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Chapter 834

Chapter 834

Chapter 834 Daphne is Pregnant

“Yeah. We found it. But how did you know about this?” Sonia ran her fingers through her hair as she
asked him curiously.

Tim spun his scalpel around furiously. “Zane told me about it. He gave me a call and told me to prepare
the equipment needed to cryopreserve it.”

“I see. So, he was the one who told you about it!” Sonia nodded thoughtfully. “Tsk. He told you about it
even before I had the chance to do it.” She felt like laughing.

He lowered his scalpel before he pushed his gold-rimmed glasses up the bridge of his nose. “He
sounded so full of himself when he told me about it. He just helped with completing a task, yet he felt so
proud about it,” he muttered.

Sonia let out a hearty laugh this time, and Tim lowered his hand from his glasses as he continued
speaking. “Alright. Enough about him. I just contacted you to check whether you’ve really found the
gene. Since you did, I’ll order the hospital to prepare their cryopreservation tools.”

“Okay. Thank you so much.” Sonia nodded gratefully.

Tim’s glasses glinted for a moment. “It’s nothing. It’s just a small thing to me—I can get it done after
sending a few orders.”

“That’s because you’re about to get the role as the dean,” she replied with a smile.

He curled his lips into a grin as well. “By the way, there’s something else I want to tell you,” he uttered.

“What is it?” Sonia took a mouthful of her porridge.

Tim glanced at the pregnancy report on his table. “Your secretary dropped by at the hospital yesterday
for some tests,” he stated.

Sonia was surprised to hear this. “Are you talking about Daphne?”

“Yeah, that’s her name,” he uttered as he checked the name on the report.

She felt a surge of worry when she was certain that it was her secretary they were talking about. “What is
it? Is she ill?” Sonia asked worriedly.

“That’s not the case.” He shook his head. “She went for some tests with the gynecologist. I guess you
know what that means, right?”

The gynecologist?! A look of disbelief spread across Sonia’s face. Of course I know what that means.
How could I not understand?! I went to the gynecologist back when I was pregnant. That means…

She parted her red lips in surprise. “Is Daphne pregnant?”

“Yeah. She’s two months into her pregnancy,” Tim uttered with a nod.

“H-How can this be true?!” Her voice went a few octaves higher as a look of utter shock spread across
her face. How could Daphne be pregnant for two months?! Right then, she recalled how Daphne had
been feeling nauseous when she was in Sonia’s office.

She had been worried about Daphne’s health and had suggested she visit the doctor in the company’s
infirmary. However, Daphne had rejected Sonia’s suggestion with a look of panic and even said that she
didn’t need the doctor as she had just eaten something bad.

Sonia didn’t think much about it back then, but it seemed like Daphne knew about her own pregnancy all
along now that she recalled her conversations with Daphne. That’s why she declined my suggestion for
her to visit the doctor. She didn’t want her pregnancy to be exposed, but why can’t she tell others about

it? There has to be some issue with the child’s father. Otherwise, Daphne wouldn’t have to hide it at all.
She’s a grown woman—it’s normal to get pregnant. Yet, Daphne chose to keep it a secret. She doesn’t
have a boyfriend, and she isn’t married, yet she’s now pregnant… That means that she has to be hiding
her pregnancy because of the child’s father. But who is the child’s father?

She bit her lip as she found a probable answer in her mind.

When she thought about the unique chemistry between Charles and Daphne, how Charles had suddenly
seemed rude toward Daphne, and how Daphne looked like she had things she wanted to tell Charles…
I’m afraid she might be pregnant with Charles’ kid.

Sonia massaged her temples. “Is the child healthy, Dr. Lancaster?” she asked.

Tim glanced through the reports on his table. “The child’s pretty healthy, but the mother seems to be
under a lot of stress. She’s not doing too well, and this might cause problems in the long run,” he replied.
If he hadn’t realized how loyal Daphne was to Sonia, he wouldn’t have paid much attention to the
pregnancy report, and he wouldn’t have retrieved a copy from the gynecologist and called to tell Sonia
about it either.

Sonia frowned when she heard that Daphne wasn’t in good health. She was about to say something
when Tim spoke up. “Anyway, Daphne is thinking of aborting the child and she just had a conversation
with her gynecologist yesterday.”

“What? An abortion?” Sonia’s eyes widened as she had a dumbfounded look.

He nodded. “She has the intention of doing it, but nothing’s set in stone yet. She mentioned that she
would go home to think about it, but I think there’s a high chance she might follow through with the

Sonia felt her heart sinking as she tightened her grip on her phone. “I got it. Thank you for telling me
about this.”

“No worries. I only paid more attention to her since she’s related to you.” Tim waved it off. Sonia chuckled
—she knew that Tim wouldn’t even have noticed Daphne’s name if it weren’t for her.

“Okay. That’s all for now. I have a patient entering surgery today, so I have to get prepared now.” He
gazed at the clock on the lower bottom corner of his laptop. Then, he straightened his back as he
decided that he couldn’t laze around anymore.

She nodded. “Okay, go ahead. I’ll buy you a meal when we have the time.”
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“Sure. I’ll be waiting,” Tim uttered as he smiled and adjusted his glasses. After the call was over, Sonia
clutched her phone with both hands as a complicated expression formed on her face.

I would’ve never expected Tim to drop me such a huge bomb early in the morning. Daphne is pregnant,
and the child might belong to Charles… Does Charles know about this? Sonia lowered her gaze and
glanced at her phone before unlocking it. She found Charles’ phone number as she wanted to call him to
ask about his relationship with Daphne. She wanted to ask if the child belonged to him.

However, right before she tapped on Charles’ name, she seemed to recall something, and she stopped
herself at the very last minute. No. I can’t call him. Not now, at least! Daphne’s pregnancy seems to be a
secret, and it doesn’t seem like she has told anyone about it. That means that she isn’t ready for others
to know. Wouldn’t I be causing harm to Daphne if I told Charles about it?

Furthermore, this is Daphne’s matter—she should be the one announcing it to others. I have no right to
do it for her. With that thought, Sonia lowered her phone once more. However, she still felt worried. She
decided to do what she could—she would call and ask Daphne since she couldn’t ask Charles about it.

Sonia was sure that Daphne would no longer keep it a secret from her at that point. So, Sonia dropped
Daphne a text.

To Sonia’s surprise, Daphne replied almost immediately. ‘Is anything the matter, President Reed?’

Sonia glanced at the reply for a while before moving her fingers to type. ‘Can we meet in person? There
are some things I’d like to talk to you about.’

On the receiving end, Daphne felt her heart sink when she saw Sonia’s text. Daphne had been sitting
down and eating her breakfast, but an uneasy feeling spread across her chest after receiving the test.
Daphne’s heart was racing—she felt like someone had found out about her secret.

She lowered her spoon and contemplated for a moment. Instead of agreeing to Sonia’s request, she
replied with a question. ‘What would you like to talk about, President Reed?’

Sonia scoffed. She’s being really cautious. After shaking her head exasperatedly, she typed a reply to
Daphne. ‘It’s about work.’

She didn’t plan on telling Daphne that she knew about the pregnancy just yet. She knew Daphne well;
Daphne would refuse to meet her and would use all sorts of excuses to avoid her if she confronted
Daphne about the pregnancy.

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