Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2182

Mrs. Lane said: “I’m still thinking about it. When I left yesterday, I locked the door. Why didn’t I open the door today? It turns out
that the young mistress is back.”
The pet dog saw Serenity and ran over wagging its tail.
Serenity smiled: “Snowball.”
She stroked the pet dog’s head, and the pet dog lay obediently at her feet.
Serenity: “Mrs. Lane. We came back last night.”
Mrs. Lane smiled and said, “Eldest young mistress doesn’t even call me, so I can prepare ingredients for oldest young mistress.”
Serenity: “It’s okay, it’s very close to the vegetable market.”
Because Mrs. Lane had been with Serenity all the time, the two of them were very good. Mrs. Lane also knew that the young
lady did not put on airs, but she dared not be presumptuous even if the young lady did not put on airs.
Seeing Zachary busy in the kitchen, Mrs. Lane hurried to help.
Zachary said: “I have already cooked pickled cabbage and shredded pork noodles, Mrs. Lane. I don’t need your help, you go to
the balcony to take care of those flowers and plants. When we didn’t live here, you took good care of those flowers and plants.”
Mrs. Lane smiled and said, “Thank you, Eldest Young Master, Eldest Young Master has already increased my salary several
Her and Jim’s wages increased the most and the fastest.
Both of them had good eyesight, and they hugged the oldest young mistress’s thick thigh tightly.
Zachary: “Then don’t add it.”
Mrs. Lane: “…Eldest Young Master can add more times.”
Zachary smiled: “I’m kidding, I’ll give you a raise if I say I’ll give you a raise.”
“Thank you, young master.” Mrs. Lane smiled and went to the balcony to take care of the flowers and plants.

Liberty brought out her steamed shrimp dumplings and asked Mrs. Lane, “Mrs. Lane, have you eaten?”
Mrs. Lane: “I’ve eaten, don’t worry about me.”
Mrs. Lane saw some unknown grass growing in some flowerpots, so she squatted down and pulled out the unknown grass.
The mud in the flower pot was brought back by the young lady from the outside, with some weed seeds, and some unknown
grasses would emerge from time to time.
At the beginning, there were still many ants, and some ant medicine was sprinkled from time to time.
Now there were almost no ants.
“Grandma, Seren, wash your hands and eat breakfast.” Zachary put a bowl of shredded pork noodles with sauerkraut on the
place where his beloved wife used to sit, and invited them to come over for breakfast.
Grandma May touched Serenity’s hand, and said in a low voice: “Look, after raising your husband well, I’m waiting to eat it
myself, how cool it is.”
Serenity hugged her arm tightly, helped her to get up, and said in a low voice: “Grandma, you are really my real grandma.”
Ever since she married Zachary, grandma had favored her.
Just because Zachary was the grandson of Grandma May, she would not help Zachary.
“Grandma is a female as well. Grandma was the master of happiness when Zack’s grandpa was alive. Zack admired his grandpa
and resembled him in every way.”
Grandma May loved Zachary, the oldest grandson, not only the child she brought up, but also the child who most resembles her
late husband.
“It would be nice if Zack’s Grandpa was still alive.” Grandma May said something reminiscent.
When Grandma May helped her family’s pigs choose the cabbages that could be used, and carried her great-granddaughter, she
would probably be able to reunite with her her husband.
She missed her husband and wondered if he was still looking for her.

Would he go to reincarnate alone?
He said that in the next life, they would know each other and love each other.

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