Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 3020

3020 Omniverse 101! III
Was he ready to get started with the work of the Initiative?
Hearing such a question, Noah waved his hands to pull back the weavings of Infinity carefully from the complex transmutations of data around him.
His first successful entry and exit into borrowing the influence of the Omniverse itself!
He nodded in appreciation while replying to Sona.
You speak as if I’ve already joined your club.
Sona blinked sharply for a moment, a silent aura rising around her as she placed her hand on her chin once more in a carefree manner while voicing her intent.
I see. You’re the big bad Omniversal Anomaly who doesn’t have the Mark of Damnation, so you wouldn’t just be added under someone else’s thing…is that
At her words, Noah smiled brightly while nodding with appreciation.
I like how you catch onto things fast, it saves me a lot of the taking.
His visage emanated unbound majesty and tyranny as he spoke, causing Sona to sigh as she waved her hands.
All right- partners. How about Founders of the Initiative? You can stomach that? After all, I do take the lead in who the stronger one is between us at this moment.
Noah asked while recalling how this Entity, at the Teleios Stage of the Existential Dominium Realm, had been whipping the ass of a Teracosm Stage Elder Queen!
And as if to further cement her words as the truth, she nodded towards Noah as she raised her hands and…
The purple light of her Dominium Soul…began to blaze with a golden brilliance!
A glorious golden brilliance of Teracosm!
This ridiculous Entity really lived up to her distinction as an anomaly as she began taking her Dominium from one stage to another at will.
At will!
Others spent eons forever remaining at the Teleios Stage.
Others had to resort to an enormous amount of Fruits of Existence if they could afford it!
Yet she…
Even Noah couldn’t help but nod towards her with appreciation as she smiled with a sense of mischief and confidence.
Sometimes, one’s Dominium can be unique by nature, or forcefully made to be so. One can accumulate so much existence within themselves to the extent that what others find hard, for them, it is simple. One’s Existential Extremity Authorities are a factor, their Foundations, the type of Dominium.
As she spoke, the golden aura of Teracosm around her only blazed brighter as nearly 10% of her purple aura was already turned into liquified gold!
It’s been established that the easiest Dominium to raise is one’s Body, followed by Origin, and then of course the Soul. It’s why most of those you will meet have a Dominium Soul even though it’s the hardest to raise, but its cruciality remains undeniable when it comes to Extreme and survivability. But of course, you have some terrifying beings who take the easier path of the Dominium of the Body and become living weapons- faster than one can even weave anything with their Origins or Souls as theyfind themselves dead before they even know it. So really…it doesn’t matter in the end.
Her explanation was lengthy as she did something that would be impossible for others.
Noah nodded at her intent as he replied with his own.
Very well, Founders of this Initiative.
A brief silence came as Sona closed her eyes momentarily.
A small decision for some may be a tremendous moment for others.
A small smile appeared on Sona after the first members of the Initiative were
decided, her eyes soon becoming determined as her intent flowed.
So, Founders, and the perks I mentioned before.
The perks she mentioned before…
Noah’s eyes curved into smiles at this as he rose up while stretching his body.
And when do I get to have the perk right in front of me?
He unabashedly looked at her gorgeous figure as Sanctus Princess Sona actually rose up and turned around to show her curves and blessed chest with a serious face of contemplation!
It was enough to cause the Dominiums of weaker men to turn weak, yet the Weaver of Extremity observed calmly.
I know I’m stunning. But you won’t get to have any of this just yet as I have to keep dangling something in front of you, don’t I? Let the tension build. Can you imagine the anticipation and finally getting something you really want that’s been in front of your eyes this whole time? Oh, and you mentioned you have multiple others just as stunning as me right? Then I’m even more confident in your strength in waiting- let’s get some work done first.
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Her face was filled with
shamelessness and confidence as she spoke, with her right hand rising to punch the air above the Source of Psychros they were in as a massive portal began to form. The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!
Noah looked at it as he could see the statues of the 9 Dragons gazing forward menacingly, auras of multiple Entities filled with mad power still raging as he
I did come here for the Sanctus Populi…
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He came for the possible knowledge
and opportunity of the Sanctus
Populi, and he instead found Sona
and her Initiative, along with an
introduction of the overall Omniverse
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At his words, Sona nodded as she began to float upwards.
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Yes. As much as I wish to ignore everything unnecessary, your name has to begin carrying weight and
distinction at least within the Sanctus Populi, otherwise those old crooks will begin making things more annoying. The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!
Her eyes were placid.
Noah had no issues with her intent as he also floated up, his intent coming out
slowly. Since you claim to be familiar with me and my character, it’s safe to assume you
aren’t about to come out and say that I’ve been chosen as your Knight to serve
Sona’s eyes twinkled at his words.
As her figure filled with mesmerizing golden Dignity surged up, her icy glow of
Psychros covered her intent entirely as she only smiled!
Space twisted and tore as they left the Source of Psychros.
Leaving was always faster than coming in as within moments…
They disappeared from the Source of Psychros.
Now the question was…what status would Noah have within the Sanctus

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