Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 835

Chapter 835

Chapter 835 Meetup

As expected, Daphne was more relaxed after she heard Sonia claiming that Sonia wanted to meet for
work-related matters. Daphne massaged her rather tense cheeks before she responded with a text.
‘Sure, President Reed. Let me know where to meet. I can meet you anytime.’ Daphne was still on
holiday, so she had all the time in the world.

Sonia glanced at the watch on her wrist. ‘Let’s meet at 10.00AM at the milk tea shop right below the

‘Okay.’ Daphne texted. After that, Sonia lowered her phone and continued eating. Her breakfast had
turned cold since she had been talking on the phone and texting for a while. After eating a few more
mouthfuls of it, she lowered her cutleries and decided not to have any more. She cleaned the table
before picking her bag up and heading out.

As Sonia sat on her desk at the office, she found herself distracted by thoughts of Daphne’s pregnancy.
She couldn’t focus on the work she was doing. She only managed to deal with two to three documents
after an entire hour—she was much less efficient than she usually was.

Sonia only felt a little calmer after Toby replied to her text. Toby was busy, so they didn’t talk for long.
However, he tried his best to find the time to reply to her texts every now and then. After they texted for a
while, Toby continued to focus on his work. It was about 10.00AM then, so Sonia headed downstairs
after she was done texting Toby. She went to the milk tea shop right beside her office.

Daphne was extremely punctual—she was already in the store when Sonia arrived. Sonia entered the
store to find Daphne waving at her, and Sonia smiled and waved back before walking over. Daphne
stood up and pulled the chair out for Sonia to sit in. “Please take a seat, President Reed.”

“Thank you.” Sonia beamed as she sat down. Daphne only returned to her seat and sat down after Sonia
did. “What would you like to drink, President Reed?” Daphne gazed at Sonia while handing her a menu.
After going through the menu for a while, Sonia ordered an original-flavored milk tea. Without asking for
Daphne’s order, Sonia simply returned the menu to the waiter. “Give her some warm milk,” Sonia told the
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The waiter was just about to respond when Daphne frowned. “I don’t want to drink milk, President Reed.
I don’t like its smell,” she uttered.

“No.” Sonia gazed at her sternly. “You’re pregnant, so it’s best for you to drink milk.”

Clang! Daphne’s glass fell from her hand, making a loud noise as it landed on the table. Water spilled out
of the glass onto the table in front of her. Fortunately, the glass didn’t roll off the table, or it would have

However, Daphne didn’t care about the glass at all. Her pupils were shrunken, and her face was pale as
she gazed at Sonia. Her lips twitched for a moment before she spoke in a trembling voice. “P-President
Reed, how—”

“How did I find out?” Sonia interrupted. She was calm in the face of Daphne’s shock. Daphne could only
open and close her mouth without saying much. It was clear that her silence was an agreement to
Sonia’s words. Sonia pressed her palms together. “Calm down. For now, let’s clean up the mess in front
of you.” Sonia called for the waiter beside her. “Excuse me! Sorry, can we get some help?”

The waiter smiled. “Sure. It’s no problem at all.” He quickly gathered some cloth and cleaning tools
before he came over to Daphne’s side of the table and cleaned up the mess. Only then did Daphne
realize that she had spilled a glass of water while she was panicking. She felt rather guilty. “I’m sorry. I
didn’t do it on purpose,” she uttered.

“Don’t worry about it, Miss. This is no big deal. We can clean it up. What matters is that you aren’t hurt,”
the waiter said with a smile. His actions were swift and smooth, and he cleaned the table up in an
instant. After the waiter left, it was just Sonia and Daphne at the table.

Daphne felt even more afraid when she was alone with Sonia. In fact, Daphne was so nervous that her
hands were shivering. She was unconsciously scratching the back of her own hands, and red marks had
formed all over her skin.

Sonia sighed upon seeing what Daphne was doing. “That’s enough. You’re going to start bleeding if you
scratch any harder.” Daphne lowered her gaze to see the red marks on her hand before she immediately
pulled her hands off the desk and hid them under the table. Sonia lifted the glass in front of her and
sipped on her drink before she spoke at a slow pace. “You went for a pregnancy checkup at First World
Hospital yesterday, didn’t you?”

Daphne’s pupils shrank. Her first instinct was to lie, but she couldn’t seem to utter any of her lies when
she looked directly into Sonia’s eyes. Instead, Daphne remained silent for a long while. Sonia sighed and
smiled upon seeing Daphne’s expression. “The next dean of the First World Hospital is actually my
friend. You guys have met in the past,” Sonia explained.

“Is it Dr. Lancaster?” Daphne immediately thought about the man in his white lab coat. “Yeah.” Sonia
nodded. Sometimes, Daphne would accompany Sonia to the hospital for Sonia’s checkups, so Daphne
had definitely seen Tim around.

“He saw you at the hospital yesterday, and he had a look at your records since you’re my assistant. He
found out that you went for a pregnancy checkup, and he called me to tell me about it this morning—
that’s how I found out that you’re pregnant,” Sonia explained as she lowered her drink.

Daphne bit her lip. “I see. I thought you realized it on your own, President Reed.”

“You’re too good at hiding it. I would never have realized it on my own. Furthermore, there was once
where you showed pregnancy symptoms in front of me, yet you managed to convince me that you just
ate something bad. I didn’t even suspect that you were lying! I was once a pregnant woman myself—I
can’t believe I was fooled by your lies!” Sonia chuckled.

Daphne laughed along with her. She knew that Sonia was trying to make her feel better by claiming that
she was a good liar. Sonia was trying to ease the mood to make Daphne less tense. However, after
speaking to Sonia about it, Daphne did feel a little less worried than before. “You were only pregnant for
about two months, and you didn’t know much about pregnancy, so it’s no surprise that my little trick
fooled you,” Daphne said as she took her glass of milk that the waiter handed her.

Sonia took her milk tea and sipped on it before speaking. “Yeah. But I should have also checked on you
more. If I did so, I might have seen through your lie earlier.”

Daphne shook her head. “You’re already good enough to me. You even gave me a holiday!”

“How are you feeling now?” Sonia gazed at the other woman. “Tim said that your health isn’t that great.
He said that you overthink, which causes all sorts of health issues in the long run.”

“Did Dr Lancaster tell you that as well?” Daphne was shocked.

Sonia stirred her drink in the cup. “Since he decided to tell me about your pregnancy, he provided all the
details as well.”

“I guess that makes sense.” Daphne nodded before responding to Sonia’s earlier question. “My health
isn’t that poor. My blood sugar is a little low, and I get dizzy easily. I have a few of the symptoms of
pregnancy, but apart from that, everything’s fine,” she said.

“That’s still pretty bad.” Sonia frowned. “I don’t think you should come for work anymore. You need to
stay home and rest. How does a three-month break sound?”

“No.” Daphne shook her head immediately. “I don’t need rest, President Reed. I can go to work.”

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