Boss, Your Wife is Asking for A Divorce, Again!

Chapter 90

Chapter 90

Chapter 90

Toby pressed a hand on his own shoulder. “I’m fine.”

“Really?” Tyler was still slightly concerned.

Toby grunted. “Yeah.”

“Okay, great.” Tyler heaved a sigh of relief before checking on Sonia. “What about you, Sonia?”

“I’m fine too.” Sonia shook her head. Being under Toby’s protection, she was unharmed.

Seeing red, Tyler turned around to glare at the players of Team Kosovo after making sure that both Toby

Sonia are alright. “Those b*stards! They pulled such dirty tricks just because they can’t win against me!
I’ll teach

them a lesson!”

Tyler clenched his fists while storming back to the court in a bout of savage fury, (This novel will be daily
updtaed at to pick a fight with Team Kosovo. In the end, his teammates
managed to hold him back, so the fight didn’t break out. After all, both teams would be banned from the
competition if that happened.

“Are you really alright?” Sonia had heard Toby’s grunt. Unlike Tyler, she didn’t believe that he was alright.

Knowing that he couldn’t lie to her, Toby simply told her, “The ball hit my shoulder, but I’m fine.”

“Is that so..” Sonia’s lashes trembled as she was at a loss for words. After a few seconds, she managed

suppress the emotions within her to look at him and ask, “Why did you save me when you could have
just left me


Toby lowered his gaze to hide the look in his eyes before replying calmly, “That player threw the ball
because he

felt humiliated for being unable to win against Tyler. Tyler had looked in our direction multiple times, so

player guessed that we must be who. Tyler cares about. In order to deal a psychological blow to Tyler, he

the ball at us.”

“So that’s what happened.” Sonia frowned. To vent their frustrations for losing on the audience, Team

players sure are depraved!

Then, Toby added, “Since the ball was thrown at you because of Tyler, he would feel guilty if it hurt you.
As his

older brother, I am responsible for preventing such an outcome.”

“I see,” Sonia replied coolly as a smile tugged on her lips. Inwardly, she was mocking herself. So he only
saved me for Tyler’s sake. What a shame. Everything was merely wishful thinking on my part.
Immediately, the faint embers of hope that started glowing again in Sonia’s heart got distinguished into

At that moment, the manager of the stadium came along with two staff members to apologize to them.

sorry, sir, madam. Are you two alright?”

“His shoulder is injured. Please arrange a doctor for him.” Sonia pointed at Toby.

The manager nodded. “Sure. Please come with us to the lounge.”

“Okay” Sonia answered. No matter the case, Toby was injured because of her, (This novel will be daily
updtaed at she should accompany him for


When Sonia stood up on her crutches, Toby reached out to her. “Let me help you!”

After glancing at his hand, Sonia declined the offer with a blank expression. “No need. I’m fine on my
own.” With

that, she led the way.

Toby pulled his lips into a thin line when he noticed how gingerly she walked, yet still rejected his
assistance. Nonetheless, he quelled the irritation that was bubbling up within him after putting his hand
down to follow

behind her.

When they arrived at the lounge, Toby removed his jacket and shirt to reveal his sturdy upper body so
that the doctor could treat him. Sonia sat across from him on the sofa while staring at his shoulder. The
skin on it was an angry red, which indicated just how hard the ball had hit him.

If he hadn’t blocked it for me, I might have lost my teeth. Upon realizing that, Sonia felt a little terrified.
Guilt seized

her when she looked at his shoulder again. “President Fuller-”

Right when she was about to say something, Toby’s phone rang, which cut her off. He held a gentle gaze
in his eyes after taking out the phone and checking the caller ID. “Tina.”

“Toby, are you alright?” Tina’s worried sobs came through the phone.

Toby narrowed his eyes. “You knew?”

“Yeah, I saw the livestream. Toby, are you hurt?” Tina asked.

Warmth coursed through Toby’s heart, and his voice sounded gentle as he spoke. “No. Don’t worry.”

“Great.” Overjoyed, Tina nodded before suggesting, “Toby, can I go to you since Tyler’s competition will
be ending


“Sure.” Toby grunted in agreement. After the call ended, he set his phone aside while turning to face
Sonia. “What was it that you were saying?”

“Nothing.” Sonia shook her head. She was thinking of buying him a meal as repayment for saving her,
(This novel will be daily updtaed at she gave up on the idea when she heard Tina
was coming. Who knows what Tina might do if she sees us together.

Upon noticing that Sonia refused to speak, Toby didn’t pry as well, so the lounge descended into silence.
Suddenly, having recalled something, Sonia took out her phone hastily. I missed a call from Charles just
now. I wonder what‘s going on.

. After calling back, Charles picked up swiftly. “Darling, this is bad!”

Hearing his agitated voice brought a serious look to Sonia’s face. “What’s wrong?”

Upon hearing that, Toby turned to glance at Sonia while enduring the pain in his shoulder.

“Someone filmed you and Toby in the stadium during a livestream, and now people are badmouthing you
on the

Internet! They accused you of bugging your ex after divorcing him. They even framed you as the third
wheel in

Toby and Tina’s relationship six years ago, and then forced Toby to marry you by claiming that you had

him after Tina was involved in a car crash. The netizens are all verbally assaulting you now!” Charles

informed Sonia of everything that had transpired.

Sonia’s pupils contracted. “How did it come to this?”

“What is it?” Toby tensed up when he noticed that Sonia’s face was drained of color; he didn’t even
realize the

way his voice was filled with concern when he spoke.
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Ignoring him, Sonia inquired Charles, “Who’s behind this?”

“No idea. I’m still investigating this. However, I suspect it has to do with Tina” Charles explained.

After all, not a lot of people knew about what happened six years ago, and only someone who held a

against Sonia would defame her by distorting the truth. Considering all of the above, the only one who
had beef

with Sonia and knew of the incident was the Grays, so the culprit would either be Tina or the Grays.

Meanwhile, Sonia also found the key to the problem, and she tightened her grip on her phone.(This
novel will be daily updtaed at “I get it.”

“Darling, should we-”

Sonia took a deep breath. “Wait till I get back.”

“Okay.” Charles nodded, but quickly thought of something else as he reminded, “By the way, the incident
is already blown out of proportion. Since the press must be waiting for you outside the stadium, make
sure that you don’t use the front exit when you leave.”

“Alright.” Sonia took a mental note of it. After hanging up, she logged into her Facebook. Her body
trembled with anger when she read through the insulting comments.

“What happened?” Toby asked. His heart wrenched when he saw her biting her lip so furiously.

Finally, Sonia gave him some attention by smirking at him. “What else could it be? Your fiancée saw us

together while watching the livestream. In a burst of jealousy, she slandered me online.”

“That’s impossible!” Toby pulled his lips into a thin line after outright denying her claims.

“Impossible?” Sonia clenched her fists and then showed him the screen of her phone. “Say that after you


Toby read the status post on Facebook, as well as the terrifying comments below it with a deep frown on

face. “We can’t be sure that Tina is behind this.” She promised me she would never do anything to target
Sonia. /

trust her.

“Other than her, who else would know about what happened six years ago?” Sonia got her phone back.
“All know is that she’s the one who holds a grudge against me, so she’s the main suspect!”

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