Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 831

Chapter 831

Chapter 831 Bathroom

“No.” Toby shook his head without hesitating.

Sonia was surprised. “Why?”

A flash of resolve glinted in Toby’s eyes. “Because I won’t change my mind even if you don’t like it. I’ll
have you stay with me for life. You’re mine and only mine. You’re my wife and the lady of the Fuller
Family. That fact will never change.”

She looked at him for a long while, and she laughed. “That’s not just being bossy. I call that

“It doesn’t matter. This is what I want.” He held her hand and kissed it.

After peering at him, she said, “Since you want me to stay with you for life, then you must never have a
change of heart. You can only have me. If you fall for someone else, I will take you down with me. After
all, you said you want me to stay with you for life first. Remember what you said today and never go back
on your word, or I will take you down even if that’s the last thing I do.”

“Of course,” Toby agreed without even thinking.

Sonia smiled happily. “That’s more like it.”

He touched her forehead with his and asked gently, “So, do you want to be Mrs. Fuller now?”

She looked away. “You know the answer to that.”

As he knew she was shy, he stopped teasing her and instead chuckled. “So, can you help me out here,

“What is it?” She nodded.

He let her go and spread his arms open. “I can’t stand my clothes sticking to me. Can you take it off for
me, honey?”

Sonia’s eyes widened. “You want me to take your clothes off? Don’t you have hands, Toby?”

“But I don’t want to move.” Toby gazed at her innocently. “And my arm’s not fully healed yet. You said so,
didn’t you?”

Sonia was annoyed, and the corner of her lips twitched. “I did say that, but I didn’t say the wound is so
bad that you can’t take your clothes off.”

Toby closed his eyes and said nothing. His arms were still open, and he obviously wouldn’t put them
down until she took his clothes off.

She was speechless. She knew he was being cheeky, but she never thought he could act like this. I
guess the more shameless you are, the stupider the things you can do. She didn’t let him carry her
because his arm wasn’t healed yet, and now he had used the same excuse to get her to take his clothes
off. Well, that backfired.

Although she was annoyed, she took his clothes off anyway. It wasn’t like she had any other choice. If
she didn’t do it, he might never lower his arms. What did I do to deserve this? He just plays me like a
fiddle. She heaved a sigh and tossed Toby’s black shirt into the laundry basket, where her laundry

Then, Toby held her arm.Contents belong to NovelDrama.Org

“What is it?” Sonia was surprised.

He gazed at her in silence before he pulled her into his embrace and held her chin up, then he kissed

Sonia struggled by reflex, but he quickly released her chin and held the back of her head. It pulled them
closer to each other, and she couldn’t break free.

Toby’s kissing skill was improving over time. It was probably men’s instincts to improve their skill. Sonia
showed no improvement, and she couldn’t even breathe normally when she was kissing. On the other
hand, he was already starting to lead her into a world of enjoyment at this point.

Her strength left her halfway into the kiss, and everything around her started to spin. Her legs gave out
and she slid down. He noticed that and quickly pulled her closer to him, but she still couldn’t steady
herself. Her legs turned to jelly, and if it weren’t because she was leaning against him, she would have
already collapsed in a heap on the ground.

Oh, this won’t do. Toby’s eyes glinted. He let her go and held her legs before lifting them up.

After she was carried, he took her to the basin and placed her on the counter so she could sit. That way,
she couldn’t slide down even if her strength left her. At the same time, he didn’t have to hold her tight just
to keep her from falling. He could spend more energy kissing her all over.

About two or three hours later, the sound of running water coming from the bathroom finally stopped.
Toby looked at Sonia, who was in the bathtub. Her eyes were closed, and her body was filled with
hickeys. Toby changed into his bathrobe, a smile curling his lips.

Sonia’s eyes were closed. She placed one hand on her belly and the other on the side of the bathtub.
She didn’t move, looking as if she was asleep.

After Toby changed into his bathrobe, he took a women’s bathrobe from the rack and crouched down
before the bathtub. He pushed the hair covering her face aside and called softly, “Little Leaf?”

Sonia heard that, and she opened her eyes with difficulty, her gaze filled with an unspoken complaint.
“What is it?”

“Get up. We’re going back to the room now,” Toby said softly.

She raised her hand and waved it weakly. “I can’t. I don’t have the strength to.” Her voice was soft and
adorable. Her face was tinged with a red hue from all the love earlier, and she looked just like a little
kitten playing around.

He felt something shooting into his heart, and he stopped breathing for a few moments. Oh my gosh.
She’s so adorable that it’s almost illegal!

She almost never acted cute around him, so he didn’t know what she looked like if she acted that way,
nor did he know if she could act that way. Now that she was acting cute, he realized that she could be
illegally adorable if she wanted to. I knew it. Just because a woman has never acted cute doesn’t mean
she doesn’t know how to do it. It’s just that they’re almost always illegally adorable when they do. He
gulped, and he said hoarsely, “Alright then. I’ll take you out.”

“But your arm—”

Toby huddled closer and whispered, “It’s fine. Don’t worry about it.”

Sonia was too exhausted to move even a finger, let alone her whole self. As Toby was offering to help,
she stopped refusing and nodded before she closed her eyes again.

He covered her with her bathrobe and carried her up, after which they came out of the bathroom.

Thanks to the heater in the living room, it didn’t feel cold when they came out, and he didn’t have to
worry about her coming down with a cold. He laid her down on the couch, then helped her wear the
bathrobe. After that, he placed her wet hair on the couch’s armrest to keep it from sticking to her face
and neck.

He then went to the bedroom and came back to her side with a blowdryer and clean towel. He dried her
hair with the towel gently, worried that he might hurt her if he was being even just a bit rough.

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