Cultivation Online

Chapter 1481

1481 Tantrum
‘Immortal Monarch? Who is that?’ Yu Ning raised her eyebrows in a puzzled manner, as she’d never heard of this individual before.
Since the Immortal Monarch came into existence way after the Heavenly War of Immortals and Gods, there was simply no way for those within the Shadow Realm to know of him.
Despite the occasional tales of the Divine Heavens splitting into the Nine Heavens being told by those who ventured into the Shadow Realm throughout the years, the Immortal Monarch’s name never found its way into these discussions, leaving a void of knowledge in the Shadow Realm.
With that being said, there were names that Yuan uttered that sounded familiar to Yu Ning.
‘Dragon Goddess Yeyou, Primordial Phoenix, and even the Eater of Stars? Weren’t they godlike entities revered as the pinnacle of the beast race?’ Even in her era, these names were tantamount to deities beyond human comprehension, especially the Eater of Stars, who was viewed as a calamity or God of Destruction.
‘Yuan is the reincarnation of this Immortal Monarch who ruled over such powerful entities…? Heavens… This explains why his entire existence is so heaven- defying!’ Yu Ning clenched her fists from excitement at the realization that she’d been picked up by such a powerful individual.
“Please, stand up.” Yuan beckoned the Lord.
The Lord immediately stood up, but his head remained lowered, staring at the ground.
“There’s no need to act in such a manner, Lord. I may be the Immortal Monarch, but you’re still this world’s savior. If anything, I should be the one lowering my head to you.”
“Please don’t do that, Your Majesty.”
“Only if you stop calling me that…”
“But you’re the emperor of beasts…”
“That was before my death. I am merely Yuan now, a human living on Earth. Just address me as that.”
“If you say so, Yuan…”
Despite being accustomed to addressing him as such, it now felt profoundly uncomfortable for the Lord, knowing Yuan’s true identity as the Immortal Monarch.
“If you don’t mind me asking, how did you perish as the Immortal Monarch? And what happened to the Nine Divine Supremes?” The Lord suddenly asked.
Yuan shook his head and said, “Unfortunately, I do not know.”
The Lord fell silent with a pondering expression on his face.
After a moment of silence, he spoke in a grim tone, “The destruction of the Divine Heaven and the Immortal Monarch’s disappearance coincided. This cannot be a mere coincidence. I am convinced the Immortal Monarch played a role in it, which led to his demise.”
Upon hearing this, Yuan responded, “Actually, though I am uncertain of the whereabouts of all the Nine Divine Supremes, I can confirm the location of Dragon Goddess Yeyou. In fact, she is with me at this very moment.”
“What?! Where is she?!” The Lord’s entire body tensed up after learning of this shocking information.
Yuan retrieved the Dragon’s Soul and showed it to him.
“She’s in here-her soul, at least.”
The Lord stared at the Dragon’s Soul with a dazed face.
“To reduce Dragon Goddess Yeyou, who was the strongest among the Nine Divine Supremes, to such a state, what unfathomable events could have led to such a tragedy?” he muttered in a trembling voice.
“You can ask her, but she will not respond no matter how many times I try to speak with her,” Yuan shrugged.
“That usually happens when you upset her in some way…” The Lord explained.
“Huh? I don’t remember doing anything that could upset her. But to think her reason for not responding was due to a tantrum… I guess she can be quite childish, too.” Yuan chuckled.
However, the Lord did not find his words funny. In fact, he wore a terrified expression on his face and even distanced himself.
The very next moment, the Dragon’s Soul in Yuan’s grasp suddenly began to
tremble violently, and an unfathomably powerful pressure that threatened every existence on Earth appeared.
This sudden turn of events shocked Yuan, who quickly exclaimed, “What’s
“Y-you angered the Dragon Goddess by calling her childish!” The Lord responded in a screaming voice.
“What?!” Yuan exclaimed.
He immediately turned to look at the Dragon’s Soul with a bittersweet smile and apologized, “I’m sorry, Dragon Goddess Yeyou, for calling you childish.”
Yet, the Dragon’s Soul began trembling even more viciously for some reason.
“Even though I apologized?!”
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Although Dragon Goddess Yeyou did
not utter a single word, the Lord could somehow understand the reason for her frustration, but he
wasn’t sure whether he should reveal this information to Yuan, fearing it
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Yet, if he remained silent, the Earth would be imperiled, facing the looming threat
of destruction.
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Just as the Lord parted his lips to
speak, he felt a sharp aura
materialize before his throat. It was
Dragon Goddess Yeyou’s silent
command to maintain silence, and he
complied without hesitation. The
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‘I’m sorry, but you’ll have to figure this out on your own…’ the Lord sighed
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“Dragon Goddess Yeyou, why can’t
you just tell me what’s bothering you?
I’m sure you know this already, but do not have all of my memories as the Immortal Monarch, so I cannot respond to you the way you probably
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Surprisingly, the Dragon’s Soul began to calm down.
Seeing this, Yuan quickly continued, “I am sorry, but I will definitely make it up to
you when I remember.”
The Dragon’s Soul stopped shaking, and the terrorizing pressure also
Yuan wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and sighed inwardly, ‘She’s more
handful than what I currently remember…’
Sometime later, Yuan said to the Lord, “Anyway, I will activate the formation once
I warn the others. Of course, I won’t restrict you or Liya’s cultivation base.”
“I will support your decision no matter what you want to do.”
“Then I’ll return once I replenish Ji Ran’s cultivation base.”
Yuan recalled the Starry Abyss and descended down the mountain, returning to
the mansion shortly after.

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