Hold My Tear, I’m Getting My Wife Back!

Chapter 577

Phillip breezed past Curtis, tossing his own words back at him with a smirk, “Lost your smile, have you?”
Curtis, rendered speechless by irritation, pinched Leanne’s cheek a bit harder than necessary, “All the victories I rack up out there, and here you are, setting me back, Dean. You’re truly my nemesis.” Leanne, feeling somewhat at fault, didn’t resist, allowing him to shape her face as he pleased.
Joy hurriedly handed over her son, chirping a quick “Bye!” before making a swift exit.
Tina entrusted her twins to Leanne, “Their nanny will get their meals ready. Thanks for looking after them, Anne.”
One by one, the cars departed, leaving Leanne and Curtis alone in the cabin… well, not entirely alone, considering the four kids of various sizes still there.
Little Danny was building a tower with blocks, seemingly unfazed by the absence of his parents, while the one-year-old twins had just woken up, hungry and restless.
The doorbell chimed as Devin, freshly back from a business trip, stepped in amidst a swirl of snowflakes, dropping his suitcase with a thud and greeting, “Hey, bro.” Curtis, in the midst of making formula, glanced at him briefly before handing over two bottles, one pink and one blue, to the eagerly awaiting twins. “Everything taken care of?”
“All done.” Devin, grabbing a cucumber from the fridge for a quick snack, leaned against the counter and half-joked, “I’m dead on my feet. Didn’t sleep a wink last night, and there was this kid on the plane, crying like it was the end of the world. Felt like flushing it down the toilet.”
Curtis patted his head gently, “Go catch some sleep then.”
Stretching and yawning, Devin asked, “What room can I use?”
“Take your pick,” replied Curtis, trying to hide his grin.
Devin, too tired to sense the underlying trap, chose a room at random, ditched his coat, and dived under the covers, asleep in seconds without dreaming a thing. Yet, he woke with a feeling of being surrounded… by babies.
Opening his eyes, he was met with Betty’s plump, curious face, her big eyes staring intently at him.
“Devin, you’re awake!” She beamed, while Joy’s son munched on chips noisily beside her.
Feeling something wiggle on his legs, Devin looked down to find the twins crawling on him.
“What… How did you get here?”
Betty, with an innocence only a child could muster, said, “Daddy said you work too hard and are always hungry and cold, so he sent us to take care of you.” …So, who’s looking after who, now?
Devin, sensing a plot, reached for his phone, only to see a message from his dear brother sent half an hour ago.
It was a detailed list of each baby’s needs and how to properly mix formula. Curtis’ only comment was, “Mom and Dad had a fortune teller say you’re due for marriage and kids this year. Consider this practice. No need to thank me.”
Upon reaching Northwood Mansion at dusk, Leanne stepped out onto the snow that crunched under her feet, with Curtis’ tall figure following closely behind, their steps in sync.
As Leanne flicked on the lights, memories flooded back, overwhelming her.
She vividly remembered the first time Curtis brought her here, their flight canceled due to a blizzard, seeking shelter in a pinch.
It was another dark night, and she, afraid of the dark, felt reassured when Curtis took her hand as they entered. Unaware of his scheming she didn’t realize he could have easily switched on the lights, choosing instead to hold her hand under the guise of comfort for much
longer than necessary. Content
Walking around, the property seemed untouched, preserved by regular
maintenance, everything as it had always been.
Descending from the second floor,
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she saw Curtis leaning against a
cabinet watching her silently. Their eyes locked. He gave her a gentle smile and stretched out his hand,
saying, “Come over here.” The
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Leanne approached, and Curtis pulled her into his embrace.
They stood there, in silence, wrapped in each other’s arms, the quiet moment
bridging the distance of nine years from their first
awkward encounter to the deep love of the present.
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Neither could have imagined that a
disrupted plan, a moment borne out of necessity, would become one of their most treasured memories. The content is on Novelxo.org! Read
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After a while, Leanne spoke softly, echoing his words from the ski resort, “I
missed you too, Curtis.”
Curtis responded with a kiss to her forehead.
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The snow blanketed the yard, the mansion standing as a silent witness to their love and companionship, serene and eternal, on a winter night
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