I Am The Luna

Chapter 699

Chapter 698
“What should we do?” Harriet was worried about the situation.
“We will attend the banquet, but everyone must be cautious. Let’s see what tricks Felipe is playing,” Arthur said.
“Okay!” Harriet readily agreed.
Soon, it was the day of the banquet. Harriet took her brother, mother, and Andy to attend it.
They got out of the car and saw Felipe waiting at the entrance.
“Harriet, you’re here,” he said warmly.
Felipe’s affectionate words gave Harriet goosebumps.
‘When did Felipe become so slick?’ she thought.
His smiling face only made her feel insincere.
After greeting Harriet, Felipe greeted the others.
Although Felipe appeared very friendly and seemed to have no ill intentions, Harriet became more convinced that he was orchestrating something big.
Harriet remained vigilant, wary of everything present.
At the banquet, Harriet stood elegantly, swaying the wine in her glass while surveying the surroundings. She didn’t drink at all. The wine glass was just her disguise. Sadie arrived in a beautiful dress. If Harriet weren’t there, she would have been the most beautiful girl there.
As soon as Sadie entered the house, Harriet noticed her because Delbert was with her.
us noticed Harriet. In the
Sadie warm
causinn, Harriet looked gorgeous,
jealousy to burn in her
Sadie and Harriet locked eyes. The atmosphere between them became tense.
Sadie provocatively linked arms with Delbert and smiled triumphantly at Harriet.
She was like saying, “You may be
I come from a wealthy net
but so what? Everything you have now belongs to me!” S
She failed to notice the fleeting disgust in Delbert’s eyes.
Harriet felt resentful. That was her husband.
Why did Sadie want to possess her things?
Sadie walked gracefully with Delbert, eventually reaching the dessert table near Harriet.
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“Delbert, I want that one.” Sadie
pointed at a dessert putting on a
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Delbert picked it up for her, lest she suspect anything.
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Sadie’s intimate tone made Harriet
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Sadie opened her mouth, signaling for Delbert to feed her.
Delbert understood her meaning and did as she wished.
He scooped a piece of dessert and placed it in Sadie’s mouth.
Sadie chewed slowly and smiled
Slbert’s one hand linked t s and the other holde toet
E and the other holding.net
wine glass, she looked very happy.
Harriet felt sad, but she didn’t show it.
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She was unwilling to reveal any
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