Can’t Win Me Back

Chapter 2056

“Even if I did consent, so what?” Joseph admitted.
“Joseph Lovelace! Do you even realize what you did? You’re trafficking drugs.
You’re leading Lovelace Group to doom!” Edgar was so angry that his view darkened, and his body trembled.
“Wrong! What I did was to save Lovelace Group!” Joseph stood tall.
His eyes were devoid of any remorse or guilt.
“Do you think the company’s doing well now? Our drug sales have been declining year after year, with losses amounting to hundreds of millions annually.
What you see is just what I wanted to show you! “Also, the Alzheimer’s drug research project ran out of funds long ago! If Aidan hadn’t come up with this idea and infused some cash, our company’s financial chain would’ve snapped six months ago! So, in a way, you should thank me.
Without me, Lovelace Group wouldn’t have made it this far.” “You jerk…
You’re spouting nonsense!” Edgar clutched his chest as he rebuked, “Even if our family falls into bankruptcy…
and we have to beg on the streets, we mustn’t resort to such despicable deeds!” “Hypocrite,” Joseph sneered.
Edgar pounded the bed in frustration.
“You jerk! You’ve ruined Lovelace Group, and you’ve ruined your own son! Aidan used to be such a good kid, but you corrupted him! Julien has severed ties with you as well! Joseph, you’ve disappointed me beyond words! You’re not fit to be the heir of Lovelace Group!” “I’m not fit? Who else is? Julien, who’s dating the Taylor family’s son? Or Mandy, who has tarnished the family’s reputation by being Winston’s mistress?” Joseph coldly eyed Edgar, who was on the brink of death.
He didn’t bother to waste more words as he turned to leave.
“Dad, you didn’t have a choice long ago.
The heir to Lovelace Group can only be me.” 1 Back at Lovelace Residence, Joseph, clad in a bathrobe, slumped onto the couch.
He poured himself a glass of whiskey.
He had played the dutiful son for decades.
But now that he had clashed with Edgar, he felt an unprecedented, subtle sense of relief.
He summoned Ernest and commanded, “Issue an official statement from Lovelace Group’s official social media accounts tomorrow.
State that everything was Aidan’s doing and had nothing to do with Lovelace Group.
We’re a pharmaceutical company.
Any association with human experimentation would ruin us.” Ernest felt a chill run down his spine.
Joseph was truly ruthless.
He was willing to sacrifice even his own son for the family’s interests.
“Also, erase all the transaction records from these past few months.
We can’t afford to let the police trace anything back to me through Aidan.” Joseph glared at Ernest to ensure the latter didn’t slack off.
“If there’s any slip-up, not only me, but you’ll also go down with Lovelace Group.” Ernest hurriedly complied.
“Did you obtain the surveillance footage from the ward?” Joseph asked grimly.
“Yes.” Ernest handed him a USB drive.
Joseph inserted the drive into the computer and played the video.
Mandy and Edgar’s conversation was crystal clear.
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“Dad, you have to stop Joseph now, or Lovelace Group will be doomed.” “I’ve been blind… Visit to read the latest chapter of this novel
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How did I not see through his
ambitions sooner? But it’s too late to
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I’ve stepped down, and he’s ready to take over.
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How will Lovelace Group survive
without him?” “Dad, if we’re talking
about heirs, there’s no one more
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Julien is a skilled doctor, and he’s highly respected in Mosgravia.
He could easily manage the hospital.
Also, Jonah is experienced in business.
Julien can learn from him.
He’ll surely excel with time.” “Mandy…
I want to change my will.
I want you to take over Lovelace Group.”

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