Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2183

“Grandma, grandpa is watching from the sky, he is very relieved.”
Zachary heard grandma’s words and took them.
Grandma May smiled and said: “As long as you can marry a wife and have children, your grandpa will be at ease. What he is
most worried about is your oldest grandson. Your grandfather has poured the most affection into you.
When he was a father, he didn’t love his son that much. When he became a grandfather, he loved his grandson very much. In
the past, some things your father did would be criticized by your grandfather. In your generation, no matter what you do, it’s all
The next generation of relatives was reflected in Grandpa.
Serenity had never met Grandpa, so it was difficult to answer.
Zachary was brought up by his grandparents, and he had the deepest affection for his grandparents.
He came over to help Grandma to sit down at the dining table, and said with a smile, “Am I like the grandfather when I was
young? When I have children, I will be a strict father. Get grandson, I will love grandson even more.”
People who are relatives in the next generation, who are promoted to be grandparents, are getting older, and their tempers will
naturally be restrained. In addition, people nowadays generally don’t have many children. Many families have only one baby, and
the elderly love them very much.
“This is the dumpling made by Liberty. Let me see how much your cooking skills have improved.”
Grandma May sat down at the table and changed the subject. The topic of her husband was a bit heavy for her.
Serenity helped grandma pick up a steamed dumpling.
After Grandma May tasted it, she smiled and said, “It’s as good as the shrimp dumplings sold in restaurants. Liberty, I haven’t
seen you for a while. You have improved a lot. Your new restaurant is about to open. “
Liberty: “Well, I’m ready. I don’t think my cooking skills are good enough. I’m good at home cooking, and I don’t know much
about how to make it. Mr. Lewis suggested that I sign up to learn cooking. I plan to go to class after I finish my work. I learned it.
Come back and practice.”

Cooking was also practice made perfect; she could only do her best by fumbling through failures.
Grandma May: “Yes, you are self-motivated. Grandma likes you very much. When you become the owner of a big restaurant in
the future, you must cook a table of delicious dishes for grandma to eat.”
Liberty smiled and said, “That’s natural.”
Everyone was happy with the breakfast, but just as Serenity put down the bowls and chopsticks, she felt nauseous, covered her
mouth and ran to the bathroom to vomit.
“Seren.” Zachary hurriedly followed in.
Seeing her vomit so hard, Zachary patted her on the back gently, and said distressedly: “you just vomited after eating.”
She didn’t vomit last night.
Thinking back to when Alice was just pregnant, she also vomited badly, and Clive wanted Alice to go to the hospital to k!ll the
child because he loved his wife so much.
At that time, Serenity went to persuade Clive, and Zachary also knew about it.
Clive said that he couldn’t feel his distress.
Now, Zachary realized it.
When Serenity vomited in FC Manor, he didn’t see it.
When she returned to Wildridge Manor, she didn’t vomit, but she didn’t expect to vomit again now.
She had only recently begun to experience pregnancy symptoms, and she had no idea when she would vomit, or if she would
vomit until she was born, as some women do…
Zachary had an impulse, he didn’t want children anymore, and he didn’t want his wife to suffer like that.
Zachary didn’t dare to say that, he dared to say it, not to mention how his sister Liberty and grandma treated him, even Seren
would be anxious with him.
Looking forward to this child, how long had she been looking forward to it, and how much pressure had she endured?

After Serenity vomited, Zachary hurriedly took a tissue to wipe her mouth.
Then he helped her out of the bathroom.
Liberty and Grandma May also looked stressed.

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