Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 837

Chapter 837

Chapter 837 Abort the Child

After all, would a sober woman, who had learned how to fight, not be able to push a drunk man off of
her? No; of course she’d be able to do so. She could even knock the drunk man out before throwing him
over her shoulder. Charles knew of Daphne’s capabilities—that was why he immediately realized what
she was trying to do after learning that she had allowed him to bring her to bed. That was why he hated
her so much.

Daphne had been his secretary for years. She was a trusted secretary and friend, yet she tried to
manipulate him this time. How could he not feel angry and hateful? So, he didn’t exactly make a mistake
when he decided not to take any responsibility for her. Sonia let out a sigh. “Regardless of who was right
or wrong, the child is still innocent. Are you sure you want to abort the child?”

“Yeah.” Daphne nodded. “I’ve made a decision. This child popped out of nowhere, and the father is not
going to like the child. President Lane is not going to welcome the child if I give birth to it, and this would
make my baby an illegitimate child. How am I supposed to answer my child when my child asks me who
his or her father is? I thought about it. Since I can’t give my child a happy family, and since my child won’t
have a father, I’d rather not have the child come into this world at all. I can’t allow my selfishness to harm
the child,” she uttered.
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Sonia wasn’t too surprised after hearing Daphne’s words. That was exactly what went through Sonia’s
mind when she was pregnant. Back then, she didn’t know that she was pregnant with Toby’s child—she
thought the child belonged to a stranger. So, she decided not to give birth to the child as she didn’t want
things to be unfair for the child.

“Since you’ve made up your mind, I don’t think I should make any more comments. But I’d like to know if
Charles knows about this baby. If he does, then you should tell him about it before aborting the child. If
he doesn’t know about it, then you can just pretend I never said anything.”

Daphne shook her head. “He doesn’t know about my pregnancy. I didn’t tell anyone about this, and I
don’t plan to tell President Lane about it either. If he knew that I got pregnant, he would only hate me
even more. He might even think that I didn’t take the morning after pill just because I wanted to be
pregnant with his child.”

“Well…” Sonia pressed her lips together as she didn’t know what to say. It was a possibility, after all.
Judging by the negative feelings Charles presently had toward Daphne, he would probably make the
worst assumptions about all of her actions. So, if he found out about her pregnancy, he might think she
had gotten pregnant intentionally, just so that he would have to marry her.

“But I bet President Charles would get me to abort the child even if he found out that I was pregnant. As I
said, President Lane hates me, so how could he accept the child? So, the best way to deal with this child
now is to abort it. That way, all of the fate and connection between President Lane and me would come
to a proper end,” Daphne said with her glass of milk in her hand. The milk was hot, yet its temperature
didn’t seem to warm her cold hands or her icy heart at all. Her heart—like the rest of her body—felt as
cold as ice.

“I guess that’s good,” Sonia said with a nod. Sonia finally understood that Charles and Daphne’s
relationship would never work out. After she heard about what happened between them that night, she
knew that she would no longer be able to matchmake the both of them. Charles now saw Daphne as a
manipulative woman. So, he would never fall for a woman like Daphne, nor would he be with a woman
like her. If that were the case, their child would live a sad life if he or she had been born.

Even if they kept the child, Charles wouldn’t stay with Daphne just for the sake of the child. Charles
might even fight for custody over the child, and Daphne would struggle to win against him. If that
happened, Daphne would only be more disappointed. What would all of it be for? Perhaps an abortion
was the best choice.

“I’ll go with you for the procedure.” Sonia patted the back of Daphne’s hand. Daphne felt a warm, fuzzy
feeling in her heart. “Thank you, President Reed.” Daphne nodded.

“It’s nothing.” Sonia shook her head. “I was part of the reason you and Charles ended up in this situation.
I was the one who told you to follow him. If I hadn’t done so, perhaps you and Charles’ relationship would
still be fine. You might have had a better chance of being with him.”

Daphne lowered her gaze as she smiled. “Even though you told me to follow him, I was the one who had
control over how things turned out. I am the one who chose to do what I did, so I am the one at fault
here. You shouldn’t blame yourself, President Reed.”

“It seems like you’re the one comforting me now.” Sonia shook her head as she laughed. After that, both
of them stayed in the milk tea shop for a while more before they paid the bill and left.

Daphne returned to her house while Sonia went back to the office. However, before they parted ways,
Daphne specifically reminded Sonia to help keep her pregnancy a secret. “You can never tell Charles
about this,” Daphne uttered. Daphne only left after Sonia promised to keep her secret.

However, Sonia knew that it would be unfair to keep this a secret from Charles. He was the father of the
child, after all—he had the right to know about this. But she knew that she would cause a whole scene if
she were to tell Charles about it. A person like Charles would certainly look for Daphne once he found
out about this matter. That was why Sonia had promised Daphne without any hesitation.

Right when Sonia was zoning out at her desk, someone pushed her office door open. Toby walked in
with a delicate-looking wooden lunchbox. When he saw the woman sitting around and zoning out with a
soulless look in her eyes, he raised an eyebrow before walking in quietly. Sonia only noticed movement
in the room when Toby placed the lunchbox on her desk. Then, her eyes lit up for a moment as she
returned to her senses. She turned her focus toward the lunchbox.

At first, she was shocked by how a random lunchbox appeared on her table. Then, she shifted her gaze
up and saw the person standing in front of her desk. She widened her eyes when she saw a man eyeing
her with his eyebrows raised. “W-What are you doing here?” She wore a dumbfounded look on her face.

Sonia hurriedly got up and walked over to the man. “Shouldn’t you be at work now? What are you doing

Toby let go of the lunchbox handle and gave her a smile. “I brought the management teams from
international companies to take a look at the factory in Seafield, and I happened to pass by your area
after leaving the place. Since it’s lunchtime, I figured that I would drop by to eat with you. After lunch, I’ll
have to go to the airport to send them off.”

The management team consisted of CEOs that handled Toby’s international branches. They were
dedicated to working with Toby, and they only traveled back to the country a few times each year, so
Toby had to send them off to show that he was a boss who cared for them. That way, they would be
more focused on their work, and they would take better care of the subsidiary companies overseas.

When Sonia heard that he was going to be busy after lunch, she let out an inaudible sigh. “I’m tired just
hearing about it. It sounds like hard work.”

“It’s nothing much. There’ll be harder things coming up. I think I’ll be even busier from next month onward
—the end of the year is when things get the busiest. Fuller Group will have to take a physical inventory
count, so I’ll probably have to stay in the company for the entire duration.” Toby slipped his hand into
hers before lifting the lunchbox with his other hand. He led her over to the couch.

“Are you really going to stay at the office?” Sonia turned her head to look at him.

“Yeah.” Toby nodded. “It’s always the same at the end of the year. I’m just letting you know now that I
may not have the time to be with you during the end of the year,” he said. Then, he paused for a moment

before gazing at her apologetically.

Sonia smiled. “Why are you like this? You’re just too busy to spend time with me. Why do you look so

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