for him.

When their relationship was good, Toby would help Sonia out during difficulties, so Asher’s dream of
obtaining Paradigm Co. would be even more difficult to achieve.

Therefore, he wished that these two were distant from each other. Nevertheless, that was unlikely and
unrealistic right now.

Toby had come here to pick up Sonia from work, so how could they be distant from each other now?
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Asher clenched his fists, his face full of unhappiness.

When the executives who supported Sonia saw Asher like this, they all laughed in disdain.

They all felt that Asher had some sort of brain damage and could not comprehend things clearly.

He obviously had no talent in managing the group, but he was very ambitious. He wanted to hold
Paradigm Co. in his hands, but he had forgotten how the company had struggled under his leadership
before Sonia took over Paradigm Co. In fact, it was Sonia who had asked everywhere for help after she
took over the company to salvage it. At this time, not only was Asher neither thankful or grateful, he
wanted to overthrow Sonia and manage Paradigm Co. by himself instead.

What he didn’t consider was that if Sonia had really been driven out, Toby would be the first to stop the
collaboration with Paradigm Co.

After all, half of Paradigm Co. Group’s collaborative projects now relied on various subsidiaries of the
Fuller Group, and the rest were collaborative projects between Sonia and Charles. Once Sonia was
overthrown, Toby would surely revoke all the projects. Meanwhile, the remaining projects between Sonia
and Charles would definitely be destroyed and not left to Asher.

It could be said that Paradigm Co. was entirely supported by Sonia. Without her, Paradigm Co. would
naturally fail.

Every one of them could see this clearly, but Asher, a man who only knew how to fight for power and
profit, couldn’t. He was thinking that even if Sonia was expelled, Paradigm Co. would continue as usual.

Oh, dream on.

A high-level executive who was a director glanced at Asher with disdain. Then, he turned his head to a
manager who was one level lower than himself and said, “Go in and tell the chairman that President
Fuller is waiting for her here. Also, tell her to leave the minutes of the meeting behind first. Tell her to
hurry up and meet him so that we can leave.”

If Toby didn’t leave, they couldn’t leave either.

“Alright,” the manager answered and hurriedly turned around to enter the conference room.

Inside, Sonia was sitting in the main seat while checking out the meeting minutes.

Just then, someone walked quickly to her side and said, “Chairman Reed.”

Sonia paused to look up. Then, she smiled at the person and asked, “What’s the matter, Manager

“Chairman Reed, President Fuller is here.” Manager Watson pointed to the door and spoke.

Sonia looked over, but she couldn’t see the situation outside. However, based on Manager Watson’s
movements, she could still guess what he meant.

She stood up in surprise. “Are you saying that Toby is outside?”

“Yes.” Manager Watson nodded. “He’s waiting for you.”

“When did he come? How long has he been here?” Sonia asked as she took out her phone to see if Toby
had texted her.

At first glance, she realized that he had sent her a message more than half an hour ago.

In other words, Toby had already been here for quite some time.

Manager Watson shook his head. “I don’t know. When we went out after the meeting, we saw him sitting
at the front desk. It must have been a while.”

“I see, thank you for telling me this.” After Sonia smiled at him, she quickly gathered up all the
documents on the table, put them in a folder, and walked quickly toward the door.

Then, Manager Watson followed closely behind her.

As soon as Sonia left the conference room, she found that the high-level executives hadn’t left yet as
they all stood outside.

Fortunately, the area outside was large. Otherwise, it would’ve been jam-packed.

“Chairman Reed.”

When they saw Sonia coming out, everyone looked happy except for Asher and his people. “You’re
finally here. President Fuller is waiting for you.”

After saying that, someone pointed at Toby.

Sonia turned her head to look and saw the man walking around the front desk. With a smile on her face,
she raised her hand and waved at the man. Then, she stepped forward and walked toward him.

After a few steps, Sonia and Toby came to each other. Sonia stopped several feet away from him before
she looked up at him and said apologetically, “I’ve made you wait for a long time.”

“No.” Toby shook his head. “Waiting for a woman is part of a man’s responsibility.”

Tom previously told him that men who were in love needed to wait patiently when women dressed up,
went shopping, and ate slowly. What was more, she was holding a meeting.

He also believed that if it were him, she would’ve waited as well.

When she heard the man’s words, Sonia couldn’t help but chuckle. “Where did you hear this from?”

“It doesn’t matter; the important thing is that I am willing to wait.” After Toby finished speaking, he took
her hand and was about to pull her into his arms.

When she felt the pulling force from the man’s hand, Sonia panicked and quickly stopped him. “Wait.”

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