Ex-husband Unmasked He’s a Billionaire?

Chapter 406

“Does Dr. Smith really have an aversion to men?” Cameron found it hard to believe.
That was because ever since he met Tara, he had always thought of her to be sexy and open. She had never once shown any signs of aversion to him.
Tara blushed a little. She knew what Cameron was thinking about.
“Of course! This can’t be faked!” Lena said strongly.
“Back then, in the sick ward…”
“That was Tara pulling a prank on you. She had just wanted to trick you into becoming her lab experiment. She actually hates all you useless men.” Lena rolled her eyes at Cameron.
“I see…” Cameron was speechless. He suddenly recalled that Tara had once said to him before that she wasn’t interested in men.
It turned out that she was telling the truth. He thought that she had just been joking with him back then.
“Now that you know about her condition, can you cure her?” Lena asked with concern.
“I’m afraid not.” Cameron exhaled before explaining, “This is a mental condition. The patient needs to work on the condition themselves. Dr. Smith will have to deal with it herself, or perhaps…” “What is it?” Lena pressed on.
“Or perhaps, in Dr. Smith’s life, if there’s a man that she can come to accept, it can help her to open up once more and change her views on men. But that’s extremely challenging, and there’s also a downside to it.”
“What downside?”
“Well…” Cameron thought for a while before deciding that he should tell the truth. “The downside is that Dr. Smith might only accept that man for the rest of her life and that she still wouldn’t accept other men.
“Of course, this is only in theory. Her exact recovery would depend on the actual situation. Besides, Dr. Smith’s condition is really specific, and it would be really hard for her to find such a man.” “That despicable bastard!” Lena became even angrier when she heard Cameron’s words. If it weren’t for that bastard, Tara wouldn’t end up like this!
“It’s alright, Lena. Don’t get angry. I’m still doing well, aren’t I? I’m happy just having you around,” Tara consoled.
She didn’t want Lena to get angry over such matters. That man was no longer important to her.
“Alas, even Dr. Miracle can’t do
anything about this,” Dylan said with a sigh. However, he still held a sliver of
hope when he realized that not only did Tara not despise Cameron, but she also
Just then, the doorbell rang.
“Grandpa, did you invite anyone over?” Tara asked.
“No.” Dylan shook his head and then said, “I’ll go and take a look.”
“Let me do it, Grandpa.”
Tara walked over to open the door.
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Then, she saw a man in a white shirt with a combover standing in front her. He was about five feetnine M inches tall, and he looked like he was in his late 20s. He had an expensive Patek Philippe watch on his right wrist. The content is on
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The moment he saw Tara, he looked dazzled. Then, he smiled
chivalrously, thinking that the smile made him look more handsome, as he said, “Tara, it’s been a long time.”
The moment Tara saw him, her expression turned icy. She immediately shut the door.
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“Hold on! Tara!” The man squeezed
his body in, stopping Tara from m shutting the door. Tara said nothing Π but merely looked at the man coldly. The content is on Novelxo.org!
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“I’ll go and take a look to see what’s wrong.” Lena sensed that something had
happened, so she quickly walked over.
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“Colonel Bailey, you’re here too. Could
you get Tara to let me in? I havem something to say to her.” The man smiled awkwardly yet politely. The content is on Novelxo.org! Read the latest chapter there!
“Dalton Chard!” The moment Lena saw the man, her gaze raged with fury. “How
dare you show yourself in front of Tara?”

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