Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 86

Chapter 86

Chapter 86

Toby was looking at some charts on his tablet when he heard Jean’s words, which made him frown a
little. Tina

had been glad to see Jean’s attempts to bring Toby and her closer to each other, but her heart sank the

she saw Toby’s frown. “Do you not like the idea of me sharing a room with you, Toby?” Tina asked before
she bit her lip

He was just about to part his lips to speak when Jean gave him a light hit on the lap. “Why would Toby
not like that idea? Alright, it’s all set!”

“Mom!” Toby’s frown deepened. “This isn’t good for Tina. We’re not married to each other yet” Tina’s face

pale upon hearing his words. He’s still rejecting Madam White even after Madam White comes to a fixed
decision. Has Toby ever considered how I feel in this situation?!

Meanwhile, Tyler, who had been calmly munching on an apple the whole time, felt oddly pleased when
he saw

the color draining out of Tina’s face. “Why does it matter if you’re married? You guys are engaged, and
you guys

are going to stay in the same room eventually. You’d just be doing it a little earlier now,” Jean muttered in

relaxed tone.

Toby turned to look at the woman beside him, who hung her head low. “That would be disrespectful
toward Tina”

he uttered.

“What has that got to do with disrespect? Tina is-”

Before Jean could finish her sentence, Tina spoke up. “It’s fine, Madam White,” she said while forcing a
smile and

shaking her head. “We can forget it since Toby doesn’t want to do it. There are tons of other rooms in the

Residence. I can just stay in another one of them.”

“But.” Jean was still rather dissatisfied; she wanted to continue talking about it.

Then, Tyler threw the core of his apple away before he dusted his hands. “You should just forget it since

what Tina wants, Mom. Toby needs to help me with my homework tonight. He wouldn’t have time for Tina


Toby shot his brother a glance, and his eyes glinted for a brief moment.

“Homework?” The puzzlement in Jean’s eyes couldn’t be concealed. It wasn’t that she didn’t believe in
her own son; it was just that Tyler had never enjoyed studying in the past. It was therefore near-
impossible for Tyler to

want to work on his homework.

“What does that look in your eyes mean, Mom? What’s wrong with me wanting to work on my studies?”
Tyler jumped up to his feet like a cat that just had its tail stepped on.

Jean pouted a little. “Didn’t you say that you’re going to choose basketball over university? What’s the
purpose of studying now then?”

“That’s different. I’ll still have to study for my cultural classes even if I don’t go to university. The
basketball team will ban me from my competitions if my cultural subject’s marks are too low. Come on,
Toby” Tyler dragged Toby

upstairs right after that. As Tina watched the brothers heading up the stairs, both of her hands were
curled into

tight fists.

Toby spoke after he shut the door behind them in the room. “You did that on purpose, didn’t you?”

In response, Tyler chuckled. “I did it for you. I only did it because you looked like you didn’t want to stay
in the same room as her.” There was another reason Tyler did such a thing-he wanted to get revenge for
what Tina had done to him at the dining table. “Why don’t you want to stay with Tina, Toby?” With his
gaze upon his brother,

Tyler posed the question that had been on his mind.

Toby was stunned by the question, and he couldn’t find the right answer to it. He didn’t know why, but he

tell that he felt resistant to the idea; he and Tina had slept on different beds even while they were on

“Alright. Stop asking so many questions. Pull your books out, and I’ll help you out.” Toby was trying to
change the subject.

Tyler widened his eyes. “No way, Toby. That was just an excuse. Are you really going to help me with my


“Hurry!” Toby snapped in an unyielding tone as he shot his brother a cold glare. Tyler wore a dejected
look as he

speechlessly went over to grab his textbooks.

The next day, Sonia had just arrived at the company when Daphne stepped forward with an envelope

to Sonia. “Who sent this?” Sonia took it over and checked it, but there was no sender’s information on it.

Daphne shook her head. “I’m not sure. The front desk said that a teenage boy had sent it over and
stated that it

was for you.”

“A teenage boy?” Sonia pressed her lips together as Tyler’s face popped up in her mind; he was the only
young man she knew. It can’t possibly be him, right? “Got it. You can send me the documents that I need
to review today.

I’ll be in my office.” Sonia placed the envelope under her arm.

“Noted,” Daphne replied. Once Sonia was back in her office, she lowered her bag and pulled her chair
back to sit

in it. Then, she opened the envelope to find a ticket and a tiny memo. There was an orange ball printed
on the

ticket, with ‘U17 Youth Expedition Competition’ written on it. Sonia’s suspicions were confirmed

she was right that Tyler was the one who had sent the letter over.

After placing the ticket aside, Sonia picked the memo up to see a series of crooked and unruly
handwriting. She could feel her eyes burning at the unpleasantness of his writing. A disdainful look
flashed across her face before she began to read the content of the memo with curiosity. “Tomorrow will
mark my first competition since joined the national team. You need to come and watch me! It’ll happen at
4.00 p.m, in the stadium downtown. Sincerely yours, Tyler:

Sonia stuck her bottom lip out. “Why would I want to watch you play basketball?” I’ve already been nice
enough to

help him enter the national team. He’s dreaming if he thinks I’ll watch him play! I don’t understand what is
up with the sons of the Fuller Family. They were all so uninterested in me when I was still in the family,
yet they’re starting to

act all nice to me now that I’ve left. They’re crazy!

With a smirk on her thin lips, Sonia tore the memo apart and threw it into the trash can. “President
Reed.” Someone then knocked on the door.

“Come in Sonia replied as she lifted her head.

“These are the documents that have just been sent over.” Daphne lowered a stack of files onto Sonia’s

In response, Sonia nodded. “Alright. I’ll take a look at them later. Also, I’d like you to inform Mr. Lane that

will be a meeting at 10.00 a.m.”

“Okay.” Something flashed across Daphne’s eyes when she heard Charles’s name, but she only nodded

leaving the room. Sonia took her fountain pen up and began to go through the pile of documents. When
it was

nearly time for the meeting, she stood up and walked over to the meeting room with the help of her


It was noontime when their meeting ended. Daphne had ordered lunch for Sonia and sent it over to her
office. However, Sonia had only taken a few bites of it when Rebecca knocked on the door and entered
with a dejected look on her face. “I’m back, President Reed.”

“Welcome back” Sonia replied with a smile, but Rebecca continued to sigh. “What is it?” Sonia was

Rebecca shrugged. “I just went on another wasted trip. I still can’t find the person that I’m looking for.”
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“Don’t worry. You just need to take your time.” Sonia tried to comfort her. “Have a seat” she said as she
pointed toward the empty seat opposite her.

Thus, Rebecca pulled the chair back to sit down before she continued to speak. “The loans from the few
banks have been transferred over, President Reed. There’s a total of six billion, and I’ve already
distributed it to the various segments of the business that need it. Take a look.” .

“Sure.” Sonia said as she took the file into her hands. After finishing the document, she nodded, “Your

is pretty good. Many sections of Paradigm Co. can gradually open up now that we’re working on them
one at a time. I’ll talk to Charles and the rest about it, and we’ll proceed with your plan if we don’t find any
issues with it.”

“Alright. I won’t bother your mealtime any longer. I’ll head out now.” Rebecca got up to leave, and Sonia
picked her chopsticks up to continue her meal.

After the meal, she had a discussion with Charles and a few of the other senior members of the
company. They

came to a consensus-the funds would be distributed according to Rebecca’s plan, and they would
reopen the various projects that they used to have in the past.

Once things were put into action, Sonia found herself overwhelmed with work. She rushed up and down

building to deal with different departments, and it was 2.00 p.m. the next day by the time she got to take
a break.

She let out a long sigh as she sat by her desk. With her opposite arm, she massaged one of her sore
shoulders before switching to the other. Her shoulders felt a little less tense after some massaging, and
she looked into

her drawer to get herself a teabag. She was about to make herself some tea that would energize her a
little when

she saw the basketball competition’s ticket lying in the drawer.

“What time is it?” Sonia glanced at the bottom right corner of her computer. 2.39 p.m! It’s not 4.00 p.m

Should I go? Sonia was rather hesitant. She was more inclined toward not going for the competition, yet
she didn’t want the ticket to go to waste.

In the end, Sonia decided to take a look. She was the reason Tyler had the tickets in the first place, so
Tyler was probably showing his gratitude by getting her to enjoy one of his competitions. With that
thought, Sonia picked up her landline and got Daphne to arrange for a driver.

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