Even After Death Novel (Olivia)

Chapter 1630

Things becawkward. Now, Jacqueline felt as humiliated as she felt confident a while ago.

Similar to Olivia, Deborah and Jacqueline had never gotten involved in the army, hence their fixed mindset to fight spells with spells. Little did they know, flamethrowers could put an end to those bugs. The whole process took less than a minute. It was so quick that Jacquline was left dumbfounded.

She had personally witnessed how powerful those bugs could be. Yet, it didn’t take long and much to exterminate them! Jacqueline becagitated. “You’re going to get it from me, Olivia!” Olivia was unbothered. “Enough. Your reinforcements have been completely annihilated. You’d better be honest withor I’ll put you on the operating table.” Feeling defeated, Jacqueline leaned against the wall. After contemplation, she slowly said, “Fine. There’s not much I can tell you about Brandon. He’s a mystery. He works with us simply to achieve his temporary objectives.

“It was kinda funny. Before he kidnapped Mom, I had always thought that he had the sobjectives as us-to take over Fordham Group.” Olivia growled, “Don’t call her ‘Mom’! She treated you so well all these years! As long as you give us more clues, the higher chance there is for us to save her.” Jacqueline added, “He’s a genius doctor. He worked with Toxic Hive to invent antiviral drugs. They’re effective but at the cost of serious side effects. People can grow dependent on them, so those drugs were banned.

“At the end of the day, it turned out that he was skillful in making poisons! His body is filled with all types of poison. Every tI meet him, I tend to avoid him as much as possible.

“Okay, I’ve already told you everything that I know. If you want to capture Deborah, there’s more reason for you to keepalive. You needto stay in touch with her and catch them all.” “Are you serious about this? She’s your adoptive mother.” Olivia doubted.

Jacqueline coldly said, “All I know is every human is selfish. She only seesas a chess piece and nothing more. I think the sof et her too. If I help you, could you spare my life? Deborah and Brandon have something going on between them. I bet she knows something that I don’t. “Olivia, I know was ruthless toward you guys in the past. But put yourself in my shoes. I think you’d make the sdecision I did. If ṛ hadn’t helped Deborah, I wouldn’t have beca subject of her experiment. I didn’t have a choice.” “If you help us big time, I won’t let you die that tragically. Tell me, where is she?” Olivia responded.

“Before Deborah left, she toldto calong. But I didn’t because | couldn’t bring myself to give up on. everything I barely earned after so many years. I cut contact with them one-sidedly, so I don’t know their whereabouts for now. But can contact the people around her. That’s how we’ll track her down.” Noticing Olivia’s hesitation, Jacqueline added, “I’m not trying to trick you. I don’t have a choice here. I want to live, and I know that you’re a kind person. Please, I don’t have anything anymore. Trustjust this one time.” “Fine. Last question, who’s the one practicing witchcraft?” “It’s my friend. He’s good at using spells. He gaveone billion dollars on that all-or-nothing bet. I had a plan B. If I don’t return in time, he’ll clook for me.” “So, there’ll be a second wave?” “Yes, but I don’t think it’ll be those bugs again.”

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