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Chapter 2127

Gabriel suddenly blurted out, “Why not date anyone?”
Sylvia was taken aback by his question and slowly lifted her head, saying, “You’ve spoiled me with your fine dining, I’m afraid others just won’t cut it.”
Gabriel was at a loss for words.
She had indeed changed, grown bolder, always managing to leave him speechless with a single retort.
And yet, she delivered it with such earnestness, with such an innocent tone, that he found himself unable to chide her.
After her quip, Sylvia chuckled and went back to her meal in silence.
Once the meal was done, Sylvia brewed a cup of tea for Gabriel and made herself a coffee.
The aroma of coffee and tea mingled together – not clashing, but rather creating a harmonious blend.
Sylvia nestled into Gabriel’s embrace, her arms looping around his neck, “I’m not doing anything today, just spending it with you, okay?”
Her voice had a playful lilt, as if she was seeking praise for her decision.
Gabriel gazed into her eyes, then suddenly smiled, “Are you really spending time with me, or are you just milking me for attention?”
After a night wrapped up in each other, now she was content sipping coffee ‘by his side’?
Sylvia’s eyes widened in mock surprise, then she burst into laughter, her forehead resting against his neck, her body shaking with mirth.
Her laughter drew him in, his breathing deepened, and he pulled her chin up for a deep ki*s.
Sylvia kept laughing, her eyes shimmering like ripples on a pond. Gradually, the air filled with an unspoken intimacy. Her laughter subsided as she began to undress him once more.
Indeed, this was the time to look at his body without apology.
Jason had been busy all morning and around noon, he called Sophia, “Wanna go see coach? I’ll pick you up.”
Sophia’s voice was muffled, “No, thanks.”
Jason frowned slightly, “Still in bed?”
“Caught a cold again?”
Sophia’s voice was raspy, “I’ve been off for a while. I had a hot dish last night, and now my throat feels inflamed.”
Jason was frustrated enough to scold her, “Don’t you know your own body? Are you still a child?”
Sophia fell silent. She had a date with Robin the previous night. They watched a movie and then went for a meal. He loved spicy food, and she didn’t want to dampen the mood. She thought her cold was nearly over and wouldn’t be an issue, yet here she was, her throat inflamed the next morning.
Now she was in too much pain to speak.
“Eaten anything?” Jason asked.
“Can’t eat, just had some water,” Sophia replied spiritedly. “Don’t worry, I’ll sleep it off. It’s the weekend, no work anyway.”
She had barely finished when Jason hung up.
Sophia was stunned, looking at her disconnected phone and muttered, “So quick to anger, such a grump.”
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Feeling dizzy, she was about to lie down again when another call came in. She glanced at the caller ID and a smile spread across her face, “Hi, Robin.” The content is on! Read the latest
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Robin sounded surprised, “Your voice is hoarse again?”
Sophia cleared her throat, “It’s okay, just a bit sore.”
“Make sure you drink plenty of water,” Robin advised. “I’m swamped at the office
today, but once I’m free, I’ll come check on you.”
“No worries, you do your thing. I’ll take care of myself,” Sophia replied
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“Sophia,” Robin continued, “you’re
pretty close to Estelle, right? My company has developed a new m product that’s a perfect fit for the Lamont Group’s new project procurement plan. Could you ask
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“Partner with the Lamont Group?”
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“Yeah, my product’s quality is
top-notch. It’s a win-win situation, we just need someone to connect us. could you see if Estelle can help out?” The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!

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