Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 832

Chapter 832

Chapter 832 Send You Off

Sonia wasn’t really asleep yet. Her eyes might be closed, but she was half-awake, and she could feel
what was happening around her, including the fact that Toby was drying her hair gently. Especially the
fact that he was drying her hair gently. She smiled. “Toby.”

“Hm?” Toby stopped drying her hair for a moment, surprised that she wasn’t asleep yet. “What is it?”

“Will you dry my hair like this forever?” she asked, her eyes still closed.
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And I thought she was going to say something else. He chuckled and answered, “Of course. You’ll
always be my wife, and I’ll always dry your hair.”

“That’s nice.” After she got the answer she wanted, she turned away and fell asleep.

She fell asleep just like that? He shook his head and pinched her cheek, mumbling, “You only care for
yourself, huh?” You might have fallen asleep, but I still need some time. Toby might be grumbling, but the
love in his eyes was palpable. He went back to drying her hair and blew it with the hair dryer. Then he
picked her up and took her back to the bedroom, sleeping with her in his arms.

He opened his eyes at the break of dawn the next day. His circadian clock would never go out of whack
unless something special took place. He would always wake up at the break of dawn, and he noticed
something pressing down on him that day. It wasn’t heavy, though it did get in the way of his breathing.
He looked down and saw the silhouette of a head on his chest. Sonia was still sound asleep, and he
chuckled silently.

No wonder I felt something pushing down on me last night. I remember pushing it away, but then it came
back like it grew hands and legs, and it held onto me like some kind of octopus. So it’s just Sonia. He

brushed his hand down her hair and took his phone from the bedside table to look at the time. It was
almost seven. He put his phone back and slowly moved Sonia’s head to the pillow beside him. That was
just the beginning, however, as he still had to move all of her away.

He gently lifted the blanket, and when he saw her beautiful long legs interlocking with his, a spark of
desire flared in his eyes. He put his hand on the base of her thighs and caressed them, then he moved
them aside. On a closer inspection, he seemed reluctant to do so. Of course he was reluctant. The
woman in his arms was the one he loved, and nobody would put the woman they loved aside right after
they woke up. Nobody would do that, unless they didn’t love the woman.

Toby had to do his best to hold his desire down, and he finally moved her legs away. However, his eyes
were still glued to her thighs, and he massaged his temples, then he chuckled dryly. She really does
know how to seduce people. Men are always horny in the morning, and she clung to me like a koala. Of
course that won’t help with my desire. If it weren’t because he had a morning meeting that day, he would
have done something lewd with her as punishment for seducing him so early in the morning.

Toby heaved a sigh. When his desire had lessened, he put his hand down from his temple and looked at
Sonia’s hand, which was on his waist.

He held her wrist and was about to put her hand away, but that woke her up. She stirred and opened her
eyes, and she saw him holding her wrist while sitting on the bed. She moved around and adjusted her

He noticed that and turned around. Their eyes met, but she still looked groggy and confused. “Good

“Good morning,” they said at the same time.

They froze for a moment, apparently never expecting them to say the same thing at the same time.

They snapped out of it and said, “Why didn’t you sleep in?” That was the second time, and both of them

“I guess we’re telepathic, huh?” Sonia stopped laughing a moment later and stared at Toby.

He straightened out the blanket. “We are telepathic. It’s still early, and the sun isn’t fully up yet. Sleep in.
You must be tired.”

Her face turned pink, and she shot him a playful glare. “And that’s all your fault, you know that?” If we
hadn’t fooled around in the bathroom, I wouldn’t have fallen asleep right away. We did it everywhere. The
counter, the bathtub, and even the ground.

She thought she wouldn’t get too exhausted if they had sex again, since she was improving her stamina,
but he was also improving at the same time, which nullified her improvement.

Toby noticed the complaint in her eyes, and he chuckled. “Alright, it’s my fault. Just go back to sleep,
alright?” He patted her as if he was trying to get a child to sleep.

It actually worked on Sonia. She started yawning and blinking. “What about you? Why are you up so
early? Are you leaving?”

“Yeah. The overseas branch company’s top brass is here to give me a report on their management.
They’ll leave right after that, so we’re on a tight schedule. It must be done in the morning, so I have to be
there early.” He took the clothes on the bedside table, which he had prepared beforehand, and he
changed into them.

Sonia sighed. “That’s the problem when your company grows too big. Good thing Paradigm Co. is still a
small workshop.”

Toby scraped her nose. “It’s a small workshop for now, but not in the future. You’ll get busy too.”

She pulled his hand down and pinched it like it was a toy. “It’s still too early to talk about that. Even if I
can make it big, it won’t grow as big as your company, so I won’t be as busy as you are.” She laughed in

He flicked her forehead. “You really love to laugh at my misery, huh? Just sleep in. I’ll get someone to
send you breakfast. See you later.” He got out of bed and tied his necktie beside it.

He looked very handsome while tying his necktie, and it was pleasing to Sonia’s eyes. She turned to her
side and held her head up just to stare at him. “I’ll come back to sleep after I send you off.”

“Aren’t you sleepy?” He straightened his tie out, smiling. “Can you still sleep after you send me off?”

“I can watch some TV and wait for the sun to come up if I can’t. Don’t worry about me. I know what I’m
doing.” She sat up as well.

Toby patted her head. “Alright then. Let’s go. I thought you’re sending me off?”

“Alright then.” She nodded and got out of bed. Toby extended his hand to her. She wore her slippers,
smiled at him, and took his hand. He held her hand firmly, and they walked out of the bedroom.

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