Constructing-Style Wizard

Chapter 331

Chapter 331: 127. Accompanying Witch_4
Becoming alive once again after death is “Revival.”
That should have been dead but did not die is also a kind of “Revival.”
As long as it is related to “Death” but does not ultimately become part of “Death,” it is “Revival.”
The extraordinary energy of this world is born from natural phenomena.
The phenomenon of “Death” contains Death Energy.
“Bones” contain the Bone Magic Power needed for Bone Magic.
“Blood” contains the Blood Magic Power needed for Blood Magic.
Natural phenomena like “flames,” “breeze,” and others also contain corresponding extraordinary energies.
In the eyes of wizards who value elemental studies like Elemental Judgement, “flames” are caused by Fire Elemental Energy and “breeze” is caused by Wind Elemental Energy.
But in the eyes of pure Fire wizards and Wind wizards, the “flame” contains Fire Magic Power, and the “breeze” contains Wind Magic Power.
Each wizard identifies and uses the extraordinary energy in natural phenomena according to the “truth” they recognize.
According to this basic common sense, the phenomenon of “Revival” symbolizing “survival from catastrophe,” “escaping from the jaws of death,” and “returning from the dead” should contain Revival Energy.
This is a kind of energy generated after escaping from the situation of death.
Noland Lee nodded slowly in contemplation, roughly understanding the meaning of “Revival.”
At the same time, he had some guesses about why Denise Green wanted to talk to him alone.
“As someone who has just escaped from the Suffering Borderland not long ago, I must have a strong Revival Energy reaction on my body. It is estimated that it is because of this that Denise Green is attracted to me…
“But what does this have to do with ‘destiny’? Why did Denise Green mention ‘destiny’ when chanting? Could it be that this Revivalists Cult is plotting to control the power of ‘destiny’?
“Also, how did I meet Denise Green in such a large grassland?”>
Noland Lee looked at the grassland in front of him, blinked his eyes, and realized that the Revivalists Cult was not simple.
The invisibility function of the magic car was restored to normal when it was halfway there.
Noland Lee activated the invisibility function, driving the completely transparent magic car all the way catching up. Finally, he entered Union City during the darkness before dawn.
The magic car went straight into the Cat Society Manor in Sector 8 and landed on the Circular Square in front of the Manor castle.
Noland Lee took out an unused metal box, sealed the Bone-mending Wand and wand core in the box, and then picked up Philia and got off the magic car.
As soon as the Magic Servant guarding the door saw the two figures, it made an alarm sound like a bird’s call and opened the Castle Hall’s Great Gate.
“Tweet Tweet Tweet”
The alarm sound of the Magic Servant echoed in the spacious Castle Hall.
“Clank, clank, clank…”
A pair of creatures wearing full-body metal armor ran out of the wall’s suddenly appeared gate.
“Leave it to me, Ray Lee. I am Philia’s mentor.”
The voice of a noblewoman came from the leading metal armor, calm and concerned.
Noland Lee cast Deconstruction at the group of metal armor.
System Feedback Message showed that this was a group of magical creations called “Activated Armor.”
From the content of the female voice just now, it should be Philia’s mentor controlling this group of Activated Armor.
Noland Lee handed over the unconscious Philia, gave it to the hands of the Activated Armor, waved the metal box in his hand, and bowed and said:
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“I salute you. Inside is the broken Bone-mending Wand and the intact wand core. I asked the Lecturerm Professor for help, and I temporarily sealed the wand core by his method. Please be sure to seal the
Bone-mending Wand as soon as
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“Philia received some mental shock during the capture of the magic wand. Fortunately, she received assistance from Miss Denise Green, which allowed her
to escape the crisis. Please treat her as soon as possible.
“Moreover, a new Aberration Fissure has appeared in the Savage Stone Wasteland. We took the broken Bone-mending Wand and wand core from a
group of underdeveloped double-winged mutants.
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“We suspect that the sudden appearance of the Aberration Fissure
in the Savage Stone Wasteland is related to the Bone-mending Wand and Samuelson. We had encountered a Magic Servant capable of casting ‘Mental Illusion’ before finding the traces of the Wandering Wizards. We
haven’t seen Fugidia and other
Wandering Wizards since the
appearance of the Aberration
Fissure. They might have been killed.”
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The leading Activated Armor listened to Noland Lee’s brief account while briefly examining Philia’s condition and confirming that she had only fainted.
When hearing about Denise Green’s help, that Activated Armor was visibly
Noland Lee then felt a scrutinizing gaze coming from inside the helmet of the
Not letting him feel the meaning of the gaze carefully, Philia’s mentor moved her line of sight and looked at the metal box in Noland’s hand.
The Activated Armor took the metal box, opened it, glanced at it briefly, and then
closed it.
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“Alright, Ray Lee, I know the situation.
You did a great job. I will pay the remuneration as in a few
in as
days, after Phave taken care of the
matters tonight, I will have Philial invite you to the manor to discuss the specific task rewards.” The content is on! Read the latest
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“I look forward to your arrival. Now, if you’ll excuse me.”
Noland Lee bowed again, showing full respect for the First Level Magic Research
He left the Cat Society Manor, activated the ‘Swift Runes’ on his clothes, and ran towards the single cottage in Sector 8.

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