Getting $10 Trillion Out Of Nowhere

Chapter 576

Chapter 576: Get Jude Campbell to Come Here
When Yana and Lena heard Henrick’s words, they were confused.
The two of them had never expected Henrick to go so far.
At this moment, Hubert’s men had already arrived, but Henrick was still unwilling to let Connor and Carlos go.
Yana called Hubert not because of her own matters, but because she wanted to save Connor.
However, if she could not save Connor now, then wouldn’t her call be in vain?
“Yana, Connor and Carlos offended Kevin Stewart because of us. We can’t just stand by and watch them die, right?”
Lena exclaimed anxiously.
Meanwhile, Yana turned to look at the yellow-haired young man that Hubert Jordan had asked to come, as if she wanted to ask for his help.
The yellow-haired guy was not as strong as Henrick. Moreover, Hubert’s secretary called him this time, so he did not have much confidence.
When he saw Henrick let Yana and Lena go, he heaved a sigh of relief.
He knew that if he were to ask Henrick for Connor and Carlos, Henrick would definitely be very dissatisfied. The conflict between the two of them might even escalate.
“Benjamin, these two people beat up my brother. I’ve already given you face by agreeing to let you take these two women away, but you absolutely can’t take these two people away!”
Henrick looked up at the yellow-haired guy and said calmly.
Benjamin Wheeler knew very well what Henrick meant.
Therefore, he could only say to Yana with a helpless expression, “Miss Weaver, the order I received was to bring you with me. Mr. Jordan didn’t mention anything else, so I can’t get involved in other people’s matters, and I won’t meddle in other people’s business…”
When Yana heard Benjamin’s words, her face was filled with despair.
“Since you didn’t come here to save Connor, why did you come here?”
Lena called out as well.
“If you want to save these two brats, that’s fine too. As long as you call Mr.
Jordan now. If he says that he wants to protect these two people, I can also take them away…”
Benjamin thought for a moment and said calmly.
Yana’s felt very conflicted.
Because Hubert didn’t come personally but asked this yellow-haired guy to come. This was enough to explain many things.
However, Yana did not want to see Connor and Carlos get into trouble because of her. After hesitating for a while, she said lightly, “Alright, I’ll call Uncle Jordan now…”
After saying that, Yana took out her phone and dialed Hubert’s number.
“Yana, what’s wrong?”
Hubert answered the call quickly and asked softly.
Yana hesitated for a moment, then told Hubert about her situation.
“Uncle Jordan, these two friends of mine offended Henrick and the others because of me. Can you help them?” Yana pleaded softly.
“Yana, your sister told me to protect you, but she didn’t ask me to protect your friends. You probably don’t understand Henrick’s personality. If I really piss him off, he might not even give me face. Do you understand what I mean?” Hubert said lightly.
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After hearing Hubert’s words, Yana was stunned. Her face was filled with despair.
As long as one wasn’t a fool, one should be able to understand the meaning behind Hubert’s words.
Hubert obviously didn’t want to care about Connor’s matter.
Therefore, after taking a deep breath, Yana said in a low voice, “Uncle Jordan, I understand what you mean…”
Hubert didn’t waste any time and hung up the phone.
After the call ended, Yana looked at Connor and Carlos in despair. At this
moment, she was at her wit’s end.
“Yana, what did he say?”
Lena asked Yana anxiously.
“Hubert told me not to be a busybody…”
Yana replied indifferently, then said with a somewhat disappointed expression, “I don’t have much status in the Weaver Family. Hubert helped me this time because of my sister. This might be the difference between the direct line and the collateral line. When my sister went to Borealis, Hubert brought people to welcome her personally. He was also very respectful to my sister. However, whenever I call him, he always ignores me. Now, he’s even asking someone else
to deal with this…”
“Then, what should we do? Yana, hurry up and think of something!”
Lena almost cried when she heard that.
“What can I do now? If not for my sister, Hubert might not even care about the
two of us…”
Yana said helplessly.
Lena stood rooted to the ground, dumbfounded.
Because she knew that if Yana said that she had no way, then she really had no
‘We’re both from the Weaver Family, but the difference is so big!’
Yana couldn’t help but sigh as she thought to herself.
At this moment, she began to hesitate whether she should call her sister or not.
However, after hesitating for a moment, Yana quickly gave up on this idea.
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This was because she knew that her
sister would definitely not care about this matter After all, Connor and Carlos had nothing to do with Yana.
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If Yana was in danger, her sister might intervene. However, Yana was not in
danger at all.
“So? What did Mr. Jordan say?”
In fact, Henrick already knew what was going on. After all, he could tell from
Yana’s expression.
“What do we have to do for you to let my two friends go?”
Yana frowned and shouted.
“It’s very simple. Give me 500,000 dollars for the medical fees, and I’ll let them
“Of course, if you can get Jude Campbell from Borealis City to come here, we
can let you guys go…”
Henrick chuckled.
Everyone burst into laughter when they heard what Henrick said.
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was the
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The Campbell Family was one of the
top families in Borealis
Borealis City: Henrick
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“Jude Campbell?”
When Yana heard this name, a strange look flashed in her eyes.
Even Lena’s gaze was a little off.

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