Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2181

Zachary didn’t need the help of Liberty, but Liberty couldn’t be free, so she stayed in the kitchen to help.
Grandma May held Serenity’s hand to ask for warmth. At the end, she said: “The master is very powerful. I said that, but that is
not a word to comfort you. See, this should not be fulfilled.”
Serenity smiled: “Yes, yes, that is the real master, with two brushes.”
“That’s right, there are no two brushes, and I don’t believe him either.” Grandma May said: “I actually believe in fate; think about
it; sometimes there must be something in fate, and there is always time in fate, so don’t force it. Our York family has never done
anything that harms Yorks or virtue, and you are a good. How could God let you have no children? It’s just to see fate. In the
future, you can relax and raise a good baby, and you don’t have to put too much pressure on yourself.
You can continue to do what you can. I won’t ask you to raise a baby at home. You don’t do anything. The most important thing is
that you are in a good mood. If you don’t do anything, you will definitely be bored, and it will also affect your mood. People in our
family are not so squamish, and being too squamish is not good.”
Grandma May knew this oldest granddaughter-in-law too well.
Serenity would never do nothing just because she was pregnant.
Grandma May gave birth to several children and was working while pregnant.
When several daughters-in-law were pregnant and gave birth, unless the pregnancy reaction was particularly strong, they would
still accompany their husbands to socialize, discuss business, and attend various activities. They would not raise the baby at
home until the late pregnancy.
She felt that the most important thing for a pregnant woman was to be in a good mood.
So a pregnant woman can do whatever she wants, and she won’t be stuck.
With Grandma May’s words, Serenity felt relieved.
Although Zachary said that Serenity would not be restrained from raising her baby at home, she was still worried that the elders
of her mother-in-law would be like the elders of the Bucham family and not allow Jasmine to ask her in this way.
She was not the type to brag; she would do what she could and would never brag if she couldn’t do it herself, and nothing was
more important than the child in her womb.

Serenity hugged grandma’s arm, and said emotionally: “I can be your granddaughter-in-law in this life. It is the blessing that I
have burned for eight lifetimes and cultivated for several lifetimes.”
Grandma May smiled and said: “It’s all the same, our fate is all the blessings cultivated in the previous life. I just wanted you all
to be happy. Our family is already extremely rich and not short of money, so happiness is the most important thing.”
Serenity: “I’m very happy. Since I married Zachary, I have been very happy. Occasionally, I have a little conflict, but it can be
resolved quickly.”
The young couple seldom had conflicts.
Even if there were occasional conflicts, after everyone had calmed down, they would communicate with each other and reason,
and no one would forcefully overwhelm anyone.
She had to say that Zachary had changed a lot for her.
She also changed a lot for Zachary.
Grandma May: “If you want to eat anything, just tell Zack.”
“Understood, grandma, we were originally in the villa. I wanted to eat sauerkraut powder, but we couldn’t make it at home, so we
came back.” Serenity leaned her head on Grandma and said, “Zachary really dotes on me, I love him so much.”
Grandma May: “He loves you badly too, haha, that br*t was still stubborn back then.”
Serenity also laughed.
Soon, the door opened again.
It’s Mrs. Lane.
Mrs. Lane came over regularly every day to clean and take care of the flowers and plants, and she also brought the pet dog that
Zachary gave to Serenity back then.
Mrs. Lane and Serenity were closest to the pet dog, and when they saw Zachary, they quickly hid in a corner.

It knew that the male owner didn’t like it, even if it was bought by him.
“Old Madam, young mistress.”
Mrs. Lane was pleasantly surprised when she saw the two of them.

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