Love Unbreakable by Bank Brook

Chapter 1926

Chapter 1926, The Starry Sky Shakes
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The Cross-Cultivation Star Space Arrays that Yang Kai had arranged over the past few years had nearly connected the entire Star Field together, making it extremely convenient to travel.
Over the past year, he took his four women to visit every famous mountain and river, walking every picturesque land they could. He also stayed in Nine Heavens Holy Land on Tong Xuan Realm for a period of time and visited many more familiar places, completing a tour of all the most beautiful sights to see in the Star Field.
This year had been an extremely fulfilling and joyful year for Yang Kai and the four young women.
There were no disputes, no battles, not even any cultivating this year, just travelling about together, hand in hand, forgetting about everything else and just cherishing what was right in front of them, and standing beside them.
But this had to end eventually, and today, Yang Kai returned to High Heaven Sect with the four girls.
When Yang Kai’s figure appeared, all the Third-Order Origin King masters who were discussing the Heavenly Way suddenly turned to look at the Space Array.
“That boy is back,” Long Tian Shang grinned.
“Smelly brat, you’re finally willing to show up,” Chi Yue snorted coldly as she looked rather unhappy.
Gui Zu just laughed wickedly, “Sect Master enjoys the blessing of having four wives, it’s already more than enough for him to remember to be on time. You shouldn’t complain too much.”
Ai Ou cut straight to the point and called out, “Brat, you have three days to finish up anything you have left to deal with. Three days later and we’ll begin.”
Atop the Space Array, Yang Kai’s expression changed as he cupped his fists towards the main peak where everyone was.
As soon as he finished, he turned and smiled at the four women, “I have three days left.”
No matter who among the four it was, they could not help wearing gloomy expressions.
Although they had already prepared themselves for this, when the day really came, no matter who it was, they felt extremely reluctant. But more than that, they felt worried about the unknown place Yang Kai was going to.
Over the next three days, Yang Kai handled all his business in High Heaven Sect, gathering the Elders to discuss the development of the Sect, as well as passing the position of Sect Master to Ye Xi Yun. Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang were also promoted to Elder status to assist her.
This way, even if he and Gui Zu left High Heaven Sect, with three First-Order Origin Kings assuming command, coupled with the myriad of powerful Spirit Arrays protecting it, the Sect would certainly be safe unless it encountered an attack from a Third-Order Origin King.
Even if a Third-Order Origin King were to appear though, High Heaven Sect would still have the strength to fight back.
After finishing the arrangements, Yang Kai was finally able to relax.
Next, he left a large number of Secret Arts, Secret Techniques, pills, and various other treasures in the High Heaven Sect’s Treasury for the disciples to use in the future.
Three days passed in a flash.
On this day, the atmosphere inside High Heaven Sect was extremely solemn.
Countless disciples had exited their retreat and gathered in the main square, looking up at the man who created High Heaven Sect single-handedly.
Yang Ying Feng and Dong Su Zhu shed tears as they bid farewell to Yang Kai.
Su Yan and the others also surrounded Yang Kai and spoke to him one after another.
“When you get there, if you meet someone who can take care of you, make sure to accept her. A man needs a woman to support him if he wants to achieve great things,” Su Yan said earnestly.
“Junior Brother, you have to take care of yourself, don’t take any unnecessary risks,” Xia Ning Chang entreated with puffy eyes.
“No matter how you conduct yourself out there, make sure you keep us all in your heart!” Xue Yue expressed faintly.
“If you dare to abandon us sisters, next time we meet…” Shan Qing Luo smiled wickedly as she made a slicing motion with her hand, real murderous intent
leaking out from her body.
Yang Kai smiled dryly at this before putting on a serious expression and saying, “I’ll have to trouble you to look after my parents while I’m away.”
“That’s a given, go with peace of mind,” Su Yan nodded sincerely.
“It’s a blessing having all of you!” Yang Kai said affectionately.
The four women could not help blushing as Shan Qing Luo said in a sharp tone, “Just get going, don’t embarrass us in front of our Seniors over there.”
Yang Kai chuckled and took the four women into his arms one by one without any scruples about the eyes of others, hugging them tightly, as if trying to imprint the tenderness and warmth of their bodies onto his own before he turned around and soared up into the sky without looking back.
All four of the beauties standing down below opened their mouths, but none of them was able to make a sound.
“High Heaven Sect pays respect to Sect Master on his day of departure! May Sect Master achieve victory and success, enjoying prosperity and fortune, returning safely in triumph!” Ye Xi Yun’s voice sounded behind him.
The next moment, all of High Heaven Sect shouted, “May Sect Master achieve victory and success, enjoying prosperity and fortune, returning safely in triumph!”
The thunderous chorus of voices rang out through the sky.
“We shall take advantage of your auspicious words!” Long Tian Shang laughed loudly in a distant response.
Several streaks of light then swiftly shot towards Starry Sky, disappearing in the
blink of an eye.
Only once they were gone did many people shed tears in silence.
Somewhere in Starry Sky, a group of seven stood together.
Besides Yang Kai, everyone else present was a Third-Order Origin King.
For Yang Kai, basically all these people were his acquaintances. Gui Zu, Chi Yue, and Ai Ou did not even need to be mentioned, and although Long Tian Shang and Yang Kai hadn’t interacted much, they had at least met one another. As for Sword Union’s Union Master Gu Cang Yun, Yang Kai had often exchanged cultivation experiences with this short old man during the year or so he was travelling around Sword Union. Gu Cang Yun had a friendly and free-spirited personality, so Yang Kai had gotten along with him quite well.
The relationship between the two was fairly pleasant.
As for the last person… Yang Kai actually didn’t recognize him.
Seeing him cast a curious glance towards the last master present, Long Tian
Shang smiled and said, “Come here, Yang Kai. Let me introduce you. This one is the oldest and strongest amongst the Third-Order Origin Kings in the Star Field, Brother Wu Dao!”
Yang Kai’s eyes bulged in surprise as he asked, “You are Senior Wu Dao?”
Wu Dao did not have an eye-catching appearance and just wore plain grey robes, which matched well with his white beard. Although he had some sage-like features and aura about him, even that was somewhat unremarkable. If Long Tian Shang hadn’t introduced him as Wu Dao, Yang Kai would never have guessed that this living legend was the one who stood before him.
Wu Dao’s name itself was a type of symbol for this era.
Rumour had it that he had lived for more than five thousand years and had
experienced countless major events in the Star Field, witnessing the rise and downfall of many great forces.
Although he was a hidden dragon who never deigned to show his face, all Origin Kings in the Star Field recognized him as the strongest!
Yang Kai had first heard the name Wu Dao when he visited Green Mountains
At that time, Yang Kai had met a young man named Xu Bin Bai during the Blood Prison Trial, Wu Dao’s Disciple. Precisely because of this, Green Mountains Star’s Star Master Luo Hai treated Xu Bin Bai, a mere Junior to him, with a great deal of respect; this was proof of just how famous and influential Wu Dao was.
He was like an Ancestor to the entire Star Field.
What was rarer still was that, although this man had astonishing strength, there were no instances at all of him acting wickedly or even arrogantly, maintaining a spotless reputation for his entire life and causing him to be worshipped by many
“Junior Yang Kai, greets Senior Wu Dao!” Yang Kai did not dare to neglect and hurriedly offered a salute.
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“Sect Master Yang is too polite,” Wu
Dao smiled slightly. “Brother Long shows this old master too much
favour, there’s no need to act so constrained. This old master hash simply lived the life of a tortoise. Living longer simply gives one more time to accumulate experiences in life. On the other hand, Sect Master
Yang being able to find a way to the Star Boundary and opening up an opportunity to spy on a higher Martial Dao is truly worthy of this Wu Dao’s admiration. This old master will have to ask Sect Master Yang to lead the
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Yang Kai quickly shook his head and declined such praise modestly before
turning around and saying seriously, “All of you being willing to cast aside your
own safety and help Junior open the road to the Star Boundary is a graciousness
this Junior will never forget! Please accept Junior’s worship!”
Saying so, Yang Kai cupped his fists and bowed.
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Chi Yue laughed lightly and shook her
head as she said, “There’s no need
for you to act so reservedly. We agreed to help you not
you not just for you,
but for ourselves as well. Having reached the Third-Order Origin King Realm, if we ever want to advance a
step further, we can only travel to the Star Boundary, and as cultivators, who among us can really stand to
not take that leap? Wu Dao being here is the best example.” The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!
Wu Dao smiled bitterly, “Yes, when Brother Long mentioned this, this old master
knew that he had to come. If he didn’t, this old master would soon pass away from old age!”
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As a Third-Order Origin King who had
lived for five thousand years, Wu Dao could already be considered an extremely long-lived individual, Dao himself did not have much of a
life garself
not individual, Wu
life span left, and if he did not want to simply pass away in obscurity somewhere, he could only attempt to raise his cultivation once more, so travelling to the Star Boundary was
his last and only hope. With this
being the case, how could he not come? The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!
“Be that as it may, Junior must still offer his sincere thanks,” Yang Kai still spoke
while concealing a little guilt, because he had not told them everything he knew, like about the Star Field Guardians. However, this information was irrelevant to everyone else at the moment, so Yang Kai had decided not to explain it to them.
“Alright, enough idle chatter. Boy, just tell us what you want us to do,” Ai Ou urged impatiently.
“Is everyone here planning to travel to the Star Boundary?” Yang Kai asked. “Martial Uncle Long won’t be accompanying us, he is only here to offer his assistance in opening the way,” Ai Ou explained. “My Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce has a vast empire to oversee, after all, so someone must stay behind
to watch over it. This time, only I will be following you.” Yang Kai nodded, expressing his understanding.
Even for High Heaven Sect, Yang Kai had to make proper arrangements. Three
Origin Kings being left to oversee the High Heaven Sect was barely enough, so Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce need not even be mentioned. If there was no Third-Order Origin King assuming command of Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce, it would likely not take more than a few years for it to be
carved up either from the inside or out.
“In that case, Junior will begin,” Yang Kai declared before he turned around and with a wave of his hand summoned out all nine Star Emperor Tokens. The nine Star Emperor Tokens, which now appeared insignificant and unremarkable, had once sealed the Divine Ability of the Great Emperor. Now, they only radiated a slight Emperor Pressure, but when all of them appeared together here, they began to resonate.
Soon, various flickering patterns began to appear on the Star Emperor Tokens.
These patterns were extremely profound and complex, hiding untold mysteries.
Without any need for outside control, the nine Star Emperor Tokens flew out and began to arrange themselves in a specific formation.
One Star Emperor Token assumed a central position while the other eight
scattered around and formed a symmetrical eight-pointed array. The Star Emperor Tokens began to hum even more noticeably as they seemed
to draw in a kind of mystical energy from the infinite Star Field, and energy that
caused the nine tokens to radiate a brilliant light.
At this moment, Yang Kai shouted, “Please take action together and pour your
Saint Qi in!”
As soon as his words fell, he took the lead to push his Saint Qi into the eight-
pointed formation.
Everyone else followed suit and with a myriad of shouts. They too began to pour
out the strength they had condensed over the course of their lives. At that moment, with this single point as a centre, a ten thousand kilometre region of the visibly Starry Sky shook.

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